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  1. Free Agent Thread

    want to play yugioh again. might need help getting back to form.
  2. Ecstasy. I love it.

  3. props to the PI. amazing yugioh backing ftw
  4. The Game Academy 3K Top8 Decklists

    yeah michigan is where its at lol
  5. MI regionals.

    nice meeting you man
  6. MI Regionals 5/29 @ Pando

    i think ill be wearing a a white v neck and a red button up. and im asian lol
  7. MI Regionals 5/29 @ Pando

    ill put one in the air with any dgzer. ill be there by like 9 or somethin
  8. MI Regionals 5/29 @ Pando

    ill be there i have no idea what im playing tho lol. anyone gona have dcks?
  9. Tier List

    Salvo DAD will out-perform those at nats, I'm completely sure of it. lol i got the joke
  10. Interview with Perter Cheng

    please get the dicks out your ass.
  11. saw this on alex vansant's channel, i thought it was funny. edit: someone fix the title lol
  12. calamity

    tried contacting a bunch of the other teams ppl and non eof them wanted to play so =/
  13. Shooting Star Dragon

    the effect if op
  14. calamity