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  1. It's kind of ironic considering at the begin of this thread you were making all sorts of burn/OTK decks to prove they shouldn't be allowed. Seems like you changed your opinion on that one   Turns out people can change their opinions in 3 and a half years!   The only non-standard decks that I've found to have a very favorable matchup against standard goats are empty jar, ben kei, and burn. Of those, I think burn is the most high variance choice, and post board you're often in the "pray they don't draw their nutty sidedeck cards plan." Even game 1 burn can easily lose if they draw the right combination of Faith+Heavy Storm. In the sidedeck, I actually like Mind Crush right now to counter both Empty Jar and Ben Kei. It's nuts against Empty Jar since they reveal the cards that they draw off of Cyber Jar to you, and then you can just snipe their Shallow Grave, or you can just wait for them to Spell Reproduction for a card and get a 3-for-1. Of course it's good against Ben Kei since you can just chain it to their Trunade and take their Ben Kei. Or you can just use it immediately after a RotA or Kotetsu to nab whatever card they get. But most people haven't even thought this stuff through; they're just pissed that they're losing to X deck.   You mean....you mean.... opinions change.  Whoa.  Of all those decks, I think empty jar is the most annoying, but NoC  and cards like mind crush hurt it a lot.
  2. I agree that 'unfair' decks should be allowed.  I mean, it won't win the tourney, and if you get knocked out by it, you weren't going to win either lol.
  3. It's not just all in my head that Exarion's an extremely strong card that can make games less fun, is it/  I've had, for the third or fourth time, a person tell me that exarion is trash, and he hopes his opponent runs 3.  So, i'm playing exarion format with him, and he has no extra deck.  Seems legit...  Well then, i open monster locked, and i suck because he had double pot, graceful, and duo, right/  After flipping a not good morphing jar, because, he, of course, main decks dustshoot and drew it on his first turn, so he knew it was coming, I draw completely spell locked.  Another thing is he added don with sangan instead of serp, and I know he didn't have serp because he gracefulled and didn't toss it... whatever. He also proceeds to call me bad for my two tsuku, and says 'You suck, you can't even beat my test deck.' Of course, at one point I curse the shuffling system, as a poke at fun, to which he replies, 'No, I've STUDIED the shuffling system, it's the same one in online poker, you just suck.'  This is really starting to piss me off.  Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent.
  4. I think deck discussion threads (like what exists for advanced on dgz) would be more interesting. Like threads on broad archetypes for people to debate what cards are good options for specific themes, how those decks should generally be played and how they fare in the format. Pretty sure it would be okay to post them in the past format sub forum.   Basically what I meant, but I was kind of using garage as a catch-all.  To gemstone though, I think so, but I always feel awkard when posting decks in here... idk why
  5. On a completely unrelated note, is anyone actually interested in a deck garage for goat format specifically/
  6.   You should have pulled a SandTrap and played him with your Anti-Burn deck.   I would've... but I don't play idiots.  I'm not even calling him an idiot for his Exarion opinion, just the fact that he said I know nothing about goat... it's kinda funny.
  7. Watch out guys, they're onto us.  Funnily enough, after saying bye, he said that he wasn't running exarion.  I said, 'Unless you're running something unhealthy, why would you NOT play exarion/' he says he's not explaining goat format to every noob he meets.... I check his game, and, sure enough, he's playing burn. 
  8. I think it's about time for another BIG goat tourney.  Like, dgz players who want to play plus anyone else who registers.  Thoughts/
  9. I have a simple question though.  If you take an opponent's tengu with brain control, snatch steal, or anything like that, do they get the effect to summon tengu if you sack or anything like that, or do you, if you're also running tengus?
  10. Newgioh Format Thread

    I've found the format pretty stale recently, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  The time I had the most fun in the format was before the second release, in the original list.  I think the time is now to start discussing the reset, and what cards we want in it.  When the reset drops, I'll pick newgioh back up, as the freshness will be back.  These are the cards I think would be interesting to put on the reset list.  Thoughts?   Banisher of The Radiance Battle Fader Cyber Dragon (most likely at 1) Effect Veiler Fire Hand Ice Hand Gagaga Magician (most likely at 1) Genex Ally Birdman Junk Synchron (just an interesting thought) Naturia Cherries Neo Spacian Grand Mole Plague Spreader Zombie Reborn Tengu Psi Blocker Tour Guide D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation Forbidden Chalice Monster Reborn (1) Breakthrough Skill Ring ​of Destruction (I want it back, because I like it, at 1 obviously) Transmigration Prophecy Ally of Justice Catastor Armades, Keeper of Boundaries Black Rose Dragon Formula Synchron Leviair
  11. Newgioh Format Thread

    I didn't use that font, I don't know why it's there
  12. Newgioh Format Thread

    I'm guessing there's actually 3 pyramid turtles, and not 4? Also, I've always preferred more than 1 ryu kokki when running multiple pyramids​.
  13. Newgioh Format Thread

    I find the logic that ryko is better because it mills more monsters on average is flawed.  The logic implies that more spells and traps are run than monsters, and that's why it is said ryko is better at hitting monsters, which is technically true.  However, I always find that ryko tends to hit powerful spells a lot, since there are so many powerful one-ofs in the format.  Since spell and traps are so much more important than monsters that we're running more of them than we are monsters, why risk losing those cards?  I much prefer merchant, especially since it's also level 1.