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  1. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    I'll be a coach. I'm not the best but I can play strong town. Do I get to pick who I coach? Confuzzled about that 1.
  2. I was banned AMA

    I don't like coca cola. It's garbage. How is coca cola even relevant while Dr. Pepper even exists? Anyway, I've only done that when I've had a 2 liter in my room for like a couple days and I just keep drinking it.
  3. I was banned AMA

    No I mean, even while I was friends with her, she would be a pretty bad friend. She'd harass me, disrespect me and invalidate me and what I had to say. I just kind of hung out with her because nobody else would spend time with me for like the whole day but that isn't a problem now. Sayaka is really fucked up. Honestly the last good day we had was her birthday. After that she started hanging around people that would harass me for being sad all the time and now we're here. I constantly blocked her if you didn't notice.
  4. I was banned AMA

    i'm severely depressed and recently got out of a mental hospital ama.
  5. I was banned AMA

    yeah worst mafia player ever. incredibly bad shitposter. annoying as fuck. etc.
  6. I was banned AMA

    ive always had reasons not to like her. i've always disliked her.
  7. I was banned AMA

    honestly sayaka is kind of a bad person and i think she's kinda mentally ill. we just hung out a lot. she treated me like shit a lot.
  8. ama

    hey little buddy. its been a long time since ive seen u online. u were around when i first joined but not much after that. i have 2 questions 1. do u want a kiss? 2. wanna play mafia again sometime?
  9. I was banned AMA

    we're gonna set you back to the rep you deserve. mark +120 something on you cuz he thinks you're a cute boy.
  10. confuse rei Mafia Power Rankings

    i love oyu.
  11. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    i have to go out. i'm not feeling very good. i'm sorry.
  12. New Ghost Mason System

  13. Silver

    silver cant afford a crt from the early 2000s let alone 20 dollars.
  14. Silver

    this thread is basically proof that silver's a broke ass
  15. New Ghost Mason System

    Well every time it's been up to us to save the town, we've gotten close but we couldn't hit the climax. If we can do that I figure I could fall in love. Is that sexual btw?