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  1. can we talk about battle rap

    Rex is terrible. He came with his typical simple bull shit that he always gets away with because he's in NY, and he has good delivery. Diz is so fucking lazy it's annoying, stumbling through is freestyles, awkwardly laughing at his own shit. It's hard to watch. Also think DNA is the corniest battler out there. Not to say he's terrible, but I don't know how people say he won vs Diz saying shit like "blam the razor", and "time flies loud". I have to give Daylyt a little credit, but what he just did to Pesci in KOTD probably crossed the line. Honestly he didn't even out bar Pesci, but he disrespected him so bad everyone saying he won. His real test should have been vs Swave last sunday, but Hoffa had to go and fuck that up.   Best out right now in my opinion are Aye Verb, Hitman, B-Magic, O-Red, Hollow, Lux and Tsu Surf. I'm from Saint Louis, and was at the Verb, Hitman battle so you could say I'm biased, but I honestly think these guys are on another level.
  2. Not Afraid.

    Why no Solemn?