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  1. Yeah, I can't keep up with these releases. Do they do one a month or something.
  2. There is far too much talking in this event.
  3. I swear there's something you could do with like 3 Hand-3 Nepthys-3 Stray Lambs-3 Fire King Island/Balance. Might be brilliant or just garbage.
  4. Sure it isn't just a bug since they changed the # win-streaks recently (and added layers).
  5. You can't chain to Anti-Magic arrows.
  6. This Arkana Event fucking sucks. The only noteworthy cards are Anti-Magic and I think everything else good can be got from Yami at the gate. On a more positive note, the game suddenly started popping the SR's at me last night and ended up getting my first (third with PVP) E-Con, 2nd Rush Headlong, 2 Tribute to the Doomed. Among others.
  7. @Inti Commander of Swords only discards the cards *they drew*.
  8. Christ. I knew Exemplar was good but sounds like a goddamn pain with Relinquished.
  9. When the packs go out of date, they should all of that content to the rewards.
  10. 100 wins! Finally grabbing those Enemy Controllers. I'll shut up now.
  11. Some dude on 500 LP flipped Fatal Abacus. Then next turn tried to use Kaibaman. Pfft. EZ Win.
  12. Pretty sure it was either Bakura or Little Yugi.
  13. @Grimey You mentioned a thunder dragon/martyr/piranha deck a while ago? I've tried a few but you said something about guranteed 7 (8?)k points. Got a list by any chance?
  14. Personally, I've only bought 5 or so packs but I've already pulled the Phoenix. I still need to buy some of an older set of wild tornado's (at least 1 more) but think I'll keep this new one as prio. SRH/TTTD just too good. Edit: Also meant to say, I'm sure there is something you could do Hand of Nepthys and Balance. Maybe Stray Lambs?
  15. Between Super Rush headlong, Enemy Controller and Tribute To The Doomed, I'm expecting Riryoku Field to be a pretty strong contender. Not sure where it stands right now. Edit: Forgot Dimension Gate was a thing. Still poor mans if no gates.