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  1. Yo

    Yo Kza.
  2. Site is still alive?

    Shocker, how is everyone doing?
  3. Free Agent Thread

    Yeah would like to join a team.
  4. WWE Bragging Rights

    www.411mania.com is a good place to follow and catch up with their live coverage.
  5. WWE Bragging Rights

    Ty ty.
  6. How to do the ToC

    Brady always gotta be mean and such..
  7. How to do the ToC

    I voted for the second one, so we can have Fantasay Football DGZ edition.
  8. Icarus

  9. Paradox

    Good lucks.
  10. Free Agent Thread

    Yeah would like to join a team.
  11. UFC 121: Lesnar vs Velasquez

    Yeah it really was a rape, but one of those early punches to Lesnar fron Cain, was a clear shot to the back of the head in his first knockdown. It was too quick to be illegal really, but it reminded me of the GSP vs. Serra fight 1, he wasn't the same after that shot and he couldn't get his feet back under him when he tried to stand up which means that neck/back head shot really fucked him up.
  12. NBA '10/'11 Season

    Only looking forward to one thing, watching LeBron James cry and show even less sportsmanship in the Playoffs yet again when he fails to win a title AGAIN.
  13. UFC 121: Lesnar vs Velasquez

    I think Lesnar will take Velasquez down early each round, Velasquez has great hands and he won't make the same mistake he did against Carwin. Really looking forward to the Shields fight, I want to see if he can get to fight St. Pierre since watching his fights with Henderson.
  14. Free Agent Thread

    Wanting to play, but mainly testing right now. AIM: GoFlyMrNiceGuy
  15. Sorta curious about a crash course catch up.

    Oh such mean name calling, . Anyways ty everyone.