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  1. Caius the Mega Monarch

    Oh, so fuse for Construct, send Falco, and laugh!
  2. Infernity - Discussion

    We need to have a funeral. FUCK  I loved this deck! Infernities are just so fucking metal! Just like that one dude said, this deck was just so satisfying to play.
  3. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      If you're referring to the Shaddoll matchup, then you make Bram and revive their Construct to smack the Leo across the face. Either way, Leo is a brutal play against Burning Abyss, judging from what testing has showed me so far.
  4. Satellarknight - Discussion

            vs              Gandiva destroys monsters, but does not negate effects. Giant hand negates monster effects, but does not destroy the monster. Specifically in the mirror, I have seen that negating the effect is much more relevant than just destroying the monster. One example would be Altair reviving another dude. If Gandiva kills that other dude (Deneb, for example), your opponent still gets to search. If instead of a Deneb, the target is a Vega, then Gandiva is just not going to help you stop them from making that rank 4. Giant hand, alternatively, will negate that Altair, putting a stop to their chain of plays then and there. Giant Hand also has more applications against different matchups like Burning Abyss and their Tour Guides, for example. I don't have much time on me to make a full list of things, but if anybody else wants to help out here, the ball's rolling.       PS Chumlee, you're awesome, no homo lol!
  5. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Klevis has been talking about running polymerizations and fusion sage. I cannot give you any input on that because i have not done any testing with it, unfortunately. Anyways, Winda does not live through flash fusion. Winda cannot be destroyed by OPPONENT'S card effects. Because of flash fusion needing the materials to be on the field, I'd have to agree with you on playing polymerization over flash fusion if you decide to test that option.
  6. Nanana

    Excuse my ignorance, but what's with the (1) at the beginning of the text?
  7. Infernity - Discussion

    I'm playing chumlee's build except: -pots -heiress -palabyrinth -trap stun   +mirage +avenger +one for one +3rd fiendish +book of moon   Before, I'd sit behind archfiends and barriers. Now I sit behind a void ogre and breaks. I can leave an archfiend out every once in a while if I have to bluff a barrier, or catch somebody by surprise when I actually have barrier without searching for it. Basically, I want a build that is strong enough to not depend on live barriers like before. The challenge is making it consistent... Play yugioh, grind, make excitons and shit, and when you see an opening, slam a void ogre on the table with a break or two. I've had only a bit of testing, but I'll work on it...
  8. Infernity - Discussion

    Well, time to win this next YCS before the banlist :P   Man, the whole reason I even came back to yugioh was that my friend told me Infernities were playable again. I wouldn't consider them unplayable now, but damn LOL!
  9. Ghost of a Grudge

    I'm guessing this is a normal trap. Is this correct?
  10. Infernity - Discussion

                                                                                                                                                These three cards are something that have caught my attention lately. I've been using mirror force and d. prison, but have not tested memory of an adversary at all. The way I've been thinking about it is that with memory of an adversary, I can put myself in a better position during games where I have to grind it out. It banishes like d. prison except without targeting, and can give you extra pushing power later, or even a LV4 to xyz with. Against Bujins and Firefists, I'd imagine this card would be very powerful because it gets around turtle and hare, denies firefists their wolfbark plays, and both of these decks have almost all LV4 monsters to hand right over to you. The downside I see is that you have to take damage anyways. The time it takes for memory to actually give you the monster it banished might be too much time. If you use memory on a monster with more than 1600 ATK, and that monster gets lanced, then you end up taking more damage. Would there be a good balance between mirror force, d. prison, and memory? Is one card strictly better/worse than the other two? I would really like to either see some discussion about these, or just something I have not thought of that just blows the idea of playing memory right out of the water.     Edit: I remember somebody mentioned memory already and Chumlee responded with something along the lines of siding it instead. I just really wanted to make sure that there are not some key points that we might not have thought of yet, whether it's against Bujins, Firefists, or any other decks in general.
  11. Majesty's Fiend

    Sinister Yorishiro? :D
  12. Infernity - Discussion

    Lol blastoise dude, you're probably right haha.   Anyways, I've cut transmodify for the time being, mainly because of what chumlee already said. Basically, transmodify is pretty good... WHEN it's good. Ideally, i'd want my cards to ALWAYS be good. I'd feel better opening a non-combo hand with relevant traps than opening a non-combo hand with a transmodify that i'll have to set as a bluff. It's good when it's good, but it's not good often enough.
  13. Infernity - Discussion

    I hate having to send a bishop to do a pawn's job, but it's better to have 2 bishops than to have one bishop and a pawn. Looking at it this way actually makes me realize I goofed pretty hard playing Pearl. I even feel a bit embarrassed. You guys are right, and I'm taking Pearl out right now xD. What Skullvarnish said pretty much hit the nail right on the head. I still cannot quite get myself to cut Ouroboros. I am taking into consideration everything Chumlee said next time I go on a deck testing session.   My reason for playing Pearl in the first place was that if you open a WEAK hand, you at least have a fatty to sit on that can get over certain monsters such as Stardust or whatever, but no. It's just not worth it...
  14. Infernity - Discussion

    Chumlee,      Now that I read you post more carefully (it was near the end of my break at work when I read it), I have to point out a small flaw with the combo you propose. It's not very likely, really, but ending with a field of 5 monsters can be a fragile play if luck is not on your side. Your opponent can respond to your combo by simply playing a monster (face up or set) and setting some backrow. You draw a card for the turn, and the card drawn happens to be a monster. If this monster is not summoned or set, the precious Barriers are offline, Breaks are offline, and gives your opponent a chance to counter play. To summon or set the drawn monster, you would have to overlay your Archfiends to make room, leaving you without an Infernity to keep the Barriers live. Either way, you would be in a lose-lose situation if your opponent did not draw a complete whiff. Granted, the chances of drawing a monster after the combo are not that high, but they are certainly higher than your opponent drawing an immediate out to the Ouroboros combo. Really, this would come down to what other cards you opened outside of the combo pieces. If you opened some reliable disruption along with the combo, then it is best to go with the Ouroboros route. If the cards outside the combo happen to be something like, let's just say, an upstart goblin that we were afraid to use, then it may be better to go for the play with higher risk, but higher reward in the form of additional Infernity traps.         Now I need to address your proposed method of responding to the double Dracco play. The hand for this combo is the same hand you use for the Ouroboros combo. The Ouroboros route lets you bounce Dracco 1, attack over the tokens with your Archfiend, Chain, and Leviair, then attack over Dracco 2 with the Ouroboros. You are left with that monster line-up, one Barrier, and whatever other cards you opened that you didn't use for the combo. Your method leaves you with Chain, Leviair, Necromancer, Archfiend, TWO Barriers, leftover cards that were not used for the combo, and a second Archfiend in grave for the Necromancer to revive next turn. When compared side by side, your method clearly puts you in a better position than the Ouroboros play.        You did mention that with this combo, there is no need for Gem-Knight Pearl. The reason I play Pearl is for those times when you DO NOT open a combo, or your combo gets disrupted somehow. If you are starving to death and cannot afford lobster or caviar, you would not care if you had to eat simple, cheap bread. That bread kept you from starving to death. Pearl is here so that you do not just lose when something goes wrong. Pearl is the bread, uninterrupted combos are the lobster and caviar.
  15. Infernity - Discussion

    Chumlee,      I like you. Post more often lol!