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  1. Fair enough. To be honest, I'm a couple of formats behind.
  2. Haven't played in a while. Considering going to locals again for a reason to get out. Have a few prep questions first though: 1) Are Link Monsters available in English yet? 1.A) If so, have they affected the gameplay at all beyond rule changes, ie did the meta slow-down etc? 1.B) If not, when are they going to be? 2) Is there any sort of structure deck that 2-3 copies of could do for a locals with a few small additions. (Like how Machina was decent at its release) 3) Does the game still have the feeling of "they drew more bullshit than me/drew their bullshit faster than I did". Thanks for any help.
  3. I know this is a huge necro but this place isn't exactly alive (but with what I know) I really disagree on Elma. Hidden Armory to grab Elma ROTA (Is this at 3?) grabs Gearfried I'm almost certain there's a similarly easy way to search out RML too. Add a bunch of scales, pendulum to avoid HA's NS restriction, profit.
  4. Edit: Nevermind. Lol Necro.
  5. I managed to hit one of those GameSeek pre-orders for £198 so woo! I fucked up though by buying Zelda for 70 on UK/IE shop rather than France where it is €50 I enjoy Zelda as in spend a few minutes go here do a puzzle, eat breakfast. After playing Horizon Zero Dawn though, the world emptiness hits me really hard. Looking really forward to ARMS and the rumored Pokemon Stars (if it exists). Might split MK8 with friends and use Download Play for it.
  6. Any criticisms of these password managers that I should be aware of?
  7. To be clear: You can still control more than one extra deck monster, you just need the link Monster to unlock it. OPPONENT ZONE Extra Monster Zone MY ZONE I play a Monster in the Extra Zone, it has a downward link pointing to my Monster Zones. I can play another Link Monster down here and then I can play an Extra Monster to the right if it has a link pointing there and or to the left if it has a link pointing there. So you can control more than one Extra Monster at a time provided you unlock spaces with Links. So for max you'd probably have 4 Links, then 2 random extra monsters. (Unless the extra monster zone takes over one of your standard zones?)
  8. Fuck this to be honest. When can we see Spell and/or Trap fusion instead of another monster aberration. Konami's imagination is goddamn limited sometimes isn't it.
  9. Back now for 25. Gain access to Alpha come March. All cards available afterwards. Including future sets. No additional purchases necessary. Plans for event ticket micro-transactions to enter into special tournaments or to buy cosmetics. I think you can also qualify for physical worlds via this digital edition. Game plays a bit like Hearthstone if you skipped to the mid-game and had no mana (instead you can play 1 gold card per turn, and as many silver cards as you like. Silver cards max to 20 of a 60 card deck due to construction rules). (Watch the fucking video).
  10. You did say that this was site will only soon consist of three groups, one of which are Nazis~ so, your fault.
  11. This isn't just a Plugin Lackey? It's actually a new/different version of Lackey?
  12. With plans to shut it down during the sixth season with a proper finale instead of milking it. If they stick to that, it remains to be seen.
  13. LOL. That Brain Control errata is out of nowhere.
  14. Basically every single person in Ireland does it, at least on the inter-express. Not so sure about local city.