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  1. oh I pretty much exclusively play melee on dolphin and that was fine with the g3258 at stock so the g4560 will be good. I only emulate ps1 and gamecube atm.
  2. for stuff like csgo and emulators, I wont see a massive drop in performance using the g4560 over the i7 right? I don't do any content creation or rendering stuff that is cpu heavy
  3. ash I currently have an i7 4790k on a shitty lga1150 mobo. I bought it in the ryzen hype price crash and now I want to resell it and go kaby lake. i'm thinking just get the g4560 as the g3258 was more than enough before hand, I just got the i7 in a good deal. I've got a good offer on the i7 and it will allow me to buy lga1151 mobo with g4560 and a stick of ddr4 RAM. I can then sell my old mobo and ddr3 stick for a small bit of cash on the side. currently rocking a 750ti but will upgrade in the future.
  4. jerk singles up to 116kg powerclean singles up to 105kg strict press 5 sets of 5 at 60kg
  5. I called my dad and told him I was now a homo(wner)
  6. mortgage accepted
  7. how do I find out
  8. What web browser do you use? At the moment I'm giving Edge another go.
  9. chrome autofill is godly I duno just fancied a change and edge is neat
  10. at a lan between games I play goat format on duelingbook what is this
  11. no order Archer Rick and Morty Stranger Things Westworld Planet Earth II Breaking Bad Walking Dead Vikings Game of Thrones It's Always Sunny
  12. Is spirit reaper any good? People get a lot from it vs me, but when I use it I wish it was something else.
  13. Where do you people play online now?
  14. front squat 5x60kg 5x60kg 3x80kg 3x100kg 3x110kg 8x80kg 8x80kg strict press 5x60kg 5x60kg 5x60kg 5x60kg 5x60kg curls pushdowns dumbbell press front raise
  15. squat 10x20kg 10x20kg 5x60kg 5x80kg 5x100kg 5x120kg 5x140kg powerclean 3x60kg 3x60kg 3x80kg 3x85kg 3x90kg 3x95kg 3x100kg seated row tricep pushdown
  16. deadlift 3x60kg 3x70kg 3x120kg 1x170kg 1x185kg 1x205kg 1x220kg 3x175kg 3x175kg 3x175kg bench 5x60kg 5x60kg 5x70kg 5x80kg 5x85kg 5x85kg curls 10x10kg 10x10kg 10x10kg tricep pulldowns 10x '6' 10x '8' 10x '8' 10x '8' dumbbell flys 10x10kg 10x12.5kg 10x15kg
  17. tldr lose weight eat less gain weight eat more
  18. or you could literally drink a shit ton of water on weigh in day
  19. the sad part about it is that i would need to sell both kidneys to pay off my debt. i have payment plans in place to pay it all off in 34 months. go me!
  20. mortgage offered was 10k short of what we needed due to my crippling debt. yay!
  21. that pot belly is fat and while your diet is helping, regular exercise should help reduce excess fat. 'putting on mass' isn't a thing. it's called putting on weight, and undoing all of your hard work if you try doing it by diet alone. if you want to get bigger and stronger, you need to start resistance training in some form or another, and fueling your body with the correct nutrition as you do it. bodybuilding or strength training or anything is a start, and find out what you enjoy.
  22. yugi and kaiba reloaded. they are significantly better than my old starter decks. i imagine they are just as trash, good ol power creep. pokemon i bought the water and grass starter for the new gen. mtg i got blue zombie and green elf, custom build £7.50 things off ebay.
  23. squat 5x60kg 5x60kg 5x85kg 5x100kg 5x115kg 5x135kg powerclean and press 3x70kg 3x70kg 2x85kg 1x105kg fx111kg 1x111kg barbell row 8x60kg 8x60kg 8x60kg 8x60kg 8x60kg
  24. I bought 2 yugioh decks, 2 pokemon decks and 2 mtg decks for ccg club at school