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  1. shaddoll grysta

      ^  As long as the effect doesn't read specifically "1 monster" it can be activated when two or more pendulum monsters are summoned.
  2. very close to being homeless what do

      I have been in this situation before, the best thing you can do is call into work everyday your off see if they are short staffed even if they will only need you for a few hours it will add up. Show them you are dedicated and always give it your all at work, never be late. When you get a chance talk to your boss/manager/owner let them know your situation and that you could use the extra hours each week.  Once you get back on your feet, try and get back into college even if it is only one class a semester- This way if something like this was to happen in the future it will be much easier to get a separate job. I hope this helps and i hope that you are doing well.