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  1. With plans to shut it down during the sixth season with a proper finale instead of milking it. If they stick to that, it remains to be seen.
  2. LOL. That Brain Control errata is out of nowhere.
  3. Basically every single person in Ireland does it, at least on the inter-express. Not so sure about local city.
  4. "Both sides are just as winter"
  5. Finished it. The finale was good but a lot of it felt kind of...obvious to me? However one scene I did love
  6. I may be a pervert* but I am no pedophile. *According to extreme christian conservatives.
  8. I don't have faith in an entirely republican govt to have the best interests of people like me or many friends of mine at heart. Hell, I even played with the idea of a trump presidenecy backed by a democratic house and or senate. Trump is probably the least frightening part about this whole ordeal. It's the people who are enabled by it that concern me. (Both politicians and citizens)
  9. Btw. 100,000 People were in NYC. Calexit/Cascadia is basically a certainty at this point. Most officials are for/neutral, with like a 70-75% vote from the people (apparently).
  10. +10000000000000000000000 Secondly, it's easily an obvious issue born from insecurity of the right who are all up in that Nuclear Family deal, while some of us have like multiple, aware partners and everyone is cool w/it.
  11. Calexit seems to have upgraded to basically the idea of a West Coast seceding and is currently going by #Cascadia
  12. There's like 10000 people in San Fran protesting. Cops in Seattle are joining in (in uniform) also chanting #NotMyPresident.
  13. This is going around
  14. Ancedotal but: I was in Croatia recently on something of a romantic getaway with a local I knew there. It wasn't a het relationship by any means. Croatia is a highly catholic country which only has recently allowed Gay Marriage since 2014 I think. Their first pride parade ended in riots. A trans guy got beat (to death I think?) in public only a few weeks ago. We were constantly and legitimately scared we'd be siginificantly hurt, if not straight up murdered, if someone caught us doing as much as holding hands. That's fear. That is oppression. This constant concern and watchfulness you need over the most harmless unintrusive actions you might take. That's what many of those protesting right now feel, that's what many have been feeling during the election season and that is what many will feel during this four years. We've seen Pence double-down on protections for already marginilized people within regards to LGBT protections. We're seeing this: for fucksake (didn't someone here claim that KKK wasn't relevant anymore). Another example of this So don't fucking complain to us about being "bullied". Don't even fucking DARE accuse others of namecalling when "cuck" is the pet insult of the right. Not to mind we've been hearing people call us a whole slew of slurs respective to our identities (ni**er, spic, f*g, towelhead) etc and then when we tell them "Hey, that's not cool", you talk about no one having the right to be offended and free speech (which by the way, trump has made claims to limiting it at least in regards to media, so apparently y'all don't fucking care about that too). (Oh let's not forget the classic "fucking sjw" or "Libtard" etc). Basically fuck off.