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  1. Korey McDuffie has died

    He had more success in MTG than he did in yugioh but yeah that's him. May he RIP.
  2. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    I agree with audioslayne. I can also see a possible opal/ssg ban since I've felt like they've needed to go for years now. As much as I don't care for blood moon it is a necessary evil as long as tron is a deck in the format.
  3. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    I would think Opt would go before Serum Visions but I don't think either would get banned tbh.
  4. MTG Banned / Restricted list 1/15/18

    Without going too deep into it I really haven't had too much interest in standard lately. Even with this round of banning's I doubt I see myself playing standard seriously until at least GP Seattle in April. Modern is the most enjoyable format for me in Magic ATM and I'm looking forward to the results of PT Rivals.
  5. PPTQ top 8 report

    GJ even though you lost in the top 4. I don't really post on here anymore but I like reading your content about MTG. I just wish this site was more active in things outside of YGO.
  6. Max Suffridge has died

    I saw the news on Ash's facebook post and this is shitty for me. I didn't personally know or interact with Max outside of few random posts on here. Regardless I still consider him one of the best players to ever play this game. RIP :(.
  7. Lightsworn

    Same here if I wasn't as far behind on the game as I am.
  8. roy st clair died

    I'm not sure most of today's duelists know or remember who roy st.clair was but that is sad to hear RIP :(.
  9. Set Rotation

    Same. That might have revived my interest in playing YGO again.
  10. YCS DENVER 2017

    I rarely post on this forum anymore but I just wanted to say go sieps.
  11. I'll be there for modern and limited.
  12. Modern Format Discussion

    I know it might be a bit soon and this forum isn't really active anymore but is anyone going to GP Vancouver?
  13. whats

    The legend returns.
  14. Attention old people!

    Yeah I hate those fuckers too.
  15. Attention old people!

    I agree with you to an extent. I can't stand the stereotypical smelly neckbeard normie EDH players. But i'd rather deal with them than the wankster wannabe but not really yugioh baller who wears supreme clothing bought with mom and dads credit card.
  16. Attention old people!

    Oh god I've been through so many of them but I think one of my more known usernames is r2thet. Most people just know me as Rory though. As for Magic I would say the community in general is more intellectual than yugioh (i.e. less weebs/gangbangers).
  17. Attention old people!

    I remember you from forever ago (Joined around the end of 2005). I quit yugioh 4 years ago and started playing magic instead. Since then I haven't been as active on here as i used to be. Although from time to time I'll lurk and post. I recently started a job working IT/Data Entry and live in an apartment by myself.
  18. dg memes that should be revived

    Harold and Emon go to White Castle.
  19. http://www.dailydot.com/parsec/magic-the-gathering-pro-myth/ I posted this on my facebook originally. Allen suggested I share it here as well since it could spark some discussion. The article talks about MTG but can translate over to TCG's in general and how it is incredibly hard to make a living off of them as a pro.
  20. I haven't played YGO in almost 4 years now so I wouldn't know anything on that front. If you think you can make a good living just off of good tournament finishes you're delusional. Magic is a little bit different than ygo because they offer cash prizes at Pro Tours/GPs/SCG Opens but not by much. I've had a couple good finishes at a few events but I would never consider playing as full time job. It's too exhausting mentally and emotionally for me and most people. A friend of mine said that if you are playing Magic (or any tcg) only for EV you are playing the wrong game.
  21. Pokemon TCG's Prize Support Just Got Way Better

    I never played the Pokemon TCG as a kid (mainly just collected the cards) but this sounds legit.
  22. GP Portland

    This is the hometown GP for me. Anyone from here going?
  23. GP Portland

    This is this weekend
  24. Eldritch Moon Spoilers

    Ended up going 4-1-1 at my pre release. Went gw splash red for nahiri. Opened gisela,eldritch evoloution,and the mindbender eldrazi out of my prize packs. Good night overall.