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  1. Mike Kel finally pops the dirtiest bubble

    How the fuck is saying meme country like lmao
  2. Hello everyone, I have lurked dgz forever and since I finally did something I figured why not make a report. To begin I went 8-0 in Knoxville with nekroz coming in first place. To add to why this actually matters to me I've been fucking bubbling every event imaginable since like day one and I almost had to go whipe the memes out of my eyes when I finally did it I would like to shout out all the fam that has helped me to become better because without them I would probably still be playing ice barriers at my locals XDing and what the hell ever. I'm not going to name names because there are like a billion but I appreciate what all you guys have done to motivate me. I would also like to thank all 8 of my opponents for being a breeze I lost 3 games all day lmao so thanks for making this an enjoyable experience for me at least. Now to move to the decklist and whatever Monsters: 20 3 manju 3 senju 2 shurit 1 djinn 3 brionac 3 unicore 2 valkyrus 1 clausolas 1 trish 1 gungnir Spells: 20 3 upstart 3 preparation of memes(rip) 3 mst 2 nekroz cycle 2 nekroz mirror 2 nekroz kaleidoscope 2 forbidden lance 2 parallel twister 1 book of meme Side 2 ice hand 1 fire hand 2 denko sekka 2 Maxx "c" 2 twister 2 shared ride 3 mind crush 1 treacherous trap hole Extra 2 blue eyes ultimate dragon 2 Herald of arc light 2 daigusto emeral 1 cowboy 1 dweller 1 exciton 1 diamond dire 1 lavalval chain 1 rhapsody I am beserking 1 ragna zero 1 castel 1 star eater Jake Phinney and I both really liked parallel twister a whole fuck ton because it allowed for us to fix broken hands of the wrong mirror and allowed us to out either a djinn lock or a backrow or whatever the fuck we wanted tbh. I personally loved this card at this event because of its ability to make me play in certain situations but moving forward I seriously doubt it will see much play because floodgates are dead and all those broke ass niggas sleeping in their cars to get invites and whatever else no longer have a chance with their garbo ass natural beast turbo decks Everything else is pretty standard djinn is so fucking ignorant I didn't really win but 2 games with the card but my opponent had absolutely 0 chance idk what the hell is wrong with koonami for allowing this to still exist. Djinn lance made me feel like I had become volpi at a buffet. It makes me physically sick this lock exists but hopefully people will start to agree to side out the djinn after game one soon so I don't end up stunning someone through a table. Now let's get to this boogie ass event. I had been here before and the vendors were complete idiots idc if they see they bought my pleiades for like 12 bucks last time and the card was 15 bucks lmao. Me and my boy Kmoney(only non baboon to top with empty jar), James Morton(Dragon deck endorser and self game loss giver), and Alex Soler(girl duelist) get to our hotel and after a meme or two and a bath I get to bed around 5 am after seeing James talk in his sleep for like 20 minutes lmao I wake up at 8 we get there at 9 there's 250 fucking inbreds and my squad we bout to come at these niggas like a birth defect Round 1: Blackwings (Lmao) I win the roll and he goes first. I had played him before and he like tried to cheat the whole match before so here we go. I keep my hand facedown without looking and see he summons tking and activates dfissure and passes to me and I think to myself I'm going to lose to this shit. But I take a peak at myself hand and see mst manju lance and trumpets come down from heaven. I trish him and he reads it then scoops. Game 2 he goes first goes whirlwind 1900 thing set 1. I mst trish him push for an ass load amount of damage and he comes back from 2008 to realize Blackwings no longer got it and he signs the slip (1-0) Round 2: Heros (Wtf) I shit you not this guy was excited to be at table 2 round 2. I say congrats and then introduce him to my boy trish. Game 2 was kinda funny because I made a board of gungnir emeral unicore to his 0 cards incase he top decked his 3rd and final bubbleman in deck and he does and draws some good shit but it don't matter because gungnir is a meme and he signs the slip (2-0) Round 3: Nekroz Okay so where do I begin. He wins the roll and allows me to go first so I assume it's the mirror and I gear up for my first real match. I open literally unplayable against the mirror I just set 2 backs and pass to him. He normal summons manju and picks it up and starts fucking reading it. I shit you not. He falls for all of the simple tricks that people on dn don't even fall for any more(chaining mst to a mirror) and doesn't know what anything does. I somehow win game one despite opening 2 unicore 0 ju 0 mirror and I can't believe it. Game 2 he allows me to go first and I make a standard play ending with 6 total ride set and a full gy. He takes a long ass time and I ask him hurry up and he gets frustrated and says,"it's just a game for kids no need to take it so seriously." And passes without making a play. We get dangerously close to time in game 2 but I win because my second emeral drew me mind crush when I had one set and his head exploded. (3-0) Round 4 (Burning abyss) His deck sucks idk why he's living in the past. But he steals a game because he has spell canceller and majestys fiend and my head explodes. Game 3 is a breeze and he's a nice dude just a meme because ba sucks lmao (4-0) Round 5 (Burning abyss) This is pretty similar to the previous match this matchup is such a joke I make brionac dweller and send him back to Africa. Game 2 he actually darrend himself and threw the game by banishing his own acid golem with materials to make a non lethal push only to get denko djinned and stare into the abyss until his life points were 0 (5-0) Round 6 (Nekroz) Here's another guy who said he is excited to he where he was way too early. He asks me how high I have finished this year and I tell him I went x-4 at Charleston and he is impressed. He tells me he is going for his invite and I give him a quick xd and we go onto the match. He wins the roll and let's me go first so I introduce him to my boy djinn and he reveals dark hole and I reveal forbidden lance and grease pours out of my eyeballs. Game 2 I djinn him again and he has an out but doesn't really understand how to manage resources and ends up getting double valkd for a billion damage and he seems very sad but tells me to win out and I hit him with another xd rq and sign the slip. (6-0) 1 more and I top so I'm telling myself to not fucking bubble again Round 7: Qliphort This guy was pretty good but he was playing qliphort so I wasn't too worried tbh. In all seriousness he's a nice dude but this is a real play by play. Game 1 he pays 800 and drools comes onto his mat so it takes us a minute to clean that up but once it's my turn I remove his entire board of scout a monster and 3 backrow trish him and his drool quickly turns into tears. Game 2 I open 4 mirrors ice hand so oop. Game 3 is grindy I removed 2 scouts and he ends up summoning majestys and trying to pendulum 4 but I held the mst and push for game the next turn and my boy Kevin slaps my back and all the pressure of bubbling finally stops as I realize I finally made it. (7-0) Round 8 (Paul Blart) Nekroz I didn't know who this guy was but he had a squad and they were all xding so I figured he was a somebody. He acts as if he didn't wanna play so maybe that deterred him from playing his best but on with the match Game 1 I open unplayable and lose because I can't play a card. Game 2 he goes manju pass and I make a big damage push and end on ride mind crush aka gg xd Game 3 I go first and make a board of just emeral but with 2 nekroz cards in gy and a unicore under my emeral with valk in hand as well as Maxx c so if he can kill me and hit valk then he got it. He actually hits my valk idk how but he can't put lethal on board because of Maxx c so he passes and I trish him back and he valks but he has 0 mirror in grave and just 3 cards. He decides he can't come back and signs the slip. I was super excited to finally top so of course getting first made it even better. James also topped and Alex finished 9th so we all did pretty well. Props: Memes I topped First James topping before he got banned Slops: Hicks 3 hours of sleep Kevin not getting cards he needed Alex getting 9th. I hope this isn't too long lol