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  1. Qliphort - Discussion

    Last ride for what??   I am lost.    Thought some change to the ban list came around did something. Don't fuck with my head y'all.
  2. Qliphort - Discussion

    And this contributes how? Post something relevant. Then maybe we would have something to talk about. Genius.
  3. Dueling Network

      Avoid this guy. Playing in rated and just not even caring if the opponent has a response. Then be a dick about it. 
  4. Dueling Network

    I am at 500 rating on DN trying to grind my way up. I have yet to play against a meta deck. 
  5. Dueling Network

      Stay away from iceberg84. Such a sore loser and a whiny ass. 
  6. Qliphort - Discussion

    You lost to the same guy I lost to. I played the satellarknight guy round 5 and lost. Was 4-0 at that point, but proceded to draw trash for a bit and misplay like an idiot. He was the 3rd satellarknight in a row for me. I was like come on. I watched some of your games. You played well.
  7. Dueling Network

      People in rated kill me with what they play. Some 50 card water deck not named Mermails. No sportsmanship ether. I am sure we get this on a daily basis. 
  8. Qliphort - Discussion

    Fixed it. 
  9. Qliphort - Discussion

    Comic sans. Never use again. Ill fix it when i get home. Can't fix it on my iphone.
  10. Qliphort - Discussion

    Things I have noticed while playing new format Qlis is as follows.   The deck is still strong. Big monsters that come from the extra as long as the pendulum scale is up. Since we lost a 9 scale(pretty important imo.) Cause when we had 3 Scout, 3 Summoner's Art, and 3 Saqliphice we pretty much had 9 scale 9's. Now we lost 3 of those which is a huge deal. I mean before we played 3 Helix and 3 Scout. Which is pretty much all we needed to be an annoying threat. Now to replace the scale 9 or to make it consistent enough to see Scout. While testing Trampolynx, I found only good with Scout while also paying too many LP. The looming threat of Ring of Destruction is very real. Cause it puts you in game shots from every deck that plays it. Normally you pay 800 with Scout and RoD just adds 1800-2400 off the bat. So any deck that can drop 5k-6k off the bat(looking at Nekros and BA.) are a real threat as we already knew this. BA more so cause of Fire Lake.    I haven't got to test Odd Eyes out, but I don't see a problem getting to Scout. Mind you I am playing 3 Duality, 3 Upstart and no Soul Transition. While testing Transition, I found it made me play awkward to make it live. I didn't like it. I mean it was godly with 3 Saqliphice, but we do not have that anymore. I see some people play 2 Scout/Monolith. I found 1 Monolith is still more then enough. I haven't wanted a 2nd one as of yet(may change in the future.) 3 Helix/2 Carrier seem to be the normal ratio and I see no reason to change it so. Adding another Carrier to up the 1 scale isn't needed, especially when Nekroz will be the deck to beat. Now what is everybody's opinion on dropping Disk. If you play Trampolynx I can see it being mandated. Opening up rank plays and such in that version. But outside of playing situational cards, is it really worth playing an OTKcentric card? My friend and I said it could be possible to drop it and play something else. Trying 2 copies of Shell to put a monster on board that threatens 5600 a turn while being a scale 9 is good from testing. Disk is only good the turn you play it. If you do not kill your opponent with it then you lose field presence. So thoughts on Shell replacing Disk?   Stealth control is very real. 2nd best card in the deck. Will continue playing 3. Bouncing your own Fiendish Chain/Re-Qliate is better than ever. Since loosing 2 Skill Drain, do we max on Re-Qliate? Getting use out of every copy to chain to those pesky optional ignition effects. SO do we play 3 Fiendish/3 Re-Qliate/1 Skill Drain. I think so. Plus Re-Qliate turns all your normal summons into big beaters which is good. Mirror Force/Vanity's seem to be mandatory obviously. What other traps do we play then? I mean losing 4 floodgates blows. I hated playing RoD in here. With the new rule of LPs reaching 0, it made it worse for this deck. I am trying out Compulsory in the main for 2 reasons. 1st bouncing certain annoying Xyzs(Dante), secondly bouncing back your own monsters to use as a scale. Pendulum back a dead Scout to bounce back is decent/good. Merits of that?   The other problem I found was getting my monster summons to stick. Getting Bottomless or Warning was very annoying. Do we main MST? Which is good against what, 1-2 decks? Or do we play Night Beam along with it to turbo out. But without Floodgates, is it worth it? I am not sure. Only testing more will see this become a reality.    Thought maybe a Towers turbo build might work with hand traps main. So you could draw them in the EP with Monolith but we'll see how that turns out. Other than that, what has everyone else noticed?
  11. Qliphort - Discussion

    Are you going to do a regional report. I woul like to hear about your ratios of qlis.
  12. Dueling Network

    That seems rather enjoyable actually. 
  13. Cbus regional 2/14

    we need to meet up. hmu on facebook.
  14. Cbus regional 2/14

    So who all is going? And another thing, will The Secret Forces be legal for this event?? The Greater Columbus Convention Center Hosted by PES.
  15. Pokemon X and Y: Breeding Daycare

    Anyone have a Magician Delphox for grabs that would be awesome. I can trade anything normal for it. I don't own anything shiny. I really want to breed a magician delphox. So that would help greatly.