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  1. [Current] ESPN vs Kolkata Street Pajeets

    got Xanelcava 2-1
  2. YCS Toronto 2017

    Ahhh, are you Joshua? Yeah, we've definitely played a few times. I think we played at Nats 2013, Nats 2014, and a few other times here and there. Ahh no hopefully will see you at another event soon!
  3. YCS Toronto Report

    We'll just get right into this. I'm going to cut this report into a few sections. Anything that's really not relevant (and is probably just a lot of fluff) to the YCS itself will be put into spoilers, but it's there if you want to see it. I can't promise anything groundbreaking in this report, but I'll at least tell it like it was. About a year ago, I moved to Toronto. Last year during the YCS I was working, but I figured a couple of months ago I might be able to get the time off in order to attend, and I also had friends coming from around where I used to live in eastern canada. I had joined warring briefly, to hope to try and practice, but I didn't have enough time to really get into it and test with my team a ton or play many games. GP Toronto for Magic (It's YCS equivalent ish) was coming up late July, so I pretty much stopped playing yugioh to test for that. On the Magic GP After the GP, I immediately started to try and figure out what I was going to play at the YCS. I knew about Zoodiac and True Dracos a little bit, but hadn't really played games with either. I had been testing this ridiculous deck with True Dracos, Level Eater, and Gofu (as I'm sure people are aware, Gofu + Level Eater lets you do some silly things, and Vision Hero Vyon + Gofu let you make double firewall, a level 8 synchro, and Beatrice). Obviously, this stuff was terrible and really couldn't keep up with Zoodiac/ Dracos. I wasn't really thinking of taking this event seriously since I hadn't played competitive yugioh in a long time, but then I was on youtube one day trying to find some ideas for a Hero list (lol) and I saw a video called 1 card A Hero Lives FTK with Exodia. Needless to say I was interested. The deck I almost played So on Tuesday, I decided I was playing Pure Zoo. Satchmo and a few others from DGZ helped me out with getting the ball rolling on figuring out how to play normal Zoo. On Wednesday, a few of my friends from eastern Canada showed up (brad, todd, justin) and we tested games on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, after work we went to a box tournament at a new store in town with our other friends who showed up (Josh [ravagez], Angus, Noah, and Devin). Here's the list I played: I played versus zoo (win), zoo (win), ABC (win), zoo (loss), and true draco zoo (win). I lost against true draco zoo in top 8. I was originally siding floodgate trap hole against all variants of Zoo including True Draco zoo, but I quickly found out that them being able to tribute summon over the floodgates was easily making the card a blank. I also found that people were way more prepared for Floodgate than I first thought. People were playing Shuffle Reborn, and E Con mained which really made Floodgate a terrible card. In the YCS, after round 2, I stopped siding it in versus Zoo altogether. This tournament went until about 1 am, so we went home immediately after and I went to sleep since I'd have to get up around 6 to get to the venue on time. After some discussions with some people from dgz, and everyone with us, I made some changes to the list, filled out my registration sheet, and headed to sleep. After a 30 minute trip to the venue (living in the same city is pretty sick), I went to turn in the below list: Choices: To be honest, I don't remember very many of the games. Any round I won the die roll I won the match (with one exception), and the games I lost weren't thoroughly interactive (but neither were the ones I won either). The last time I remember a deck being so dominant was Baby Dragon Ruler format. I enjoyed that format a lot more. Maybe it's just that I didn't play Zoo long enough, but I really didn't enjoy how much games could immediately swing and lose. Anyway, here's how the rounds went. sorry there's really no detail. R1: Vs Dinosaurs win 1-0 R2: vs Zoodiac win 2-0 R3: vs Zoodiac win 3-0 R4: vs Zoodiac win 4-0 R5: vs True Draco Zoo 5-0 The only thing I remember about this match was going first G3, opening Drident Ram and Deflector, and when I flipped Deflector I was able to OTK him the next turn and he showed me a hand of barrage, draco spell, tenki, cyclone, and double diagram. R6: vs Zoodiac 6-0 After I won this round, I was pretty excited as this was the first time I day 2'd at a YCS and I was 2 wins away from a top. R7: vs True Draco Zoo 6-1 My opponent opened Maxx C both games, and had a bunch of great stuff on top of it but that's Yugioh. R8: vs Zoodiac 7-1 I was overjoyed at my finish 7-1 of day 1. My best finish at an event by miles, and meant that I needed to go 1-1 to top. It was super late when this day ended, so i headed home to go straight to sleep. I got up super early for day two and headed to the venue. I resleeve and go check the pairings for day 2 and I'm playing Chris Leblanc. i won the roll so i won g1 drawing the absolute nuts, g2 he won as well having drawn great so we're on to game 3. So G3, my hand is Tenki, Rat, Cosmic, Cosmic, E Con. I tenki for Whiptail, normal Rat to dump Ramram, chakanine get Ram and then I made Drident and passed. His first action is to set a card. I immediately Cyclone because I can't respect a True Draco trap or Spell with my current field (and I didn't want to make Kong as I would lose a lot of advantage to a board wipe going first), so since I had a second one and my drident pop left I blew it up right away. It was a Barrage, and unfortunately he had a second one. I cyclone'd that one as well. It's about at this time I realize that I didn't make Broadbull turn 1, and I didn't search. He manages to get through my drident with an E Con and attacks over my ram ram with Whip. I still had Whip in hand so I didn't want to waste my E Con here. He makes Kong/ Drident and passes back to me. I draw D Barrier for turn, I summon Whiptail and and he pops it immediately, I chain E Con to steal his Kong and he responds with D Barrier. I set my barrier and pass, he draws and I flip D Barrier immediately, he tributes his Hammerkong for Ignis and swings for 24. He has no backrow and 1 in hand, so if I draw a zoo here I can end with double drident getting the one back I had in grave, which would have been enough to play through his whiptail summon and his diagram that he drew for turn. Unfortunately the top of my deck gave me Barrier again, but if I had Broadbull'd turn 1 this might have been enough. Or maybe I wouldn't have drawn Barrier, and I would have lost to his Barrier since my deck would have gotten shuffled. I guess in the end, it's hard to say, but that one felt bad. As much as I want to complain about how much I disliked playing Zoodiac, and although there were some games throughout the tournament up to this point that were out of my control, that one was entirely in my control and I won't deny that. Round 10 7-3 I lost the roll, and this match didn't take too long as G1 my opponent opened nutty, g2 I opened nutty, and g3 he opened nutty again. So after standings, I finish 44th. It's my best finish to date, and I'm quite happy with it don't get me wrong, but I do hope that someday if I'm fortunate enough to be in that spot again that I can work through those nerves. One thing I noticed is how many people played into board wipes. Everybody was making Drident Hammerkong turn 1, and there were numerous times throughout my matches that I just Dark Holed their board away and established my own. Most of the time, I'd elect to go Drident Ram search Whiptail, and sometimes the board wipes my opponent used werent good enough because of the Ram. After the main event, I had about enough of Zoo mirrors so I decided to play in some regionals for fun. Here was my list. Couple quick comments: 0 Maxx C - Unfortunately Maxx C is an earth monster, and no matter how many cards he draws me he messes up the earth math for grandsoil. I really wish I could main him in this but it's just not possible. 2 Zoodiac Combo - I only have 7 zoodiac monsters, so I have to risk drawing dead in order to be able to actually play the match if I can't FTK. So I play in the first regional, don't draw the combo and lose the match. This was why I didn't play the deck in the main event. I played in a second regional, and I played against one of the Zoo players I played Friday night and beat. He mentioned he was looking forward to getting revenge for that (in a friendly way). He wins the roll, and G1 does zoo stuff with one set. I activate Tenki and he flips Imperial Order which forces me to enter the scoop phase after trying to push through with Gofu into decode talker plus a zoo monster, but his ghost ogre + drident was too much. G2 I open Rat + grandsoil and FTK him. G3, he goes first and he makes drident kong through Ghost Ogre, and sets one and passes. My hand was Upstart, Cosmic, Tenki, Gofu, and I drew Barrage. I played the Upstart first, and he flips Imperial Order again but I have the cosmic. I summon Gofu into Decode Talker, and then am able to make a huge board with barrage and rat. He summons a zoo and I immediately pop it with Drident and he scoops. I played Josh next round and got demolished, so that was my last event for the day. I gave everyone back their cards, we went out to this restaurant next to the convention center which was pretty solid, then we went back to Brad's hotel to do some drafting. So people had gotten enough sealed Code of the Duelist for us each to get six packs, and do a draft with this. Now this was utter madness, as unlike Magic sets, Yugioh sets have way more unplayable cards. After that, I said my goodbyes to everyone and headed home. It was a great weekend overall. In all the rounds I won, I know for sure I made some suboptimal plays and that could have been corrected with more practice but I know I have more to work on in terms of keeping a level head in "high stakes situations". Hopefully I can just put myself into more of those situations to learn better how to deal with it. Hopefully nobody is reading into this the wrong way and sees it as complaining, I acknowledge for sure there's lots of improvement to be had. Shout outs: - everyone from eastern canada who came down, and Brad for lending me cards - all the rooting DGZ provided - running into Alyx at the event Anyway, I only get to do these once a year, so if you made it this far congrats, and the last thing I'll do is post the steps to the Rat + Grandsoil combo (If it isn't already known - i couldn't find it online anywhere). FTK What you need: Rat + Grandsoil in hand (or a way to get Rat), 1 Rat left in deck/ hand, 1 zoodiac monster in deck/ hand, Gagaga Cowboy, Decode Talker, 2 proxy dragon, 3 firewall dragon, broadbull, chakanine, tigermortar in extra deck. L R 1 2 3 4 5 1. Summon Ratpier, dump Zoodiac Combo. 2. Overlay Tigermortar onto Ratpier, detach Special Summon Ratpier. 3. Overlay Broadbull, detach tigermortar to search a Zoodiac. 4. Overlay Chakanine, detach Special something from grave. 5. link 2 of them for Proxy Dragon into R, then link the last one and Proxy Dragon for Decode Talker in R. 6. Special Summon Grandsoil to Zone 2. Special Proxy Dragon to Zone 3. 7. Link Decode/Grandsoil into Firewall into Zone 4. Firewall's effect bounce grandsoil. 8. Special Grandsoil to 2, Decode Talker to 5. Link for Firewall into zone R. (from now on, when you go Soil -> code -> firewall I'm just going to say Grandsoil into Firewall). 9. Link firewall+firewall+proxy dragon into Firewall into R. 10. Special Grandsoil, special Firewall from grave to zone 4. Firewall in R, bounce Grandsoil. 11. Special Grandsoil, special Firewall from grave to zone 5. Firewall in 5, bounce Grandsoil. 12. Special Grandsoil, target Proxy Dragon to Zone 3. Firewall in 4, bounce itself and Grandsoil. ***Loop begins here*** 13. Special Grandsoil, target Decode Talker. Link summon Firewall Dragon in 4. Firewall in R and 5 activate to SS as CL1+2 (always legal activations as you have the Zoo searched by Bull), firewall in 4 CL3 target itself, grandsoil, and Ratpier from Grave. (we'll say we searched whip off Bull). chain resolves, firewall goes to extra, add soil/ rat to hand, ss whip and rat from hand. 14. xyz for cowboy into zone 2 in def. detach rat burn for 800. 15. special Grandsoil get decode into zone 4, link for firewall into zone 4. firewall eff bounce Grandsoil and 2 rats in grave. Link Cowboy and Grandsoil for 2nd Proxy Dragon to zone 2. 16. Special Grandsoil to Zone 1, get decode link for Firewall Dragon in Zone 4. Firewall bounce itself, Proxy Dragon in Zone 2, and Grandsoil. 17. Special Grandsoil, target Decode in zone 4. Link for Firewall Dragon, firewall in R and 5 CL1+2 to special summon, firewall eff bounce itself, grandsoil, and Cowboy (brings you down to 4 earths), chain resolves bounce those 3 SS the 2 rats in your hand from earlier, make Cowboy into Zone 2, detach Rat burn for 800. Now you're back to 5 earths, and back to start of the loop. repeat 13-17 until you win. Thanks for reading everyone.
  4. YCS Toronto 2017

    Lost round 10. Fairly certain that means I'm out
  5. YCS Toronto 2017

    Threw away the match vs Chris Leblanc, gotta get it together for the last one
  6. YCS Toronto 2017

    7-1 at end of day one
  7. YCS Toronto 2017

    6-1 now
  8. YCS Toronto 2017

    6-0 fun fact: first time I've Day 2'd a yugioh event
  9. YCS Toronto 2017

  10. YCS Toronto 2017

  11. YCS Toronto 2017

  12. YCS Toronto 2017

    Were you there? I went and topped currently 2-0 in ycs
  13. Infernity FTK

    Did you top Seattle regionals with this?
  14. YCS Toronto 2017

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/2017/YCS-Toronto_FAQ.html will anybody be here? I will be, and am about 99% certain there will be at least 1 Hero card in my deck
  15. Week 4: Pacific State vs Team Beer

    i'm online for a bit here