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  1. Thanks to Andrew Bowling KDE has posted an editable KDE Deck List with auto totals for players to use, print, and bring to events. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/forms/KDE_DeckList.pdf You can also print out registration forms: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/forms/KDE_RegistrationSheet.pdf
  2. Procedural ruling

    Investigate using any and all available resources, ask clarifying questions, ensure you understand the entire game state and what lead to it. Intent has a great deal to do with any infraction, the severity of any penalty is based on intent and sometimes intent determines whether there was any infraction at all. Understand the very definition of UC-Cheating, is: 1. Intentional act 2. An attempt to gain an unfair advantage. 3. Knowledge that the act was illegal (depending on the scenario) Inexperienced judges (or those who have never judged) will try and boil scenarios down to a purely mechanical form, rarely are such scenarios ruled upon correctly without considering much more, in fact, you can't possible rule upon such a scenario without deciding upon intent.
  3. PSA for kids in the Yu-Gi-Oh Community

    My response to the whole topic having raised two sons in the gaming community (now ages 15 and 20) is.....that's why parents need to stay involved in their children's lives rather than dropping them off at the door of the local gaming store and using the store as a baby sitter. If as a parent you're not the biggest influence in your child's life, guess who's fault that is? You can possibly understand judging from the subject matter why KDE is very particular about coverage. It doesn't take but an outburst or two in order for negativity to be associated with a brand name in a parent's eyes, deserved or not, perception is each person's reality. Responsible parents tend not to take unnecessary risks.
  4. Suspended List Updated

          "Konami gives people a 2nd chance, Konami cares, stop whining" is an awful argument to tell us to get off its case after people get banned for incredibly dubious reasons after multiple consecutive deck checks specifically targeting them.   Acting like the fact you're all nice guys doesn't allow you to escape criticism for your mistakes, and if we're wrong because you haven't told us all the details that's as much your fault as ours. You DO realize that "Targeting" a player and it taking multiple deck checks to supposedly have a conspiracy against him and set him up for cheating is pretty darn silly don't you? If there was actually a conspiracy and judges were trying to set someone up, do you honestly think it would take them MULTIPLE deck checks to do so? Heck, if a judge were going to be THAT much of a scumbag they could certainly do so in the first deck check. Judges are never to discuss details of any penalty given at events with players other than the player assigned the penalty, doing so would be unprofessional. Penalties not assigned you are none of your business and penalties a judge was not involved in are none of his / her business.   As always, I'm not here to debate these issues, I'm here to inform you.
  5. Suspended List Updated

      That's a broad generalization of what exactly people are bitching about, which is KDE banning/suspending people for things that didn't take place within the tournament venue. It really isn't any of their business if you stole an alligator or not etc. Hell, what does that even fall under within their set of infractions. I disagree completely, it's wise of them to decide to disallow those who are prone to illegal activity from their events, just like it's wise for a parent to prohibit their children from hanging out with "friends" who are a poor influence. If someone is willing to break civil law, they're likely not to bat an eyelash as breaking KDE's policies and rules. Why take the risk? This same thought pattern is reflected in many organizations and competitions. Association with those breaking the law  reflects poorly upon any group, organization, or company. Protecting the company and the safety and integrity of any event KDE runs is indeed their business.
  6. Suspended List Updated

    If KDE didn't believe in giving people second chances, they wouldn't have a process to be reinstated for players to be in good standing again. You guys crack me up, you whine, piss, and moan about KDE doing nothing about cheaters, then when someone gets suspended you whine, piss, and moan that people get suspended.
  7. Would this be (soft) cheating?

    <face palm> Really? Didn't we just go over the definition of cheating? You DO realize why I said, "This isn't that hard" right? How do you people advance on a yearly basis.....assuming you're still going to school that is. Sorry for being so negative, it's unlike me, however, we JUST went over this on this very same thread NUMEROUS times.
  8. Would this be (soft) cheating?

    This is really not difficult to understand. What we have is a bunch of people looking for excuses. Most of you profess to being highly experienced if not "Pro" players, so act like it. Highly experienced or professional players of anything go out of their way to avoid taking unnecessary penalties. In the game of YGO, it's not too difficult to do by simply replacing questionable cards with that of a different rarity. You make the choice, you either reap the benefits or suffer the possible ramifications.
  9. Would this be (soft) cheating?

    Bottom line is, if you're making an intentional attempt to gain an unfair advantage, then you're guilty of UC-Cheating (Disqualification) If something is not an intentional attempt to gain an unfair advantage, you're not guilty of UC-Cheating. It's really as simple as that. The part that isn't simple? The HJ needs to be convinced that you're guilty of intentionally attempting to gain an unfair advantage, so even if you're not guilty and the HJ is convinced you are, then you're going to be disqualified. So don't give the HJ any more reason than you have to for them to be suspicious. Al the HJ can do is investigate as well as they're capable of and let the evidence they find influence their decision, all within a pretty short time period....so again, don't give them any more reason that you have to to suspect you. Don't let your pride about rarities and bling over shadow what you actual purpose at the event is.
  10. Right now, my personal goal as far as change in the game is to work to make premier events more enjoyable for the player. I think we need to really look at not just the competition but the "Event" to ensure the logistics are sound, the entertainment value is as high as possible (within the budget given) and that staff is every bit as concerned about customer service as it is maintaining the integrity of the event. My personal opinion is that the first day of a YCS is simply too long to be enjoyable, especially for the youth that KDE is trying to introduce into the game as new players. I'm am certainly not opposed to taking lessons from another experienced TCG company in OP and the WoC thought pattern of splitting a tournament into 2 events, then bringing them back together for top cut single elimination in order to bring down the number of swiss rounds is a sound idea. The biggest problem there is that in order to split an event, you need more staff which requires a larger budget. Contrary to what many may think, it doesn't take the same amount of staff to run one event as it does two events even if the number of players for either is equal. I also agree that EOM times have quickly become painful, especially when added up by the end of the day. A new EOM time limit needs to come into play. I'm uncertain what the particulars might be, that's debatable, however, a 15 min. after EOM time limit is reasonable, if neither player has secured match victory by that time, give both players a match victory......the need for the event to move forward is of greater importance than a very few matches declaring a victor.
  11. What makes you think I'm defending "The game"? I've defended people within the game and efforts being made from those people. I don't think anywhere you've seen me write that the game itself is simply outstanding, without major flaws, or that people don't have a reason to want change. What I've done is to be critical about what people expect for how they go about wanting change or attempting to get that change. Heck, I've worked to change the game longer, harder, and in ways that actually CAN change it than any of you. You do have to realize though that at this point, it's business model has been very successful, there isn't a great deal of reason to change the game in their eyes.
  12. San Mateo - An Outsider's Analysis

    Okay, so now we've gone from a KDE Judge used entrapment and then had the player disqualified.....to one of the vendor's staff who had the player escorted out the door. That's a huge difference.....and now you see why one needs to be extremely careful about hearsay.
  13. I can understand venting and how it can be healthy and perhaps even necessary to move on. What I don't understand, especially from someone as intelligent as most we have participating in this discussion, is the desire to demean and belittle others as well as use foul language. Using such tactics only makes the user appear LESS intelligent, unable to maintain control, and to be childish is their demeanor.  My point here is, I want anyone to enjoy their leisure time and you're all entitled to play whatever game you want and hold whatever opinion you wish, however, don't bring yourself and others down by acting in a childish / brat like manner voicing that opinion. At least attempt to make your maturity level match your intelligence level, I realize they don't go hand in hand but at least TRY?
  14. I've never known someone to spend as much time hating on something they've spent so much time doing I don't believe. I'm happy for you that you've moved on Allen....but you really haven't moved on and that was the what my question was about. It has no logic that you spend so much time ranting and raving about a game you've moved on from. That signals to me some possibilities: 1. You haven't really moved on, the game still has a grip on you. 2. You didn't accomplish what you set out to in the game and the only way you can mentally move on it to attempt to belittle it to make yourself feel better about it all. 3. You wish to take as many of your friends with you but you feel the only way to accomplish that is a smear campaign appealing to emotion. A lot of the points you present in the OP are excellent, others hold no water at all. The biggest problem is that you're not yet mature enough, experienced enough, nor have the presence to go about presenting them in a manner in which anyone but brats will listen, you don't yet have the ability to gain the trust and respect of adults yet. You're strongly intellectual.....but your level of wisdom just plummets in comparison.  
  15. How is it relevant how you feel about the game if you've moved on? You've made your choice, wonderful, I respect that.  Right now it appears more of what you're doing is sour grapes than anything else. Another tantrum by a member of DG, why does that not surprise me?
  16. Absolutely respect is suppose to be earned, that was my point. The person / party who needs to earn the respect is the person / party who isn't in control. KDE is in control. If you want to be listened to you'll have to earn their respect in order to be listened to. That's the way the world works, like it or not. As always, I'm not here to debate theory, I'm just giving you the reality.
  17. Most companies...and most people, are resistant to change, that's pretty natural. If you want to change something, you have to provide clear evidence that the change is worth the time, effort, and money that it will take to change it, otherwise, a company is unlikely to change that practice....why would they if it's not shown to be beneficial? Because YOU want it that way? Sorry, not enough.  
  18. Atem isn't telling you folks anything I haven't been telling you for a couple of years, he's just relating it to you better than I. Let's look at this from a different perspective... If a new member of this forum comes to you ranting and raving about everything that is wrong with DG and how it has to change.....you'd tell them to get lost under the premise that the person has no idea what the forum is about, what it's goals and mindset is, where it's come from, how it's different than other forums, and that the person ranting to you has invested nothing into the forum......well guess what, that's just how KDE views you. If you want to be listened to and your opinion truly meaningful.....what do you have to do with anyone? You have to earn their trust and respect. (pin drops) Yeah, epiphany huh? Do you think that any of you let alone most of you have earned KDE's trust and respect or do you think it more likely they view you as ranting raving children who bring nothing positive to the table?   I have to tell you folks, I'm not a natural gamer like most of you, I just got into gaming supporting my eldest when he was a kid. Viewing gamers from the outside looking in and DG members in particular, you folks are probably one of it not the most intelligent group of people I deal with as a whole in life, however, your WISDOM just sucks most the time. Intelligence and wisdom are two different things folks, don't confuse the two.   Atem is learning the reality. He's volunteered as a judge, he's studying the make up of the system, the company, the people who KDE DOES listen to and why they listen to them. KDE listens to people outside of it's employees, however, you have to earn their trust and respect. There are a few judges that have changed many things about OP over time by providing detailed information, writing up proposed solutions, and helping with implementation. That's how the real world works folks, you don't change companies, their practices, and their direction by waving your hands, screaming, whining, and pouting, you change them by going about it in a positive, logical, productive manner and offer to be part of the working solution. Right now, most of you are viewed as the kid in the grocery store stomping their feet and crying in the middle of the isle because mom won't buy them candy. If you want to be viewed as more than that you're going to have to put your big boy pants on, act like an adult, and earn it.
  19. San Mateo - An Outsider's Analysis

    That's certainly a valid concern Samuel, I'll check up on this at the next YCS I'm at. I know in the past when there has been difficulties with players able to view the pairings in a reasonable time period the pairings often have been spread out / split into more groups, etc. or order to better expedite getting players to their tables. Certainly players being issued game losses for tardiness on a regular basis isn't an enjoyable play experience.
  20. San Mateo - An Outsider's Analysis

    I'm curious, what makes anyone believe the person in question was a judges......as opposed to Event Staff or KDE staff? Or is that just making an unreasonable assumption? Just because someone has a shirt on that has "KDE" on it does not necessarily make them a judge, most players are just accustomed to seeing judges in such a shirt more than any other event official.
  21. San Mateo - An Outsider's Analysis

      It might not have been a judge but they were definitely working on behalf of Konami.   Friend of mine was one of the people caught. According to him, it went along the lines of judge/volunteer asking if he wanted to by cards, my friend agreed to take a look etc, and at some point during this exchange he unzips his hoodie, revealing a Konami shirt underneath and proudly says something like "I was working for Konami the whole time!" Then he gets taken to the front and is told he's only going to be kicked out (and not banned etc). Then they made an announcement for another friend of ours to come up to the stage (during the middle of the round, mind you) before the were like "...unless you're currently in the middle of the match" a couple of minutes later... ended up being that they took him to me during my match so he could get the key to the hotel room before they escorted him out.   You understand this is a huge part of the problem right? Now we've gone from, "A Judge was targeting specific players off a list for buying / selling and they DQed them.....to, "Well, maybe it wasn't a judge but someone with KDE" and they were escorted out of the venue, not Disqualified, a huge difference. It's very difficult for me to take much of what is written seriously when the story keeps changing. Do I believe players were escorted from the venue for buying / selling cards? Yes, absolutely, the rest of the details though seem to change often and when that happens I have great difficulty putting any kind of stock in the story....and you should too.
  22. San Mateo - An Outsider's Analysis

    I think it important to note that the handling of the camera is hearsay. Even through the course of the threads that I've read that item's treatment description has escalated at the thread progressed from it was taken away to it was handled roughly to it was broken. As is the case with most descriptions of scenarios I read online, rarely is it an accurate description of what actually took place. It would be unwise to assume that one person's description of the incident is accurate, especially someone who is bathing in sour grapes.
  23. Yes, there is a "Standard" deck check direction. Anyone that has judged at a sanctioned regional event should have been given the KDE Judge guide covering many judge related duties, deck check being one of them. I'm a little surprised nobody reading the thread here is familiar with the document.
  24. From the videos I've seen of one of the players who was DQed, he directly states the HJ and AHJ were part of the problem and it was a conspiracy against him.
  25. So we have one or two players who get DQed for marked cards, at least one of those players having a reputation of behavior that is less than admirable, and suddenly we have a conspiracy between involving two of the most reputable HJ / AHJs in the world as well as a KDE employee and at least one other judge?....all out to frame a couple of specific players....hmmm.......you tell me if that sounds a little far fetched to you. One other thing people need to realize as far as DQ investigations go. If an investigation is done for a disqualification, all the HJ can do is go by what the investigation has convinced them of / not convinced them of. That doesn't mean a person is guilty / innocent in reality, it simply means if someone is disqualified that the HJ has deemed that player to jeopardize the integrity of the event. That's all the HJ CAN do is abide by what they're convinced of. Time and resources do not allow for a jury of one's peers.