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  1. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Anyone else pls? c:
  2. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I think I was pretty aggresive when I thought the team was Walia and Faint, but later in D1 when I began to think they were probably not on the same team I became a bit hesitant and found myself agreeing with most of what was said. D3 went good imo
  3. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I'm sooo sorry for reaching majority early :$
  4. New Years Mafia

    Xd thought Walia's vote was in me
  5. New Years Mafia

    We're basically building on what our fallen townbrothers have gathered. Faint suspected Solstice, Jazz said it was Solstice. They are to blame if it isn't Solstice
  6. New Years Mafia

    It is considered "normal" to not selfheal
  7. New Years Mafia

    I don't think so either. In the game that I hosted I fucked that up
  8. New Years Mafia

    Vote Solstice
  9. New Years Mafia

    @BuildTheWalia For the love of helix vote Solstice
  10. New Years Mafia

    Thought Mascis had his vote on Solstice too. So the vc should be Wunter (2) - Solstice, Walia Solstice (1) - Tyranno Not voting - Mascis, Wunter
  11. New Years Mafia

    @Mascis @TheGoldenTyranno shall I hammer?
  12. New Years Mafia

    Nah I'm not gonna die tomorrow. That's just not gonna happen
  13. New Years Mafia

    Lol Walia. You call my play anti town? I've always been transparent this game. Just read everything I've posted and you'll see there are clear townthoughts behind them. Solstice saying I am scum because I protected Nick is bs because I've clearly shown D1 I did want Nick lynched just not D1 because I didn't know him and his playstyle and I wanted to check the Faint/Walia team which I know I am wrong on. We still lynch Solstice here.
  14. New Years Mafia

    And pls don't read to much into this xd I'm not trying to win your trust because I believe there is a good pact here. Also be careful for the EoD when it comes.
  15. New Years Mafia

    Btw this is not to force anything here. It is just how it feels right now. We're all 99% sure town to eachother. Don't fuck that up and stick to the facts we got
  16. New Years Mafia

    @Mascis @TheGoldenTyranno we all trust eachother here. If not Solstice (if she claims to be something else and we still lynch her) it should be Walia. If we somehow end up as final 3 we're in some serious shit.
  17. New Years Mafia

    Than it would have been Solstice that died yesterday. You would probably have died overnight if Solstice was not scum. I strongly believe both Tyranno and Mascis are town so Jazz would be the last scum. But since I think Solstice is scum we would have won yesterday then. Np np
  18. New Years Mafia

    Who did you think?
  19. New Years Mafia

    Why did you choose Jazz?
  20. New Years Mafia

    You should have totally outed this yesterday. Faint died for no reason :/
  21. New Years Mafia

    I believe they are. We just have to wait for solstice and walia
  22. New Years Mafia

    I actually think Walia is a powerrole. I think I misinterpreted his slightly different playstyle D1. He seemed more excited
  23. New Years Mafia

    Btw a good point against Solstice: she said I was right most of the times on D1 in pointing out scum. My team was Walia and Faint. I now believe they are both town which means I was wrong and therefore that is a good argument for me being scum. I thought that post was a bit sketchy already but this could have been a post for which she could refer to in the lategame
  24. New Years Mafia

    Scrap this. Everyone just out. Alcohol likes to make me think I have great ideas that don't excist. I'm VT