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  1. [spoiler] I can't believe it. I'll admit, the episode was slow... But still. I think it had great buildup, Morgan finally showed us he does have the ability to kill (although clearly by the fact he overdid it he was not happy to do so). But none of that redeems the ending. But i think it's one of two people: Glenn or Darryl. I'm strongly leaning towards Darryl, I think negan have us a small hint "oh look you're taking it like a champ", I think that darryl and abraham are the only two people who would warrant that response but abraham isn't the death we are looking for here I don't think[/spoiler]
  2. are top 16 decklists up?
  3. [spoiler] chris hardwick said it: apocalypse and chill [/spoiler]
  4. [spoiler] I think its interesting that Carl gave Rick shit for being nice to people in season 4, and for letting Lori die by not killing Andrew in the prison, and him not killing that stupid kid when he tried to kill him ended up losing him an eye, although to be fair I'm pretty sure that kid would have killed Carl and Rick the first chance he got even after all this.    He only saved her the second time before Carol killed him because he knew he needed her to live.   [/spoiler]
  5. [spoiler] Carl getting shot in the eye is a huge part of the comics. Glen was down on the ground and the shots all aimed at the walkers heads, makes sense how he was missed I think the part underwood is referring to is when they're at the ladder, before wolf gets bit, and he goes back to save her. But the only reason he does is to try and convert her into a wolf so he's not really being nice [/spoiler]
  6. This episode should have been the mid season finale lol
  7. Wtf [spoiler] well he sure didn't last long [/spoiler]
  8. kind of surprised this signals gen 7 more than Pokemon Z. Wonder if they're foregoing it?
  9. Good effort of it anyway aaron. <3
  10. Damn, well done
  11. Just saying   that your King of the Forum should be somebody who doesn't lose to a worm lynx     <3 
  12. how do i decide between aaron and gilles like wtf lol
  13.   I like e heros   a vote for me is a vote for unbanning Stratos
  14.   If I'm going to be playing the odd-eyes build, I want to be synchroing so I want to draw it. It also is free discards for pendulum call and pit
  15.   This is what I have for the post Pendulum structure and the pre-BOSH format.   I find that having the performage engine gives you a lot of things that playing without it does. Plushfire combos with Luster and Sky Iris, and the performages are all level 4 to be able to tune with both Luster and Nobledragon (even if it goes to the bottom of the deck). Mirror Conductor is very cute with Odd-Eyes which can result in huge pushes of damage. Damage Juggler negates Wavering Eyes, provides you defense, and allows you to search for a low or semi-high scale if needed.    1 Dragonvein - only because he is not that great, to be honest with the Monarch deck not being out yet I'm really iffy on even playing him. But its nice to be able to have a solid body searchable off of Pendulum Call and as a way to clear a monster in a pinch, so he will stay for now   2 Oafdragon /1 Kirin - I've been back and forth on the ratios for these, and if the deck could be bigger than 40 minimum then I would play more copies of each. Oafdragon is good enough that I want to have the option of having 1 in the pendulum scale and 1 being summoned but at the same time he doesn't combo with any of the rest of the deck. Kirin has an insane effect but faces the same problem as Oaf does. Kirin is too powerful to ignore, especially with the mirror having 0 way around it, but I don't ever want to see multiples without having an already established scale and if I'm able to PS one Kirin I think that's good enough.   1 Xiangke - 2500 body searchable off Call, and also has a nice interaction against satellars or other light based decks. I've never actually been able to summon Rebellion with him, but I imagine its the best feeling in the world.   1 Odd Eyes Fusion/ 3 sky iris - Iris allows you to load up your extra deck and search out Odd-Eyes, which is the centerpiece of the deck. In my opinion, I see Odd-Eyes fusion as a searchable win button. If you have any pendulum monster in the extra deck it allows you to have an answer to something that protects itself, and its even level 7 to be re-used through Absolute.      Extra is nothing fancy, I'd want to find room for Moonlight Rose Dragon if I could. Norito is my 15th card and I'm very iffy on him, but having the ability to play that in the mirror is a great option to have. Only other card is I'd want to make room for another Odd-Eyes extra deck monster (probably a rebellion) because I find sometimes with fusion I'm using up my Odd-Eyes monsters too quick