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  1. Maaaaaan this site was the shit when I was still playing. How is everyone? Are the old admin guys still around? rei? Micah? Ray?
  2. biggy

    This dude still around?
  3. Shock

    I live near Uptown Mirdif.    Lol I'm telling you guys, it's better out here than Europe/North America. If I could give anyone a good piece of advice, it would be quit your job, get divorced and move to Dubai.
  4. Shock

    What religious laws? Everyone can live/practice openly. Having lived in the UK all my life, it honestly feels no different.    By the way, I'm hiring sales from the US, Canada and Europe! If you have sales experience and want to work in real estate....send me a PM ;). 
  5. Shock

    YGO. Ran 3 huge tournaments, paid my uni fees, went to dubai, opened my own company, now $$$
  6. Shock

    I'm honestly shocked that this is still going! It's crazy to see. Hope all you guys are doing well! Greetings from Dubai ;).
  7. Do you ice it? Sometimes it might just need rest....also olive oil works a charm!
  8. shock sites

    This is amazing...when I joined 7 years ago....Reggie was the problem. Now, Reggie is still the problem lol. You have to give him credit...he just doesn't give up.
  9. Naruto Manga

    Or it could be somebody completely different? It doesn't have to be an Uchiha....just some guy who's studied their history, stole their eyes etc etc?? Or it could be an Uchiha that we don't know yet...personally I like what Kishi's doing...none of this crap has been predictable so far
  10. Hmmm...when I was taking Protein shakes I found taking two whilst lifting/playing bball wasn't really needed...so I just cut down to 1 after training and just ate natural protein through eggs/chicken/fish etc. I think it depends how much time/intensity you put into training and how your body recovers...otherwise it can be pretty pointless drinking 2/3 a day.
  11. Should I be mad or am I overreacting?

    Just learn to let shit go, not everything needs to be "discussed" or "voiced"....and shit like that shouldn't hurt your feelings. You need to deal with it more appropriately, she's the woman not you. Choose your battles and your words.
  12. Bang her. Seriously, that's ALL you should be doing. Until you find someone that's better.
  13. Moral Dilemma

    Ebay it
  14. BJ Issues

    Of course.
  15. BJ Issues

    Thanks for the advice guys! Problem is now solved. I'm in an arab country now so no BJ's without getting stoned.