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  1. Anti - Meta: Light Build

    Almost 100 views and no comments come on. =.=v
  2. Anti - Meta: Light Build

    56 views and no comments....... >.<v
  3. Anti - Meta: Light Build

    Monster: 19 3 Elemental Hero – Neos Alius 3 Thunder King Rai-Oh 3 Shining Angel 3 D.D. Warrior Lady 2 Dimensional Alchemist 2 Honest 1 Elemental Hero – Stratos 1 Marshmellon 1 Freed, The Brave Wonderer Spell: 10 3 Smashing Ground 2 Burden of the Mighty 1 Gold Sarcophagus 1 Heavy Storm 1 Reinforcements of the Army 1 E - Emergency Call 1 Giant Trunade Trap: 11 3 Dimensional Prison 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Royal Oppression 1 Mirror Force 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Stardust Road 1 Solemn Judgment Now this list has been working very well for me, but still it needs improvements. So i have been comparing this list to gadgets and trying to figure out why its doing so well compared to what mine does not have. I have made this deck so it searches out anything i need just like gadgets, but one thing im missing is how they can push for game with Machina Fortress. I want to add 2 Soul of Purity and Light(awesome card since my whole deck is light), 1 Krystia(because i have 9 fairies), 3 rykos (so i can destroy their field presence while setting up huge plays for me (kristia/soul of light)), i also want to add 1 more freed because of the mass amount of monsters ill have in the graveyard i can destory all their monsters pretty much and i might want to add 1 more d-Alch to get back all the cards i lost to freed. So any advice on what to take out/replace it with and also any advice/opinions on what i want to add to this deck?
  4. Starless [vs] SoulSisters

    I am subbing in for SoulSisters. Aim: koalakid6194
  5. SoulSisters

    hey mike, add me.
  6. Gemini City

    Looks like a very cool deck and i honestly have no suggestion, i really want to test it now, since i loved little city and was so excited about crusader and gemini thunder.