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  1. I ain't go no money but it's good to see you're still around.     Ayyy
  2.   Nostalgia is a young man's game..okay not really.
  3. So one of my really really old email accounts I thought I had deleted got hacked and while going through the process of trying to find out what I used that email for(basically typing the email into "recover password" of random websites and seeing what sticks) I realized that DGz was one of the accounts tied to the email. So for the past 3-4 hours I've been going through my old DGz post. It was really fun whether it was Grant or Aaron smashing me for saying something(that I now realize) really stupid or yucking it up in the pro wrestling thread with Killa and everyone else. That in addition to me finding some of my really old indie game dev stuff lead me to getting pretty fucking nostalgic.
  4. Did that just happen?
  5. [IMG][/IMG] Bad photoshop job aside. I'll update this thread for you guys when I get some time. And yes I have preordered boxes of BT08 And yes and I so happy DP finally get some good support And yes Daiyuusha cross ride is a tad OP And no I do not give a single fuck.
  6. [quote name='Ziggomania' timestamp='1343100254' post='3239058'] OMG ITS SABRAC! BEST RAW EVER! [/quote] None of my irl friends like wrestling and I needed somewhere to let out my excitement real quick.
  8. [quote name='Urthor' timestamp='1340249699' post='3214234'] Good luck with trying to leave. You'll need it. [/quote] I can check out any time I like but I can never leave.
  9. [quote name='Ordyh' timestamp='1340239818' post='3214102'] Is it because Big Johnny was fired? [/quote] Yes this is exactly. He is no longer executive vice president of talent relations so neither can I. [quote name='Exiled' timestamp='1340240187' post='3214105'] who caught you? [/quote] If your referring to what I changed my name to it's a league of legends joke.
  10. I could vanish and no one would notice but to satisfy my ego I made this thread. Shit happens Leaving /thread
  11. Hes garb doesn't matter when he got released.
  12. Nobody wants Spot Monkey morrison
  13. Holy shit.
  14. You say it as if I died.
  15. If anything this has told me that no one here has anything productive to do while league is down.