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  1. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    ok looks like we're doing 24/24
  2. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    I don't feel confident walking outside at some places without a knife. It's just a little thing that tells me if something bad happens I have more of a fighting chance. A gun will do the same. Do what you need to do. Don't be a pussy and be afraid to kill someone because you might die instead, and you're a good person and they are not. You're infinitely more valuable. Think as people who want to rob innocent people as garbage and the authorities should take care of them if you don't have to.
  3. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    just respect the rules of the section. play for fun. try to make fun for everybody. don't make this about you because it never has been and never will be.
  4. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    silver i will legit remove you from the playerlist.
  5. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

  6. ok guys so we're finna pull this off. dgz mafia mafia. for now, let's shoot for 16 players. we're still figuring everything out so lets just get the number of players up here. request from hosts: tell us your favorite memes/experiences that have happened in the past couple years involving mafia. give us some ideas to work with. Player List: 1. Broken Brilliance 2. mark 3. Jazz 4. confuse rei 5. Malcolm 6. Nelrick 7. iSlickz 8. OD Superman 9. Tyranno 10. Faint 11. BuildTheWalia 12. Wunter 13. Mascis 14. Gemstone Mine 15. Harima 16. Silver
  7. DuelingBook (Tentative thread)

    recommend using restore then fullscreen on your browser tab whenever it freezes.
  8. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    you would beat me in an alcoholic rage
  9. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    this is my favorite thread that ive made in a long time its so funny
  10. markus ask me anything thread hello

    whats up bitches its ya boy. ask me shit cuz im bored. i got cool stories if yall want some.
  11. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    you're in my top 5 mafia boyfriends
  12. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    oh yeah i can do that, and scumwood would be the main villain.
  13. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    wow your rep is exactly 1337 are you going to hack me? well buddy, you're a huge dick and you ruined this section for a few people, so i think you're probably on the bottomiest of the bottom when if there was a tier list here. i don't think you were ever especially good either. you're the type of person who i would be worried about being in a relationship with since some of the things you are willing to do are in a moral grey area when it comes to mafia. definitely not lovable. perhaps you're just misunderstood, but you really don't make me want to find out if that is the truth or not, especially how you have treated me in the past. stupid fuck.
  14. who is the ideal mafia husband?

    yeah claire doesn't count in this thread, we're talking about boys here. not female (males). so start waving your gay pride flags and sticking foreign objects into your assholes because this is about to get really spicy. so we all know mafia takes a lot out of somebody. there are good times, there are bad times, but what we all know is that we love mafia, and we love eachother, so this thread instead of being about meta is about our feelings in the mafia community. to better ourselves as a playing group, we must learn to love one another, so i've made this thread where we express our love for eachother. personally, i'm more for the strong, powerful, game changing type (although, there are some exceptions to the rule for my romantic interest). i'm also really into a touching personality and a silver tongue. if you have a way with words, trust me, you've already won your way into my heart. so i'm pretty sure you could all guess who two of my 4 picks for mafia husbands would be, they are malcolm and confuse rei god i love them so much. i can't believe i'm not a beautiful woman that is somehow not apart of their irl life. i would just make love to them vigorously for hours on end. jesus christ. stefanos is SO funny, intelligent, charming, friendly, i love him. i love him so much. and malcolm is all of those things too. he's so masculine and honest and when he says something he means it (unless he's playing mafia, it's okay to lie if you're doing it to fuck up stupid idiots that don't know how to play social deduction games). i've never seen him before but when he says he is handsome and has a large dick i believe him 100%. god they're just the epitome of what every man should hope to be. in game or out of game. i fucking LOVE them. for my 3rd choice, he will always have a special place in my heart. juan. i love him. he is so kind and understanding. what a beautiful person. i cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how terrible it must be to live in chile. it sounds like a bunch of roaches are always crawling over your food over there. no wonder he is so humble. he lives in the dirtiest nastiest most disgusting piece of shit country. i think the only way to get worse than some south american countries is if you go to saudi arabia and you're a woman. speaking of which, it hurts me that all of my picks have been outside of my country so far. maybe one day i will have a future with... paraliel. <3 <3 <3 mason has always been there for me. he is so timid and shy and he's a real sweetheart. very positive person! very intelligent! very successful! and most of all, he is very kind. he saw me for who i was when nobody else would. i am so happy to have him around again. he's definitely a mancrush for me. so those are my four picks when it comes to mafia players that i would marry. what about yours? does anybody want to make a tier list for who the best mafia lovers would be? i think this would really positively develop our play as a mafia community. btw if you want to know why i did not choose you, you can ask. i'll just tell you what exactly about you i find to be disgusting.
  15. Help Thread

    I'm very good as coming off as town. I'm one of the better players at making reads, I will give you my opinion on the matter. So town does a few things, I'll make a list of things town does - Posts a lot of information - Pushes to create more information - Searches for new ideas - Discusses - Is present - Lynches scum - Protects town - Is social/emotional - Are consistent - Are logical So you want to do these things. So I notice when you play, you like to post a lot of information all in one post, which is incredible, I love that, however, the meta on DGz is that if you don't post enough you're not giving enough. I know you might not like it but it might help you to be more social. Lots of tells that people have in the duelistgroundz meta have to do with their behavior. Some examples, when I am more excited and driven to play it might be because I really like my role. Simply interacting with people in the thread can help people develop a town read on you. Really, you don't have to take part in any memes or anything, you can just go out of your way to point out information that might help the town come up with reads or support your own reads. If you're adding a large amount of information on what you think and making information easier for town to find you're helping a lot. I could go on with this but basically what you want to do is follow whatever I wrote on that list (maybe I left out some things but I'm sure you could come up with some yourself) and make posts according to them in game. Making lots of posts that are helpful is cool. Participating in discussion is cool. Not floating is cool. Not disappearing for entire days is cool. Protecting people you town read is cool. You just want to be active and do several of these things and show people how much you care about winning the game for town. The ability to read if someone is town or scum correctly is something that can be worked on and that will come, but it's not that incredibly necessary to project towniness. There are terrible players that play every game and they get marked as town or scum pretty easily, at least by the better players. It is especially easy for scum to say someone looks inactive, or unhelpful when they have not posted many posts or have not been present enough, or something like that. Avoid those things. Honestly, scum can say anyone is scum and try to lynch them, but it might help your case if you make yourself an easier town read for the players that don't have a decent ability to make reads.