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  1. Cyber Angel Discussion

    Worth using any of the generic light ritual spell?
  2. Lol. Thank god I focused on king of swamp over senju/bird. For farming decks mainly.
  3. Cyber Angel Discussion

    Didn't consider Mirror Chaos Necromancer is absolute garbage anyway.
  4. Cyber Angel Discussion

    I haven't got around to testing this but this is something I'd like to do: Balance: 7 Rituals Monsters 2 Cyber Petit Angels 3 Magical Merchant 2-3 Chaos Necromancer Spells: 5-6 Rituals Merchant dump a bunch of things because Absolute uses Graveyard Fuel; Grabs you a second Ritual Spell and you can drop Chaos Necromancer for a pretty decent beatstick. This is still all theory-oh but once I level up to get my second Petit I'll be trying this out (admittedly lacking 2 Dakini's and third Absolute. Can't farm Alexis for shit).
  5. Evolution is a level up skill. DeEvolution is a drop skill.
  6. I don't have all the cards yet but how about: Balance 9 Cyber Angels 3 Magical Merchant 2 Cyber Petit Angels 6 Machine Rituals ???
  7. Reasons I joined: I forgot my password.
  8. There are two versions of Phoenix that seem to be in play, there are those goka decks that focus on cycling it asap without regard to cards, then there is one closer to mine/faints which really use the hell out of High King of Fire Island (or whatever the trap card is). It has significant OTK potential and often manages to clear people down to 1 card (they're monster, first turn). I get close matches with red-eyes (beatdown variant is good for this) or wrecked by toons because well toon kingdom is pretty cancer. I'd also second Cyber Angels from Alexis. Those cards look potentially amazing.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/M3pyo Interesting skills. It isn't a special summon, so you can use this to get cards that can't be special summoned. You could do a lot with this.
  10. You can unlock Chazz at stage six in GX and get Ojama King. I'm excited.
  11. No room for 1850 dude? There's also Evil Dragon Anata you could include too (I think)? Removal at worst, beast at best. Between Horus Level 4, Kidmodo Dragon, Level 6 resistance to Enemy Controller and Super Rush headlong, I think you're underestimating how easy it is to get 6 out. You could possibly continue with the control motif with Soul Exchange.
  12. Saw some deck on Reddit where they used Mystic Box with Horus Level 6. That there is ridiculous. Throw in Beatdown for other Horus Decks (because box for everything else).
  13. Can't believe they're making a PC Version!
  14. In other news, this event is really good. The main card rewards could be slightly better though.
  15. New Box: https://imgur.com/a/yEeDM > Magical Something (because Rush/EC), big attack, decent spell-caster support. > King of the Swamp (This is going to be ridiculous, for farming SD at least)> > De-Fusion (Nice. Probably see some OTK shenanigans) > Typhoon (Anti-Phoenix?) > BOXer (Amazing) > Caninetaur (Amazing) > Abyss Warrior (Decent. Could get pretty frustrating) > Samurai Skull (Decent but unnecessary for Zombie Red Eyes?) > Bacon Saver (NICE! I've been playing Merchant related decks, so a personal surprise here) > Flash Fusion (Probably awesome OTK potential with De-Fusion) > Different Dimension Ground (Amazing) > Worms (Might be good. Not sure how they will fare without future fusion) > Ninja's (Great all over support) > Half Counter (poor man's mirror wall) > Mecha Sea Dragon (I'm not super familler with Mako but assuming this is pretty awesome) > Floodgate Trap Hole (Awesome probably?) > Giga Gagigo (2650 LV4 with ALO, what's not to love). I know Horus Level 6 was great IRL for a while but I'm honestly not sure how it would fare here. On the other hand, with 20 card decks, maining LV8 might actually work pretty well via level up etc.