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  1. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Are you sure there is 7? I only count 6: Patrick, Noah, yourself, Chris arantes, Korey, and deon
  2. YCS Anaheim - Nov 22/14

    Is this cut to top 32 or 64?
  3. ARG started out as a promising tournament series where all the best players would go to compete for better prize support now its become a joke that has difficulty getting a mere 200 people to come play at its tournaments
  4. How many people did they even break 200 this time?
  5. Patrick extra decked 16 cards apparently
  6. ARGCS Des Moines, IA

    Then what steps has arg taken to increase attendance if they're not satisfied with the way attendance is now cause quite frankly I haven't seen any. And I love how you said don't put words in my mouth but you pretty much said exactly what I originally stated. And your comparison to star city doesn't really host much revelance cause you're comparing something that has been established to something still in the developmental stages
  7. ARGCS Des Moines, IA

    So is it just me or is ARG satisfied with having 200 people come to every single one of its events? Cause if they are that's sad. I mean the attendance has been decreasing steadily from event to event. Honestly this is most likely due to the fact that they host so many more events now compared to when they first started out. At the beginning it was 1 event per month now it's about 2-3 events each month.   Why don't they just go back to the one event a month thing? That way it makes the events more prestigious because there's less of them. Ever heard of scarce resources lead to a higher demand. I know that ARG guy whos been posting on here is gonna reply and say something like we are bettering the community by hosting more events for the players. But really your not. You are turning your events into a joke by hosting so many they've begun to lose their level of prestige
  8. ARGCS Des Moines, IA

    No what really isn't cool is the fact that ARG is trying to charge people to view the stream after stating that their goal with ARGCS is to better the player base while in actuality their primary goal is to make money. I mean I cant fault a business for having a primary objective of raising a profit, but where I get annoyed is when they say things such as their number 1 goal is to help better the community when it isn't.
  9. ARGCS Des Moines, IA

    But shouldn't it be worth noting that even the events not in the mid west have had their attendance decrease by a sizable amount?
  10. ARGCS Des Moines, IA

    The turn out has started decreasing steadily for ARGCS events and honestly I think it's due to the fact that Jim keeps hosting so many of them as opposed to before. Like now he's hosting one every weekend. I believe if these events were only once month we would see an increase in attendence
  11. ARGCS Columbus, Ohio

    I don't think they're necessarily getting smaller. The average range is usually 200-300.
  12. ARGCS Columbus, Ohio

    So do we have to pay to be able to view the stream?
  13. ARGCS Columbus, Ohio

    Are they for sure having streaming for this event?
  14. Because the banlist has taken so long to come out players are obviously mad because it gives them a lack of time to test for YCS Dallas. But has anyone thought about it in the opposite way. The longer the banlist takes the more it favors the better players. Better players can figure out whats good and whats not quicker than others. This is just another perspective of looking at the issue.