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  1. I agree, there are nuances to it, but nothing you're probably going to master in a month. Understanding the basics and having extreme patience is the key to beating table casino fish. Or you know, just get drunk on $1 drinks and get a massive cooler every hour and be salty. That's what I tend to do in Sydney when I go play (without the fun $1 vegas drinks).
  2. While Allen is correct, you need to understand you're probably going to be playing low stakes hold em with a bunch of fish. You can win just like any other casual there mostly by being a massive nit and betting when you have a hand. Source: mostly me, playing a bunch of fish in Vegas drinking $1 vodkas and winning money. But also my best friend is one of Australia's top players and he agrees with almost all low limit tables being exactly that.
  3. Arena sucks now. It's a goddamn crap shoot.
  4. I love the world emptiness. I really think that's how it was advertised and that's what I wanted. I have played every day after work until I go to bed and I haven't gotten bored yet. Hunting shrines and mountain climbing is really fun. Not to mention the small fun things like Yiga clan assassins and I think there's a boss on Mount Lanaryu and there's probably more. Also random Stone Talus and Hilox mini boss fights are fun. I will say I think they were very lazy with the design of towns. 100 years after the destruction of Hyrule and no one has bothered to expand their towns a little bit? Doubtful. Since Zelda has Ganon locked in Hyrule castle for 100 years I can't believe towns wouldn't be a little more sprawled outwards. But eh. This is definitely a fantastic game and a great step forward for Zelda. More actual side quests (like actual arching side-quests with dungeons) will make the next Zelda even better, and if they bring back dungeon items and less climbing (so the need for hookshot etc to reach certain places in the game) it will make the open world experience different from BotW (while maybe making it go back to being a little more linear). I'm sure there's a perfect balance somewhere.
  5. Don't forget there's $20 DLC with Hard/Hero Mode and more stuff coming later too.
  6. Yooka Laylee, Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart will be a good start.
  7. That's basically the game. It basically feels like the main quest is a side quest and the game proper is finding all the heart pieces (where 1 shrine = 1 heart piece and 4 = heart container). The game definitely would've benefited from 6 or 8 Divine Beasts instead of 4, but they decided to give 1 to each race so I guess it works thematically. I'm not bored of it yet, even the shrines are fun and if you finish the game and put it down for a few months it's probably just as easy to start and love it again. I just really want the Master Sword. I wish I had more time. Also I cannot wait for Yooka Laylee next month.
  8. Even if the Switch ended up being a Zelda machine for a month until Kart and other games come out, it's still worth it. It's one of the most refreshing games I've played in a long time. It will win game of the year. Nothing will come close. It overshot the hype train by a mile. EDIT: Source - me - I won $1k gambling and then went and bought a Switch. I haven't bought a console since 2013 (I bought the PS3 specifically to play The Last of Us). It was worth it.
  9. I had an interview with Qantas today (Y)
  10. Game is awesome. There will need to be changes to attacking or high level play will be 2 players circling until one idiot attacks first.
  11. @Francis J Underwood real quick before this one day begins I think you might've made a typo of 55/56. You have it as Diamond (Unbreakable) and Killer Queen. Not sure if that's something else or you meant to put Kira Yoshikage (since I'm guessing it was taken as 2 separate character noms).
  12. Everytime you weebs think about not voting for Kira/Killer Queen just remember who got da track of 2016.
  13. I nominate Kira Yoshikage/Killer Queen. It gives me a boner. Edit: From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, if that needed to be specified. Edit 2: If I have to nominate more I will but I don't really want to. Up to you.