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  1. Why do you guys allow Markus to post? You guys took the joke too far and now the joke has a mind of its own.

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    2. Mascis


      yeah man a kid who died because of drug problems is comparable to a guy who can't get laid. both of these people have the same exact problems.


      jesus fucking christ. maybe people don't like you because you're a horrible human being

    3. Nate1080


      You people aren't any better than I am, believe me.


      also, way to miss the obvious point that I was making (that I explicitly said). I only brought up the fact that people compare me to Nafe because he did the exact same thing you guys hate me for, yet you love him and also you guys expect me to respect you and "behave" when you keep comparing me to a dead kid and actively say I'm worse than him.

    4. fuckfiend


      None of those last 3 responses were productive. They were very close minded and angry. You could compare them to how mad I got at people in "shitpost duel".


      Hopefully all that is in the past though, seeing as this was before you made your thread.