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  1. i have blagged my way from physics to head of computer science at my current school, assuming i get the job on the interview on tuesday. haven't done any real programming since uni and never tried python. but apparently that's standard so have from now until sept to learn it to some decent standard. i have experience in c and matlab so should be ok. comes with a big pay rise and climbing the ladder, next logical step from here is assistant head in 3-5 years. head in 10. boom.
  2. shit man that's intense. sounds like you got a good thing going rich and you're making the most of it.
  3. snatch singles up to 60kg up to 5x125kg squat 4x5 60kg strict press
  4. power clean and jerk singles up to 110kgdeadlift doubles up to 160kgdeadlift singles up to 210kg
  5. snatch 15x1x50kg snatch 30 second reststrict press 5x40kg 5x40kg 5x50kg 5x50kg 5x60kg 5x60kgjerk 5x50kg jerk 5x60kg jerk 5x70kgseated row 5x10x40kgtricep pull down 4x10
  6. snatch singles up to 65kg overhead squat up to 5x55kg strict press 3x5x60kg
  7. Snatch up to 60kg Clean up to 110kg All singles
  8. i used to admin this site
  9. i once deleted someone who had the name paul once
  10. strct press 5x3x60kg 3x1x70kg clean singles up to 100kg incline bench 5x3x80kg
  11. rapture
  12. oh they look much nicer. i'll have one soon! fav posters were ash and chris for non card game stuff for yugioh stuff i really enjoyed chrisgehring and shit i cant remember his name but he did well and pretty much pioneered with dragon rulers i quit dg because my ex was here and we didnt want to crowd each other. i quit being an admin before then but i cant remember why.
  13. 2 of the old ones with the star on it. what's the new one?
  14. also does any one else's chrome just freeze when you submit reply and it just says saving...
  15. where is the button that shows new posts
  16. i think i would like to tbh. i just remember always wanting to be on this site and post in the 'if you click on this you must post itt' thing and just talk about random stuff. now i don't really talk to peeps much. i can keep my fitness journal here though so. i always wear one of my TWO dgz shirts to the gym also cos they're comfy. i am not gonna say i will cos i may forget but i will be more active. who else is about?
  17. i use that term loosely because i think i once banned a few regi alts that's about it
  18. Pretty much confirmed for MLG and with a massive showing at APEX'14, melee seems to be taking off again. For guys like me who only got into it after the smash documentary, it appears smash is entering it's second golden age which is rare for any game once popularity falls. For anyone interested, I'll be maintaining this thread and updating it with current live streams. Whether you play or not, it's a fantastic spectator e-sport anyway. I watched it way before I actually decided to pick it up lol. Upcoming Tournaments July 1-3: WTFox 2 in Memphis, TN July 9: Atlantic Extravaganza 11 in Monhton, PA July 15-17: EVO 2016 in Las Vegas, NV August 6-7: Clutch City Clash in Houston, TX August 11-14: Super Smash Con 2016 in Chantilly, VA August 12-14: DreamHack Montreal 2016 in Montreal (Canada) August 19-21: Heir 3 in Nottingham (United Kingdom) August 26-28: Shine 2016 in Boston, MA October 7-9: The Big House 6 in Dearborn, MI October 14-16: SoCal Regionals 2016 in Ontario, CA November 11-13: Smash the Record 2016 in Kissimmee, FL November 24-27: DreamHack Winter 2016 in Jönköping (Sweden) January 20-22: GENESIS 4 in San Jose, CA Streams vods.co (every vod ever) List of event streamer YouTube channels List of popular streams Resources Melee It On Me, /r/ssbm, and Smashboards The Melee Library (every melee related article ever) Smash.gg (find tournaments here) Anther's Ladder (play online here) 20xx Training Pack thread on Smashboards Dolphin Netplay thread on Smashboards Facebook group compilation on Smashboards Compete Complete (Wobbles' blog) Portrait in Smash (Druggedfox's blog) Playing to Win by David Sirlin Team Ben: A Year as a Professional Gamer by Chris "Wife" Fabiszak SSBM Tutorials (Kira's channel) MeleeItOnMe's YouTube channel Metal Gear Salad's YouTube channel Alex's Puff Stuff by Alex Nesler 20XX+XY (dennis frogman's ice climbers compendium)
  19. UPDATED FEBRUARY 2013 pokemon shits on anything you've ever learned about card advantage in yugioh (mostly). there's also time to set up intricate locks that'll take you literally 3 prizes behind but still allow you to claw back and win. it's a whole new game, and far more fun than yugioh imo. techs are actually important cos you can dig for them with specific search cards, and generally you can see all of your cards if you want to. anyway, enough chit chat, it's an easy enough game to understand; there's a nice little intro video on the official tcg site that gives a nice simple tutorial on to how to play the game. itt i'll only be summing up the competitive scene. if you want casual play, buy a starter deck or draft at your locals, it'll still be hella fun.  (lists credited to heytrainer.org and it's members).           Speed Darkrai   [spoiler] 3 darkrai ex 3 sableye 1 keldeo ex   4 professor juniper 4 skyla 4 n   4 dark patch 4 pokemon catcher 4 energy switch 4 ultra ball 4 hypnotoxic laser 3 dark claw 2 random receiver 1 energy search 1 switch 1 computer search   2 virbank city gym   11 darkness energy [/spoiler]   the idea of this deck is to hit hard, fast and consistently. play for the t1 computer search followed by junk hunt which in turn will 99% guarantee the t2 night spear. not only will this probably get you a knock out, but it'll also hit a nice 30 to an EX on the bench. night spear + dark claw + virbank + laser is another knockout on mewtwo/keldo/anything really. don't worry about eviolites, most things will be getting knocked out by poison so terrakion retaliate isn't that much of a big deal any more. not to mention terrak can be one hit by the above combo without the snipe damage. keldeo is there to avoid opposing laser sleep, do some cool dark patch combos plus sort of helpful if you have a shit start vs landorus EX.               keldeo blastoise [spoiler] 4-0-3 Blastoise 3 Keldeo EX 2 Black Kyurem EX 4 Juniper 4 Skyla 2 Colress 1 N 1 Bianca 1 Cilan 4 Catcher 4 Ultra Ball 4 Energy Retreival 4 Candy 1 Energy Search 1 Computer Search 1 Bicycle 2 Tropical Beach 12 Water 2 Lightning[/spoiler]   keldeo is evolving to take on EXs in one hit for far less energy. some people like the idea of black kyurem, others don't, but at 200 damage a shot, it's pretty insane. idea is to get a beach up asap as you won't be attacking til you get a blastoise. then you just rain down energy onto kyurem and keldeo and sweep. t2 blastoise starts are incredible and pretty much give you the win. it's a very herpy deck but skilled players definitely stand out compared to the luck sackers.                       klingklang [spoiler] 4 klink (3 retreat) 1 klang 3 klinklang (plasma) 1 klinklang (shift gears) 3 cobalion EX 1 cobalion NV 1 Registeel EX 35 TRAINER 4 juniper 4 n 4 skyla 2 tropical beach 4 pokemon catcher 4 rare candy 3 ultra ball 3 heavy ball 2 switch 2 escape rope 1 max potion 1 super rod 1 computer search 11 metal[/spoiler]   this is a bitch of a deck to face but incredible to play if you like control. plasma kk shuts off any EX damage against your metal type pokes. shift gear kk lets you move energy around freely. paired with cobalions, this deck is brutal. you tank either with no damage or if you somehow do get hurt, heal it off with max potion and shift gears. difficult to set up but once you do, it's an incredibly easy win.             rayquaza eels [spoiler] 4-4 Eel 3 Rayquaza EX 2 Emolga 1 Keldeo EX 1 Victini 4 Juniper 4 N 2 Colress 2 Skyla 2 Bianca 3 Ultra Ball 2 Super Rod 3 Level Ball 3 Switch 2 Skyarrow Bridge 1 Dowsing Machine 3 Catcher 1 Energy Switch 1 Tool Scrapper 4 Fire  8 Lightning[/spoiler]   thought by many to have died after the release of plasma gale, somehow this deck just keeps on winning. the ability to ohko everything in the format is just too good to give up obv. coupled with the ability to sneak by klingklang relatively unharmed makes it a great deck too. set up eels, dynamotor onto your pokes and attack hard and consistently. keldeo allows you to essentially dynamotor to the active, victini blends perfectly with the existing energy to take on kk and emolga is there to push out 4 tynamo asap, as well as resist landorus.           if you wanna test online, head over to bebessearch.com and build your deck there. next, sign up to playtcg.com and start playing online. most randoms are fucking awful so it's ideal if you play with friends. it's very similar to yvd. the only thing i suggest is that you organise your hand better, cards get stuck behind other cards and you can barely see them, if at all. it's great for testing and a necessity for anyone serious about getting into the tcg (unless you're fortunate to have a league nearby).   there's the official pokemon tcg online (PTCGO) that requires cards to play (you get a digital pack free with every irl pack) and everything is fully automated. the program is so nice to play and really shits all over playtcg. i've even gone out of my way to BUY codes alone to buy online packs cos they're 10-20p each and well worth it. there's trading, friend matches and just regular public play, and the userface is so easy to interact with it's just a pleasure to use.       another thing you'll notice is the amount of pride most pokemon players have. as generally the format degrades into r/p/s formats, deckbuilding is seen as having just as much skill, if not more, as playing the game. this means that unless the winners are incredibly generous, tournament winning/topping decklists are rarely found online. they are shared within the top % of players, but sometimes they leak. either way, your best bet is to take a skeleton list and customise it how you want to, that's all they did!
  20. also i did a big friends list clearout so unless you see me please add me again.
  21. buy 25 steam siege codes online for cheap and then trade the packs for the bits you need. i did this twice for a beefy collection and multiple playable decks.
  22. i just finished stranger things and loved it what next?
  23. i just finished stranger things and loved it what next?