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  1. @JC. vote Marigold
  2. Vote Ranunculus
  3. post directed at zeph obviously
  4. Goldenrod is pretty sure you are scum and raises decent points, but he could be neutral trying to sabotage town. Pegging you for taking a leadership role early on looks weak now because you've continued to contribute. Aster may have scanned him so I don't think he's worth a lynch yet. As I've said before Marigold is straddling the line and shitposting which leads me to assume he could be the other neutral. He's playing a disinterested town game (so is everyone else), but the possibility remains he is scum skating by Raun refuses to contribute so he's probably the best lynch for today barring something miraculous. I understand we are all busy but now is the time to nut up Zeph i have for town
  5. I'm fine with the item but I'm 99% sure I am biting the bullet tonight zeph is the only one actually playing and trying to solve the game so he's pretty obviously town to me Marigold/Goldenrod are the neutral Raun could be last scum but Marigold is basically just straddling the line today without contributing
  6. I'm not liking marigold this phase very much..
  7. I think Goldenrod is neutral from the tone of his posts, but something is definitely off about the way zephyr started the day. I'm willing to let day unfold before throwing out a vote Also would like to hear more from Raunuculus when he does get to play
  8. If it helps at all I am not neutral
  9. vote helio
  10. ebwop Marigold instead of Goldenrod, but Goldenrod hasn't really done shit either
  11. Based on what has transpired over the last 8 pages or lack there of Helio is my strongest read for scum. I could see goldenrod or deliah being his teammate. I hate questions like this because it gives scum a gauge of who's onto who
  12. that's my point, but he;s advocating we kill floaters in a game with 8 pages
  13. So are we policy lynching or scum hunting???
  14. Marigolds vote on Deliah seems like self-preservation more than 'contributing', although I agree with his assessment that 3 votes like that back to back to back likely has a scum involved. Marigold has played scummier than Deliah thus far, but Deliah has a dead townie going against him + a questionable bomb pass. I still don't like Helio for reasons previously mentioned but he's not floating like half of the game fwiw even though he's wrong on me. unvote
  15. 3 votes back to back wtf vote staying on helio