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  1. what are your religious views?

    agnostic atheist edgelord, as in, "if god(s) were proven to exist it would be mankind's #1 priority to kill it/them."
  2. Goat tourney in Berwyn, IL Dec. 17. Empty Jar banned, they haven't said if Exarion or Exarionless. I may try to make it up there but it depends on a lot of variables. https://www.facebook.com/events/733849323431901/
  3. B^)

    when I saw the OP's title I thought this would be a Buckley thread
  4. video game reccomendations

    ^This. Grinding is actually fun in that game. I kind of hoped the FF7Remake would have X's amazing battle system but I'm down for the action-RPG interpretation.
  5. I thought Solemn was the key to the deck/aggro decks in general when I ran it. In my opponent's first 6 cards, the odds of them being a Heavy, or Ring, or other card that Solemn has to respect is much higher from where I'm sitting. The whole point of scary monsters and other parts of the trap lineup were to pull as many of my opponent's teeth as possible before using my "counter anything" cards to ensure they can't draw their way out. If they hold Ring, they're not nuking my attacker. If they hold Heavy, they're not nailing Saku/Mirror/Torrential/etc. If Solemn is suboptimal, it's S/T removal bait/bluff fodder, like NoC or another card in my 40 that ends up not fitting the situation. One thing to note about Solemn v. Heavy Storm, is that making Blade Knight 2000 ATK by setting a fat hand and having Solemn to protect it is a play I have done more than once. This is probably an argument against Blade Knight. Badly timed Solemns have lost me a few games. I don't know how many wins I can explicitly thank Solemn for in an empirical fashion. I don't have the statistical chops to remove survivorship bias [the times I won after activating 1+ Solemns] or simulate alternative game states with certainty of X card replacing Solemn. Solemn is several cards in one [Horn of Heaven/Magic Jammer/7 Tools]. Yeah, I'd never want Solemn over Dust Tornado to counter Mirror/Torrential/etc, but it's not up to me to decide what threat(s) my opponent saves for last/topdecks. Sometimes it's a monster or spell. Pot and Graceful are worth a Solemn in some situations. You also can't stop an Ignition effect like TIV/Exiled/BLS /Sorc with Sakuretsu Armor. Stopping a chain with a Spell Speed 3 card can also be useful. I agree it is awkward to play with, and I'm eager to try a list with 3x Blast with Chain + Gearfried and/or +Dust/Saku/etc. instead just to see if the decision trees I have to make on a per-game basis become less anxiety-inducing while maintaining a similar or superior level of effectiveness.
  6. bdsm test

    it's coming from an 88% Degrader tho
  7. bdsm test

    Sex is like Shadow of the Colossus, you gotta find as many things as possible that are bigger and stronger than you, climb them, hit their weak points, and fell them.
  8. bdsm test

    Get on my level, scrubs
  9. That's so weird how we use Solemns differently. Mine end up being a 7 Tools most often, and a Magic Jammer about as often as a Sakuretsu. I wait as long as possible before flipping my first Solemn (if i'm gonna take 3600 in damage over two turns but draw into an answer, why do 4000 to myself this turn?). I feel compelled to respond to stuff like TER and BLS as fast as possible when they hit the field because every turn my opponent gets, the more complex the game becomes and I run the risk of losing whatever edges I had gained. TER doesn't make my "Solemn this immediately" list the same way that BLS does until I'm closing in on my opponent. You're saying that the flexibility of 3x Solemn could be made up for by just running more copies of the cards it most often functions as: Dust and Saku+Dustshoot and you're probably right, but I like having all those functions contained within the one card while also having the single-function cards alongside it. 1x Dust, 1x Saku and 3x Solemn means I have 4x of either Dust or Saku at my discretion; I'll try it your way in my next rounds of testing though as saving LPs would give me more room to return from 'whiffed' turns. I pretty much crossed my fingers I wouldn't see Jinzo and got my wish, but DDWL, TIV, Abyss, Exiled, Snatch and Solemn x3 can answer it. Not packing a way to climb above 2000 ATK (apart from my BLS) does seem like a liability so I see the value of Bazoo; going -1 to answer a Monarch would really hurt. I worry a little more about Decree than Jinzo. Skill Drain doesn't appeal to me that much because I can't search for it, and in order to guarantee that I see it I have to run more than one. [Blade Knight x3, Ms lvl 2 x1, NoC x2, Exiled x1, Compulsory x2, and sometimes Abyss] was my anti-FLIP suite, which was very effective, if redundant. Blade Knight/Compulsory/Abyss are unstable elements of that suite, but when they could add to that arsenal it was noticeable (Blade Knight can do just as much good in that capacity at 2 copies or 1 copy, so I'm not arguing in retrograde "why 3x BKs is optimal"). Of course, there's more than just FLIPs to hit with it; it blanks Tsuky/TER/BLS and that is worth a lot, definitely sideboard space if nothing else. Blade Knight replacing beaters in that list is probably why I didn't run Skill Drain, as it would have left me with a lot of 1600s I wouldn't want. Cutting back on BKs makes that less a problem. Skill Drain and Solemn seem to not be friendly to each other, but they answer a lot of the same things monster-wise. Drain being cheaper on average will get me to test this. I really like the idea of a Gearfried-centric list; that was the first decktype I tried to build way back when I started YGO. I tried the Smoke Grenade based list earlier this year and didn't like it --making a Zoo-like deck with it instead jives with me. Don being a DARK RotA target is great for the "cram BLS into Zoo" plan. I appreciate the tips and the list, you've given me a lot to think about.
  10. bdsm test

    >100% Vanilla LOL
  11. video game reccomendations

    Half-Life > 2. You're gonna have to get over that there graphics bias if you want to play anything good made before [arbitrary year]. Doom 3 is a lot like HL so you could substitute that for it. Since you have a PS4 ,the Odin Sphere remake is good, it's a side-scrolling action-RPG where you play as a valkyrie. Has similar artstyle to Dragon's Crown. Pretty much anything Atlus publishes is worthwhile, which reminds me: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne is a great JRPG for the PS2 that has a neat setting in post-apocalyptic Japan, with Pokemon-like team options consisting of demons you can recruit and fuse. The Resident Evil Remake is on PSPlus this month and is a must-play for the survival horror genre, unless that's not your thing. Transformers: Devastation is also on PSPlus and is like an easier Bayonetta (character-action genre, aka crazy person flying through air hitting the fuck out of enemies that can wreck you if you don't wombocombo them.) made by Platinum Games. So you can try those genres "for free" if you're already subscribed. Wind Waker was the best 3D Zelda, so you're pretty much done with that series for awhile. I've heard Darksiders is like Zelda but edgier, so if you like that kind of gameplay check that out. If you want addictive gameplay I can recommend rogue-likes like Risk of Rain and Binding of Isaac. Have you played Fallout 3 or New Vegas? "Oblivion-with-guns" > actual Elder Scrolls games not named Morrowind. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best third-person action games ever made and is available on almost anything you can put a disc in, you should definitely play it if you haven't already. Dead Space is similar and also good. I can second the Metal Gear Solid series, as the games themselves are rather short, the plots are cool/insane/stupid all at once, and there are tons of ways to approach most situations. I think MGS 3 is the best overall. You'll either love them or hate them. Peace Walker and V let you capture and recruit soldiers while building up your base, so there's stuff to do there. Another Hideo Kojima game, Zone of the Enders 2, is a mecha combat game that plays more like the character-action genre and if that suits your tastes is a must-play. Have you ever played a Metroid game? Super Metroid is one of the best games ever made (ROMs aren't hard to find) and Metroid Prime is really good. They're exploration-focused action platformers; the former is 2D sidescrolling and the latter is 3D first person perspective. They're light on plot and character, heavy on atmosphere.
  12. I love this forum. The ultimate goal "cram BLS into Zoo" is probably the most sensible place to stop with this deck, and after some rigorous testing I may just leave it at that. I wanted an abundance of chaos-typed monsters in the build I used so if I opened a BLS I could drop it within a few turns if I got an aggressive hand or my opponent drew weak, so that sort of trade off would relegate BLS to the late-game only more than likely (which is fine, Zoo is good as is anyway). If the conservative option means +1 Blade Knight, +1 BLS, -2 X from a conventional Zoo netdeck, that's still awesome from where I'm sitting. That King Tiger, the best anti-Tsuky/TER/Scapegoat card I know of, gets run over by Exarion really sucks and I'm sure Rush Recklessly x2 isn't the answer (Pyramid Energy x2, lol?). Skilled Dark Magician is a great suggestion to ward off Tsuky/Exarion, since most of the time I'll be bringing in a Mystic Lvl 2/NoC to deal with a set Exarion (because I don't know it's not a MoF either), 1900 is plenty to run over the ones I'm responding to. I rarely see people put it in face-up defense if they can poke me with it. Someone might be playing around Mirror Force with it I suppose. I suppose I should never deviate from 3x Exarion? Is Chaosrider Gustaph too bad to use? 1400-1700-2000 ATK tiers are pretty nice and it doesn't compete with Bazoo/BLS for resources, as it's not like Zoo runs Magician of Faith. Also won't die to Tsuky. Zoo's not heavy on Spells in the first place, but if you fetch it with RotA it'll have some food already. Maindecked Sasuke was underwhelming, no argument there. You're dead-on about Compulsory being build-around. I'm gonna keep working with it but if all else fails I can return to the regular trap lineup. The creativity it lets you bring to the field appeals to me possibly more than the actual results in a deck like this. I love having a temporary NoC/Secret Pass to the Treasures/pseudo-Book. The field openings it creates really tempts me to put a Don Zaloog or Injection Fairy Lily in here somewhere (the resources needed to defend one probably outweigh the advantage one might gain though and IFL hates Solemns). I've had a lot of success with Compulsory in Time Lock, but I haven't tested that deck as extensively--the card may be better fitted for defense than offense/tempo in a Tsuky-filled world. A single copy that doesn't displace Dust/Saku/Solemn counts could still have value, assuming we can't figure out an optimal Tsuky-resistant lineup that permits multiple Compulsory. What you said about DDA reminds me of 4th generation Pokemon, and "suicide leads" like Azelf [Explosion/Stealth Rock/--/-- @ Focus Sash], so I'm more sold on its role in the team. That is some salient Solemn advice. Ideally it'd be for making sure my attacks go through or my opponent doesn't get to make TER/BLS/flip Morphing Jar, yes?
  13. Thanks for the criticisms!. I agree, but here's a wall of text: My beef with Saku, that Compulsory can get around, is the ability to chain to [Dust x2/Breaker/Heavy/MST/Book of Moon x2]. Saku x3 could mitigate Tsuky/BLS so it's worth squeezing in alongside my Compulsory pair. I could just be making a suboptimal choice in running Compulsory at all, but my experience with it has been overwhelmingly positive. I don't see DDA. I'm assuming for argument's sake that I'd be grabbing one off of a RotA: slamming one into BLS after it's probably already dealt me an assload of damage doesn't seem like as much of an out as, say, Exiled Force and is almost equal to DDWL in function (200 LP is a difference but not much of one). I don't think a lot of people run BLS into f/ds willy-nilly when they can just banish them, but I could be wrong. DDA can't do anything to a defense-mode BLS. DDA loses a lot of viability vs. Zoo since DD Survivor is often in their sideboards. If I'm going to trade DDA with Exarion it's going to cost me 100 LP versus if I run Grandmaster into it, and Grandmaster can kill a defense-mode BLS without trading. I might be taking the warrior-toolbox concept from a ridiculously granular perspective here. As the game simplifies Blade Knight becomes Berserk Gorilla in stats so I could see going 2x Gorilla, 2x Blade Knight or something, instead of the 1:3 ratio I have at present. Being able to fetch a Berserk Gorilla with RotA is better than counting on drawing it because you run three, IMO. Early Exarions force me to make trades I don't always like so that Saku x3 thing is looking better all the time. I will contend that vs. goat control, my 1800s are less valuable than theirs just because I pack way more of them, but that's not a great point. Airknights rarely came up--I think the "end of turn goats, morph into TER, trib for Airknight" play was hard to set up for various reasons and Premature/CotH were weak to Dust. I will badly miss the mained Dusts but you're right on about where my defensive priorities can improve. I'll keep experimenting, and I will try a variant with 1 DDA mained for argument's sake. I don't care much for Dustshoot. It's great in the first few turns, but it's easy to play around and a horrible topdeck. It gets worse as the deck progresses towards its win state by simplifying. If I'm using it just to kill Tsuky after I see her, I might as well maindeck Card Destruction since I can activate it in more scenarios and repurpose my Serpent if I don't have TIV/Abyss handy. Hypothetical Question: What is the minimum number of RotA-able LIGHTs and DARKs you can run to fuel BLS? Knowing this could open up a lot of deck space. I tried to keep my Chaos ratio no less than 5 and 5, but only my LIGHTs were RotA targets--I had no trouble dropping BLS when I drew it.
  14. OT: I'm still setting up games on Percy tbh, I will give Salvation a try soon though. @Jazz I was giving the thread a perusal, and about 30 or so pages back, you said Warriors as an archetype were 4th tier [and Zoo was tier 1]. The question I might ask before going further is if the below is "Warriors" or "Zoo variant", but it looks like both to me--more one than the other. Did I next-level myself into some stupid? This list is what I won my locals with. I 4-0'ed [6 if counting top 4?], so it was not a lot of play. Maybe they were just unprepared for anti-meta anything? I saw some floodgates (MoP and SoRL) come out of the sideboard in a few matches but they weren't of much consequence. I stole a lot of notes from Zoo obviously, the main switches being chaos-friendly Warrior substitutions and a different trap lineup. I don't like Dustshoot much and if they Tsuky to kill my non-Exarions it usually means they leave their field open for the next guy. The sideboard was a mess and besides the King Tiger Wanghus not much was of use/was needed. I chose to go all-in on Blade Knights given a decent chance of getting FLIP negations early game and good chance of having a RotA-able LIGHT Berserk Gorilla in my mid-game/late-game. Siding one out wasn't uncommon. One Berserk was mainboarded to stabilize my '2000 ATK' ratios and as a placeholder for Mobius when going game 2 & 3 into floodgates/decree [not that I saw decree]. The Compulsory Evac Devices were put in to answer TER, "activate" Blade Knight, save beatsticks from removal at inopportune moments (since Zoo loses if it runs out of monsters,) bounce f/ds for more damage opportunities, etc. I found these much more useful than Sakuretsus in testing and at the tournament. At one point I had to Premature a Breaker, bounce it, and summon it again to pop a Saku and end a Tsuky-Merchant combo. I was pretty much never punished for bouncing a f/d if I didn't have a NoC, active BK, or MS2 handy. Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke was there in case Spies showed up but they never did, he ended up being OK as a LIGHT 1800 that could be searched in the early game when Blade Knight was likely to be stuck at 1600. Often ended up trading with enemy Exarions, which was okay given that those are the extent of the easily summoned beaters in goats. I like having BLS in here and preferred this build to regular Zoo in testing for that reason alone, as it gives me one more way to win in the midgame if I haven't been playing attrition wisely enough and increases the number of early game sacky draws I can get. After the tourney I made one change to the mainboard: -1 Sakuretsu Armor, +1 Dust Tornado; Dust interacts better with Solemn and Blade Knight anyway. At this time I could see the Chaos Control variant you have on Format Library giving this a lot of trouble, or any deck with 3-4 Chaos monsters and up to 3 TERs. That's what the sideboarded Smashings and mainboarded Compulsorys were for initially but I didn't get a chance to test them against more than one Sorc IRL. I theoretically was/am willing to make some inefficient trades to open a board up for damage when possible.
  15. Feeling Shitty

    I am not a medical professional by any stretch of the imagination and I am not in any capacity to give medical advice so take this with a grain of salt. I have no idea what medications you are taking or any part of your medical history. Assume I am absolutely incompetent to post the following and if you doubt the words I am about to write you are correct. I am just some guy on the Internet. NSAIDs double as antidepressants due to a weird interaction between inflammation and depression symptoms. Taking a normal sized dose of those isn't a bad start and may help with any wisdom tooth pain. Not that you're complaining of depression exactly, but it may make you feel better. Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen are all similar in function but don't work equally well across all types of pain/discomfort. Naproxen helps my girlfriend with her migraines, above the others I listed above, and may be of some help. It's good that you've discontinued use of that steroid inhaler in accordance with professional medical advice; I've had friends wig out before on those. Steroids are analogous to testosterone, and interact with neurotransmitters ; your serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine receptors operate in a chemical soup of weird feedback loops and it is very likely that your norepinephrine levels have been messed with by the steroids since testosterone and norepinephrine have documented interactions. Shifting norepinephrine levels will absolutely jack up your anxiety and any sort of change in your brain chemistry can cause altered states of consciousness/lucidity and dissociation temporarily. It'll take a little while for your brain juices to re-calibrate but you should be fine with time. You really need to get adequate sleep. Anxiety and lack of sleep go hand in hand. Breathing techniques, as mentioned by SSJ Grumpig, can help you control your emotions by focusing your mind. Be somewhere where you are comfortable or would normally be comfortable. Inhale slowly while counting to seven. It shouldn't be seven seconds long, but it shouldn't be really fast either. Slow, deep, controlled inhalation. count to seven while you do this. Hold that breath. Count to seven the same way. Slowly exhale, counting to seven again. Control the air. With your lungs mostly empty, count to seven. Repeat. Keep going, thinking only of controlling your breath. You will stop of your own accord when you are ready and should be much calmer after.
  16. I won a goat locals today, which is the first time I've had a goats experience IRL that wasn't me and my friends. I know it's not noteworthy, but, thanks to everyone who has given me direct pointers or whose wisdom I have indirectly absorbed from this forum.
  17. def interested, may be harder to do around the holidays but I can participate pretty much whenever. I'm sure weekends are most likely to be best for everyone.
  18. @mark I don't think anyone here is stigmatizing mental illness so much as speaking from experience regarding mental illness. A lot of realtalk and encouragement is important to helping people, say, with an amotivational disorder or just plain aversion, to get motivated. You have to get a person to move from an external locus of control to an internal one before they'll seek help. You have to be retaught how to think about your own agency, so you'll complete therapy and maintain your mental health after. If you don't want it you won't do it. If you won't do it you don't want it. Mantras like that help reinforce the idea that you are capable of exercising your will rather than daydreaming about it. I had to be told several times by everyone whose opinion mattered to me that I needed help and to go get help . I had to be persuaded and supported over a long period of time in this effort but I did. It's not like things are fairy tale better but I have had positive results over time, all of which built on each other and continue to be built on, so I'm gonna preach to the choir because it took a good amount of hearing to finally convince me. I have had to deal with the consequences of my actions despite being mentally ill, as does anyone, and the toll you take on others is a moral injury you want to mitigate. You'll feel guiltier the longer you wait. If a person is posting online about their problems they're asking for help of some kind, we need to encourage them to seek professional help; this kind of bluntness and frankness helped me put my experiences into context over time until I decided I needed to change and couldn't wait any longer. The more times he hears or sees "go get professional help, you need it and you can get it" in some form or another the better. I don't know to interpret the following in your post then, if you disagree: "That said though, it's pretty annoying as hell though when you keep taking things personally, keep in mind that we're not judging you as a person or a human being, just the way you post on this website. Your problems aren't other peoples problems, and atm you're wasting a lot of people's time by being straight up stubborn all the time without showing any willingness to change, yes in words, but not in actions. The normal response to getting negged to death and getting advice from 10 different people would be to either stop posting for a few months and listen to what they say, or decide that these people aren't the type of people you want to hang around with and just leave. Not by arguing everyone and justifying your behavior by saying 'I'm free to do what I want', etc. Because when you think about it: people are free to judge you for it as well, and I assume you don't like that either, so I suggest you give up that attitude, it's not helping anyone."
  19. I feel like that was implicit in that post; "doesn't matter how ill you are when you hurt people, you still hurt people and you're still accountable for that, so instead of prolonging treatment: don't" was the gist I got from them. @SSJ Grumpig KY was lucky enough to have Gov. Brashear to proactively set this stuff up at the start of Obamacare; our current Gov. is trying to destroy it because insane. I didn't think about how TN might differ. That said, sliding scale clinics will work with the indigent and many psychs will offer discounted rates.
  20. @TheGoldenTyranno you know who a good person would be to tell about your deep-seated psychological issues? A therapist. Not the Internet. You don't want this shit out there. Google some child/developmental psychologists in your area and make some phone calls Monday morning. This is not an insult; a Psy D who specializes in "how fucked up kids turn into fucked up adults" can push you in the right direction and they almost always take Medicaid. If you choose to reply to this thread before you choose to call a licensed therapist, that's on you. Don't say "I know I should" like some kind of inert being with no agency or self-responsibility, say "I will." This is ONE SMALL THING that YOU CAN DO to begin fighting back up the downhill slope of your relationships with others. It takes less than an hour of effort to set up. If you can't figure out how to navigate the decorum of an Internet forum where people say "faggot", it's not other people, it's you. I was a really shitty human being until I got help and started putting in work. Now I am a somewhat decent human being with some regrets. This has resulted in many immense improvements in my life, some of which started immediately, some of which only became visible in hindsight six or seven years later. People in general are a lot more tolerant and forgiving of assholes who are actively trying to redeem themselves and modify their behavior. If you have a low opinion of yourself, it may be accurate, but if it you let it keep you from being who you want to be, who you can be, you're wasting the precious gift that is being alive--and of all times and places, 21st century Earth in a liberal democratic republic--as a Homo sapiens who has the freedom and literacy to shitpost on an Internet forum centered around children's card games so much that you actually develop a bad reputation for it. Wearing personality defects as merit badges just makes you look like a dick with a chip on your shoulder. You're an adult now so none of that is anyone else's problem unless you make it so. Own your shit and fix it. if you did JROTC surely you've read Starship Troopers? Lot of relevant lessons in that book. tl;dr listen to @ACP and @subculture bitch
  21. Where to go with my life

    1.) you are an animal and you are going to die; stress accelerates this process 2.) when that happens, the number of times you switched careers, interests, pursuits, and passions will be irrelevant 3.) as long as you can afford to eat, sleep, and have meaningful relationships little else matters Relax. It's okay to not know what you're doing. Or, more accurately, knowing what you're doing only temporarily. People in all age groups express feelings of being listless and directionless. The average person changes careers seven times. Expect this number to increase as the US becomes more and more affected by globalization. Talk to as many people as you can and pick their brains for their answers to these very questions, you'll get some more data on what's possible in a human life to determine your next move. You'd be surprised how many people open up to you and how much wisdom you can glean from them. You sound like a person who would prefer to be self-employed. If you have any talents you can capitalize on, you should start there. If you think you don't have any, inventory the skills you have, and those you might want to develop further or learn from scratch, and pursue those. Learning new skills helps keep food on the table and keeps your brain engaged. If you have any amotivational problems you think may be caused by behavioral disorders, seek the help of mental health professionals as soon as possible. States usually have job training agencies who, if they can't help you, can maybe point you somewhere useful. I've been through a lot of shit. I busted my ass for scholarships so I could go to college and earn a Biology degree, only to find out that I can't do what I want to do (fieldwork/natural resource management) for medical reasons and the other two related fields I tried made me miserable. At the end of the day I may not make much use of that degree and that's fine. I know now because I tried. I found out what I did like and didn't like, what I could do and could not do. Only being psychic could have saved me from those 'failures'. Life is mostly trial and error, and most of the people that have plans that they've stuck to for awhile started from a meandering path. Most jobs just want you to have a B.A. in something/anything. You should try to finish a degree in at least "General Studies" while you've got inertia keeping you in uni. Having a wide range of interests isn't a problem in The Real World. Stay off drugs, make enough money to take care of yourself, find a partner and reproduce/adopt. Society will consider you a decent person. Everything else is pretty much just 'whatever' as far as other people are concerned, and that is a wide wide opportunity for you to find out what you need to do to consider yourself a decent 'you'. All that hippie dippie "Life is a Journey" bullshit is not bullshit, after all. I'm in the process of writing a sci-fi novel--a thing I talked myself out of and back into and out of a zillion times as I tried to find a 'real career'. It's a thing I am capable of doing, it is inherently rewarding to practice a skill I value, and I may or may not profit from it eventually. Whatever job I get after this one and the next one and the next one, they don't matter. They just provide me with shelter, calories, and date nights with my long term girlfriend who will hopefully be my wife someday. Let yourself dream. I held myself back for years, ground myself to insanity under the pressure of 70 hour workweeks on swing shifts; all because I thought I had to have a career trajectory that was a straight line. I thought that if I put the time in I'd get something back. A couple nervous breakdowns later... it wasn't worth it, but I had to do it to get to where I am now.
  22. Would it be dumb to start up a separate thread for Exarionless format discussion?
  23. How to Side in Goat Format

    Two things Exiled Force can't do: catch you up on field presence, meritoriously kill facedown Sangan/Serpent. Other than that I find myself liking it when I run it. It's a great FLIP stopper and TER answer; reusability as a Premature Burial/CotH target is relevant. Like a 3rd, 4th and 5th copy of NoC sometimes. I think Smashing vs. Zoo makes a lot of sense. Smashing vs. Goats is suboptimal but: Smashing is better against Goats before they side their Exarions out for Dekoichis and all you have in front of you is f/d's. If they make a Balter you won't resolve one again. I don't think it's better than Metamorphosis-into-TER for a Goat deck obvs but if your deck can't Meta or can but needs more steady beatstick removal than TER, the tempo advantage of straight up killing shit on your turn when your opponent can only respond with what they've already committed to the board is really nice and makes direct attacks more doable. I know it's suboptimal to make one-for-one trades vs. Goats if you are running Goats but the "run them out of monsters" philosophy that applies to Zoo probably applies to Goats too. If you can't stop damage or put out damage you will lose, even if you are +1 or +2. I can see Smashing as decent enough to not be written off entirely from the sideboard because it only covers one matchup best. I kind of get the sense that I'm making the same argument as people arguing that a deck with Don Zaloogs, IFL and Smashing Grounds is the nuts, so eviscerate as you will.
  24. How to Side in Goat Format

    Thanks for the thorough reply, Jazz. Keeping 2nd Scapegoat in the main as a result. I got linked this article earlier, which I think applies double to YGO due to the greater likelihood of seeing any given card: http://www.channelfireball.com/articles/7-keys-to-sideboarding-like-a-pro/ 1) ...be careful to board against their sideboard, not their main deck. I thought this^ was especially relevant. Obviously you still need slots to hard-counter some matchups but this will be really handy once tournaments start up again and sideboards become more predictable. This seems like it's old news to you all but it might be helpful for Goat newbies who are familiar with Magic.
  25. How to Side in Goat Format

    For shits and gigs I had a friend run a deck against me with 3x Smashing in the main and we found the text to read "destroy target Thousand-Eyes Restrict" more often than not. Did you ever end up siding it in during a Goat mirror in testing? Most of "the machine" in Goats is impervious to it [Tsuky+MoF/Merchant/Deko] but I could not keep a TER on the field to save my life, literally. Along the line of thinking "is Perovic's deck still relevant": consider that the tournament in which it dominated, matches were best of five rather than best of three. Higher variance shit will be more rewarding in a best of three environment, which is most dueling/testing now, and you would probably see more decks like that in a given future event. It would take another "x of 5" tournament with the expectation of another "x of 5" tournament in the relatively near future to shift a hypothetical meta towards the arena in which that deck became the boss and sideboard skills are king. You were there and I wasn't so I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that regarding how the stuff we see now evolved. As for what's different since 2014, I started playing Goats earlier this year and I'm maining more aggressive cards (Abyss x2 and Mobius); I think most Goat players try like hell to run Exarion x3, and I wonder often why I'm running two copies of Scapegoat.