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  1. digbick

  2. WTF, TEAM!! I retire from goat for 1 week to focus on current and this happens within 24 hours!??
  3. When's YGO? Oct 20-22

    I'll be in Berlin. Worth noting that cibr will by ccg decision not be legal for the event, a decision motivated by konami not getting their product out to the vendors in time for the release date (uk being the only exception in Europe as far as I know). "Dear Yu-Gi-Oh! community, based on the survey results and the latest information from our supplier we decided that Circuit Break won't be legal for our event as we do not want to drive card prices insanely by accepting the sneak preview as the "official release" date. As much as we would like to have used the new set (which is why we picked the date in the first place) we cannot force players to over-invest in their hobby just to compete at our events. Thank you very much for your understanding!" - CCG
  4. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    No excuses. I owned up and served my punishment and now here I am.
  5. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    I use "Little D" in honor of Arvin.
  6. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    When in doubt of what to do, play Arvin mirrors.
  7. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    These mirrors are more skillful than goat format, no joke.
  8. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    Best format I ever played. Please replace goat with this in warring.
  9. [Goat] ALL THE OUTS vs Gentleman's Club

    Me. > Cameron
  10. Good war everyone
  11. Is the pedophilia density among yu-gi-oh players really higher than for the entire population? Maybe you have confirmation bias, maybe our statistics have incomplete data (as in, we're more likely to hear about an arrested pedophile if he's a yu-gi-oh player compared to if he wasn't since we're part of the community), or maybe there actually is something to it but I don't logically see why.