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  1. this list is ass. either jerry wang or wilson luc = best player ever. and neither are on there.
  2. I like this + legacy warring (Chaos Return, Troop Dupe, PC, Tele DAD, etc)
  3. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DuelistGroundz username: RuinerDiscord Account Name: The WireFormats (Goat/Current/Both): Goat and Legacy formats Troop Dupe/PC/Chaos ReturnExpected level of activity: Few matches a week(Optional) Blurb: What got me to post this was seeing the new legacy warring in the discord. Obviously I'm down to war Goats but I am really interested in the legacy portion because I feel I was at my peak during Troop Dupe/PC format
  4. I've recently gotten some friends into playing old decks/mirror matches. Im looking to build more decks to play on top of what I already have. I currently have 2 Goat decks 2 Tele DAD decks 2 Dragon Ruler decks (with babies) Is it worth picking up stuff for 2 Plant decks, 2 Chaos Return decks, or a few Troop Dupe format decks?
  5. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    Im in if you ever find the other people. This is arguably by favorite format (other two being PC and Goats)
  6. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    I'm always down to play some Troop Dupe
  7. "Best" Game

    Doom and Quake