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  1. [Current/Goat] ESPN

    Okay thank you, unfortunately the link expired.
  2. [Current/Goat] ESPN

    Yes, Package Johnson #3358
  3. [Current/Goat] ESPN

    Pick me up
  4. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Goats only Mostly available during the evening I have discord + whatsapp
  5. I was the last person to enter the tournament. I entered with a GB deck and was out by round 7. I decked out 2 dragon ruler decks  with Fossil Dyna + Safe zone. Overall the tournament was pretty fun, I got absolutely no testing done because I had an exam Thursday and Friday. The only thing I would suggest to do in the future is to not schedule the tournament during exam week and to start the rounds faster. Also in the venue there was no clock to see how much time was left in the round. My plays are really different if there is 30 minutes on the clock, 10 minutes, or 2 minutes. 
  6. Needing Function Bag Advice

    How does your bag have nothing to do with fashion, this is my next buy http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8016/7643753248_ba7bbf3c70_z.jpg   Herschel has some really nice bags
  7. ask me questions and I'll make a video

    How do you feel about Miley?
  8. Need advice again, on relationships.

    I think what your partner wants is very clear and that is for you to stop being "I'm Jeff Jones and I am right." What you need to do stop saying/thinking "that he has made a mistake" and "see if he wakes up one day and realizes he made a mistake." To him he does not view this breakup as a mistake, therefore if you keep telling him that its a mistake you are back to "I'm Jeff Jones and I am right."      Jeff you cant be constantly thinking that you are the smartest in the room, you can not belittle people like that. You are not superior. You may think you are because your "good at yugioh," or you have a enormous size penis, but we are all equal. Black people, arab people, gay people and straight people, all equal.   You have to cut the  "This is because I choose my battles. If I don't know something, I try not to open my mouth because then I RISK being wrong"   What kind of thought process is that? You think that every battle/argument you take part in you are right because you choose your battles. Therefore every battle you take part in you are right. Stop focusing on who is right and who is wrong. Stop being stubborn. If you fix that, he will come back and if not you will attract quality guys in your life.
  9. Today I'm thankful for rap game #freeAlistar

    He touched my hand once
  10. Can anyone lend me a deck, that would be cool. I'm down for some gbs
  11. yeah there is lots of space on the porch
  12. [URL=http://s1135.photobucket.com/user/Jabs0lute/media/ScreenShot2013-11-09at120714AM.png.html][/URL]   Event is only 10 minutes from my bed so I will probably end up going.
  13. Dark World - Discussion

    I have mixed feelings about 2 gates because its essentially one of the greatest cards ever printed for darkworlds. I do not understand how you would choose not to max them out, but choose to max out dark world dealings which I believe to be worse. Also taking into account that you choose to play malefic stardust dragon I think you should most definitely play 3 gates. Also I really have no clue how good the new rank 8's are, I havent played competitively for about 9 months now so I dont understand cards like gozen match, emptiness, eradicator, advanced draw, and skill drain and how they are good/bad and versus what so I cant really say much.
  14. Dark World - Discussion

    Hey Mike at 2:46 I think you should've just searched snoww off of snoww. Summoned it, bounced beige for grapha. Remove Snoww in grave to special summon beige, bounce beige for grapha swing for 8000.