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  1. First he gets rid of our porn. Now he lets Tyranno roam our forum. Let's tell Allen what's on our mind and make sure he never wins KotF ever again!
  2. They already do that, it's called "Regional Championship" and it's an event where you pay a small fee and they give you a mat.
  3. The cards from the Dinosaur and Ancient Gear structure decks released last Thursday in the TCG are not on lackey yet.
  4. I would assume he's the bottom?
  5. That removes from the fact that it was making a parody of a thread Tyranno posted in politics that had just as much to do with politics as this thread has.
  6. Guess what? Dgz is a dictatorship.
  7. DuelistGroundz username: Me. Discord username: Me. Formats: Current Expected level of activity: I have a lot of time available, but timezone differences could still drag down my activity a lot; so difficult to estimate. Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Mark, Gojira, antag, Monahan (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: I'm the current ccg regional champion for the nordic region so I have this really cool playmat with all the dragon rulers and you can't even make it justice by seeing a picture online
  8. I absolutely refuse to ever play paleo even if it's the best deck, just because of the mirror matches.
  9. From where do people get that this will take weeks? I just can't find it when I look.
  10. Leonard Anaya wins with infernoid after his opponent misplays away game 2 by thinking he could play retaliating "C" on void imagination and thus didn't pop the imagination with drident.
  11. Infernoid( Anderson Tsang) vs. Zoodiac( Leonard Anaya) in the finals.
  12. Top 4: 2 Zoodiac 1 Infernoid 1 Metalfoes
  13. Metalfoes just conducted two battle phases in the same turn to win game 1 of top 8 on stream against zoodiac (start turn by forcing drident effect by attacking with retliating "C", a lot of shit goes down, attack for game later).
  14. Top 8: 4 Zoodiac 2 Infernoid 2 Metalfoes
  15. top 32: 11 Zoodiac7 Metalfoes4 Infernoid3 Paleozoic3 Zombie Lightsworn1 Invoked Lightsworn1 SPYRAL Zoodiac1 Windwitch Invoked1 Kozmo
  16. The coverage blog is very much stochastic, sometimes it just stops loading for some people but not for other.
  17. I can't find anything about that on their facebook. Screenshot it?
  18. Not an entirely fair analysis as even link-themed decks will to some extent rely on main deck monsters to perform their plays. Of course not every link theme will be affected, but let's humor the idea that this card said xyz instead of link. A deck like burning abyss would be more or less unaffected, while a deck like tellarknight would be completely stopped despite being xyz-theme.
  19. I don't see why you would ever side this instead of more denko-like cards.
  20. It won 2 YCS'es in a row and the only thing that changed in the format is that every other competing deck was hit while paleozoic was unaffected, so yeah there's a good chance this is the "best deck" now.
  21. I'm pretty sure that the plan isn't to sustain the model.
  22. Well this explains those two timed I logged in and "my" account had weird decks in the deck builder, which was fixed by logging out and in again.
  23. This. Also, no part of landwalker's effect says anything about protecting non-"kozmo" cards. So the zoodiac monsters are destroyed too.
  24. Hover over another users name, click "Ignore User", this takes you to the ignore preferences manager and you can unignore people.
  25. I don't know if you're the only one, but this is what I've been getting instead all day: