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  1. this and level eater is silly af
  2. For those playing the fusion variant, here's my extra: 2 Drancia 2 earth fusion 2 broadband 1 tigress 1 wildbow 1 invoker 1 emeral 1 light fusion 1 wind fusion 1 water fusion 1 dark fusion 1 Castel and I still finding myself wanting to add in Lightning, Dweller, Samurai etc. The only realistic thing that could be dropped is the dark fusion because you're only making it when you've bricked. Thoughts? I'm also of an unpopular opinion that Thoroughblade actually sucks. If it's not Rat, Viper is the one getting equipped. Also, I never find myself using the trap that shuffles back 5, so I replaced it with Warning. Boards that end with Drancia and the Wind Fusion are normally game, but only having one of those 2, I found myself not having enough defense to live through a push, which leads me into my build: one simple goal: hit drancia/fusion/trap and kill on the next turn. 3 terrortop 3 rat 3 viper 3 summoner 2 ghost ogre 1 taketborg 1 lunalight black sheep 3 reckless 3 eidolon fusion 3 Terraforming 3 Tenki 3 triangle 2 twin 1 upstart 1 polymerization 3 barrier 1 warning 1 emptiness
  3. nothing beats superbia/kristya/darklord trap but fuck me if this deck can't go 2nd and win
  4. this passes me off so many lost games
  5. I guess I just need to watch some high level games because pure builds look not that great, but damn near every deck plays zoodiacs now. I think that fusion variant is pretty good but I haven't played or watch real yugioh in months :s. Aren't the new magicians and true kings out overseas yet ?
  6. I'll admit I'm a bit ignorant of this deck, but Drancia seems like the only really scary part about this deck? Yeah Rat is absurd, but if you beat Drancia don't you just go in and win from there? Just off theory alone I feel like disabling Rat should be enough to win the game (although that is probably easier said than done). A board wipe card sounds like you win the moment it resolves :/ why would I play this over Minerva.dek?
  7. Alternatively on Cherries, I was talking about this with Jesse a couple days ago and we were very hard pressed to fit 15 cards in our Extra Deck. It seemed feasible to me that we could main Cherries (at least for the most upcoming YCS) and blow everything out of the water if we open it/draw it early on, and it actually doesn't suck going first because you can simply defuse ABC and chain Reaper for the gg.
  8. well fuk eh even still you could get monk/grepher/Arma but that sounds awful at that point. rip
  9. Where Arf Thou? is absurd for getting access to Synkron Resonator and Level Eater if you have to normal Grepher. I'd like to see more draw power in Upstart/Desires - all the cards you want to see are at 3 anyway sans Soul Charge. I might have missed it but did you consider Gold Sarc since you're playing DDR? Sarc for Gofu and DDR pitch Eater seems juice but I could just be reaching here.
  10. damn throwback to season1 with dat nehalem
  11. they freeing my nigga wisdom!!
  12. that pwwb interaction is nice and all, but that puts you back into needing to deal with a 3k wall + monster reborn here, so who's really on the clock here? you're just down to 1 cir now so looping will be much harder to do and with your main offensive weapon being limited (Beatrice) i have to wonder just how effective BA will be with dealing with numerous, giant monsters that can't be run over.
  13. well, the worst match for this deck is pretty much gone. we can devote most of our main deck to beat BA. Destroyer spam.dek is still annoying though
  14. op is updated, if I need to make any changes let me know. thanks dig ol'bick.