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  1. Chris Woolheater? Yeah Shit, I was hoping he would top. Apparently he was really disappointed with his play in the last round. Pressure got him.
  2. Chris Woolheater? Yeah
  3. Have: SCR Transmodify 2 BotFF Cardinal Inzketor Exa-Beetle Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon 2 Tour guide from the Underworld Bahamut Shark 2 XYZ Reborn Grandsoil the Elemental Lord Daigusto Emeral   Ultra Lightning Chidori Cockadoodledoo XYZ Encore Dark Hole 3 Effect Veiler 3 MST Night beam 3 Light and Darkness Dragon   3 BP Lance   XX Bulk foils (2-3 deckboxes full)   LF: Highest Priority (Willing to buy): Digimon Digi-Battle Card Game Series 3 Bo-138 Airdramon Digimon Digi-Battle Card Game Series 3 Bo-142 MagnaAngemon (Gold Text) Digimon Digi-Battle Card Game Series 3 Bo-147 Mammothmon Digimon Digi-Battle Card Game Series 3 Bo-149 MetalGarurumon (Gold Text) $   xx Other digimon cards (Lemme know what you have)   Other Wants: 1 Transmodify 3 Earth 3 Foil Venus 3 Foil Shine Ball 3 Rare Herald of the Orange Light 1 Herald of Pure Light 3 Master Hyperion 2 Krystia
  4. 12/11/83 cumulatively with Sona in my last 4 games. >_>
  5. Is the ocelot on SK the ocelot from here?
  6. Add the song.
  7. My friend was the guy who started 5-0 with this deck. Unfortunately he couldn't see lava golems for shock masters then last few rounds and missed day 2 =[ Nice try <3
  8. Jayhawn: why didnt you get zero Jayhawn: and kill my field Jayhawn: eff StrtegistJDB: that wouldn't be fair to you StrtegistJDB has lost 2800 life points StrtegistJDB has lost 2200 life points StrtegistJDB: i guess i just felt you worked hard on that field StrtegistJDB admitted defeat
  9. I'll be going to nats. I forget where we're staying but we already have everything booked. Should be a good time, hope to see you all there Prez, I must've heard you wrong because I was distraught for how dumb I was at that moment. I forget who you are IRL, Doom. I'm pretty sure we've met though, too.
  10. I watched you play the cube draft. Sucks you didn't do better and I didn't really have a chance to talk to you after the match. Better luck next time
  11. I wasn't exactly looking forward to this trip on Thursday because while we were getting a kill deal on a room at the Sheraton, we also had 9 people in the room. Several of these people from my local aren't the most fun to be around for extended periods of time and there were a few personalities I was worried would clash. Thursday night I had a few people over at my place so I didn't have to drive all over Syracuse to leave Friday morning. Dan Vrabel (Evolution), David Tuan Bui and Alex Schenk ended up staying over at my place. Dan and I got high and Bui was the one who was acting like he was on drugs (rolling around on the floor, letting my dogs lick him and shit) so Dan and I were losing our minds at that point. We chill for a while, play some games and get some sleep. I decide to not change the decklist I've been running and Dan drops PoA for BoM. Friday morning we pick up Eric Huang and head out hitting some nasty traffic in Scranton and Philly. When we left the ETA was 2:00 and we got there at 4. Fuck man. I dump off a ton of shit, foil out most of my deck, grab some prohibitions and pre-reg. We go to Geno's and Pat's for some cheesesteaks, I was mostly underwhelmed. I'm playing a few games with Alex saturday morning and drawing the nuts almost every game, otking him on turn two almost every time. This would be the first and last time all weekend I would know how that felt. They pair round one and I find out my opponent has no extra deck and only six cards in the side. Awesome. Round 1: Chain Burn Game 1: I make a big black rose play with ojama tokens on some cards he's had set for a while and not used. Cylender and D.Wall. I still end up losing because he dualities into a burn spell when I'm at 300. Game 2: I opened prohibition and decree. Yeah... Game 3: I went to scrap off ojama, dark flare and veiler to get over his sided stall stuff. 1-0 Round 2: Dark World Game 1: He drew pretty poorly. Game 2: I drew well, (Lyla, Recharge, Crow, Dark Flare, Heavy) he opened 2 dragged down, my hand was dead after that (Recharge, DAD, Dark Flare, Heavy, Sorcerer). His advantage wasn't huge because he drew bad again and was just digging at that point. I eat two Grapha hits, reborn his brow tribute to flare, pitch DAD, send wyvern SS sorcerer, banish grapha and sit on some heavy board advantage. He tops Dark hole, summons broww and puts me at 12. I top a Pulsar Game 3: He controls my grave early with smog. I end up prohibiting Grapha and puning here and there with troopers and wyverns. He topdecks Card Destruction discarding 2 broww, snoww and grapha. End of turn he has 3 in hand, 4 backrows and a goldd and beige on field to my prohibtion, full zenmaines and 3 in hand. I topdeck heavy storm and have to pray he doesnt have the road. He doesn't and I'm able to summon trooper, switch zenmaines, clear his board and set DP to take total control. I ride that to the W. The guy was really chill and probably the most fun I had all day. 2-0 Round 3: Inzektor Game 1: He never sees dragonfly and tries to play around with centipede + sword. Eventually I'm able to kill off his backrows and win. Game 2: He opens 2 backrow and D. Fissure. My hand is 2 trooper, wyvern, recharge, flare. 6th care is MST. He drew badly again and is tring to draw into anything with messenger, hornet and sword. My second trooper get over the hornet and he summons another pops my trooper and swings for 5. I sangan over it. He mirror forces for some reason, I search crow, dark hole and crow both of his hornets. He finally draws a dragonfly and is a little salty. He stalls out with messenger for a turn or two but I manage to clear messenger and kill him. 3-0 Round 4: Wind-Up Game 1: Lose die roll. He opened Maurauding Captain, Wind-Up Magician, Wind-up Shark and T.G. Warwolf. Okay. Game 2: He set 2 DP and I had Heavy. He didn't loop me and I push his shit in. Game 3: He sets a guy. My hand is PoA, Pulsar, 2 Veiler, 2 Wyvern. I attack over sangan he gets captain. I don't veiler the summon thinking he'll drop a dude, maybe have shark and I'll veiler the zenmaighty, attack over the 2 wyvern and have maestroke to set up some giant plays, backed up by another veiler. Turns out he had rat, shark and reborn too so the wasn't much I could do. He ended up making top16 so I'm not really upset with this loss, although I think I couldnt have won if I veilered the captain. 3-1 I watch Pennington sitting next to me lose to the worst DW player of all time. Dude compulsed a reborned rabbit when Allen hadn't summoned yet and he had TT down. I though my loss was bad =/ Round 5: Chaos Dragon Game 1: I had my grave set up earlier so I was able to answer all of his plays and he had difficulty answering mine. Game 2: I veilered his victoria, crowed all his darks and was able to OTK with e-virus. 4-1 Round 6: Dino-Rabbit Game 1: Pulsar/REDMD with veiler is really good. Game 2: Laggia, double Fossil Dyna, lance is really good. Game 3: I went full retard. I opened 2 TGU, went into zenmaines. He TGUs for Sangan, sets 2, passes. I TGU into sangan, attack his sangan with my TGU, netting him rabbit. I attack his TGU with my sangan and he flips macro cosmos and I try to figure out what was going through my head a minute prior and came up with nothing. I suck, live and learn. 4-2 Prez was sitting next to me and we both lost. My brain must stop functioning when I'm near DGz'ers. Round 7: Gravekeeper Game 1: Lose die roll. Get royal tributed. Game 2: Held MST for what would have been a huge gozen match (Zenmaines, Trooper, Eclipse, Dark Flare). He just can't get over my board. Game 3: A decent draw out game. Eventually he tops dark hole and sets spy to set me up in the decendent/recuiter loop and I can't come back. This guy was really cool. He ended up losing on the bubble I think. 4-3 Drop. Dave Bui loses round 9 and day 2's at 7-2. We went to get some pizza but they're not making anymore for the night so we get some cheesesteaks and go back to the room. Day 2 Bui wins his last 2 rounds and gets 34th. At least he was a bounty duelist so he ended up with like a box of PHSW. I play in the attack of the giant card for funsies and gotta play Dan Kitsko round 1... He draws pretty bad game 3 after he books my BLS-Armory play. Then I lose to lightsworn. Ugh. I watch Pennington, Ali and a bunch of others cube draft. We chill for a bit, eat at Hard Rock and go home. For the most part, I'm happy with how I played, and am really confident with the deck since in 25 tournement games this week I drew Future Fusion 0 times and BLS only twice and was in a position to win most of them up until the end or I misplayed. I think I tried to hard to "play pro" and impress people I knew were from DGz instead of playing my game. Props: Seeing/meeting all you wonderful DGzers Delicious food Cheap hotel People not being as annoying as I thought they'd be Selling cards Foiling out my deck Slops: Being a retard Bui missing top 32 Pat's and Geno's
  12. If it makes you feel better you probably wouldn't have topped even if you won the last round. Something like 17 9-2s didnt make the cut >_> Good job though.
  13. I liked Chaos Recruiter/Return before stein was released.
  14. 7-0

    Who were you? I also judged it. Even if they had split we still would've had to to wait for the giant QQ fest that was the win-a-mat.
  15. This is like Debris, yes? If I get Pulsar, and Pulsar is later sent to grave I do get the effect, (like dandylion)?