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  1. Just came here to read some nonsense, but I am honor bound to post.
  2. And it isn't "standard" here, either. There happened to be a situation where losing the way that most negatively effects their tiebreakers provided a purely strategic advantage, and they took it. Why is being ahead enough where you can do that being vilified? Once your playoff chances are out of your hands, isn't that on you for not performing better to begin with?
  3. I don't see what the big deal is, because if they wanted to concede they could just play poorly if forced to play. And if you police that too hard you're making it illegal to be bad and/or have an off day. It isn't the most ethical or fair thing, but being unethical or unfair isn't a disqualifiable offense if it isn't cheating. See: being a shady fuck after a gentleman's agreement. And by definition, scooping to give YOURSELF an easier match, without gaining anything else from anyone, is not collusion. If you want to not get fucked by someone losing 0-6, don't lose. Detox earned a position where they can lose 0-6 and be fine. Git gud. It's the same concept as a team resting their best players once their playoff spot is no longer in question. The fans would rather have a championship than a meaningless week 17 win. As for the, "you'd just say 'we scoop 0-6...'" argument: that's bullshit. You sound like a fucking cop scrounging for a reason to try and bust some kids for smoking weed. As mentioned earlier, it isn't the most ethical way to strategize. Maybe they don't want to get witch hunted for actually wanting to give themselves the best chance of winning. You think Brake went around parading, "I side a djinn!" during the event? Why'd he keep it a secret? Couldn't have been that he wanted a perfectly legal (though kinda scummy) advantage. Must've been he was cheating!
  4. Da D-Boyz VS Pacific State

    I can play current as well
  5. NAWCQ 2014

    Chris Woolheater? Yeah Shit, I was hoping he would top. Apparently he was really disappointed with his play in the last round. Pressure got him.
  6. NAWCQ 2014

    Chris Woolheater? Yeah
  7. Dogshit

    Juan you should playyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. Last Kings [vs] Dogshit

    2-0 over black mamba storm solemn reborn too stronk
  9. League of Legends

    12/11/83 cumulatively with Sona in my last 4 games. >_>
  10. League of Legends

    Is the ocelot on SK the ocelot from here?