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  1. I lost a lot of respect for Cuban from that interview
  2. Also hi guys I've been absent lately but I passed half of the cpa exam and I'm taking the last two parts in May and July so the end is hopefully in sight Sucks that I'm gonna be in the guinea pig class for the new exam so scores won't be released until August/October respectively but hoping to get both of them passed on the first try and be done with it
  3. My school ID connects to my sister's meal plan and I also have a lot of friends willing to feed me in various places thanks to 5 years of working in dining services so I feel that
  4. I'm usually ISFP when I do these, occasionally I get ESFP though I think I have a lot of introverted characteristics because I'm just not very talkative but in general I prefer to be around people rather than being alone (i.e. I usually study in a crowded dining hall rather than in my room or isolated in the library), so it depends what kind of questions they ask in determining whether I get I/E
  5. In complete seriousness rei deserves the mafia vote and idg why he's never included
  6. My username was briefly Mickey Mouse and pkmn trainer may, both for mafia gimmicks canasian is a pretty stupid username tbh but at this point I've used it for 8-ish years and I'd feel weird changing it, also I have no idea what I would change it to
  7. Hi friend
  8. Consistently easy match-ups Without going back and checking I'm pretty sure at least half the rounds she was up against someone I'd never heard of/couldn't name more than 1-2 of their songs
  9. and Lucas is a cool duder good meeting you!
  10. Kendrick Lamar Earl Sweatshirt Gucci Mane MIA This round was easy imo but that's mostly because I'm not that big on Kanye and Earl is featured on one of my favorite songs of all-time Kendrick/Kanye vs Gucci final sounds like a pretty reasonable conclusion for this to me
  11. shoutout @Nelrick for the pos rep in a year-old mafia game random acts of upvote are an appreciated gesture
  12. Future Kendrick Lamar Earl Sweatshirt Childish Gambino Pusha T Gucci Mane The Game MIA
  13. I think lil dicky is absolutely hilarious but I don't think it's fair to compare him with "real" rappers like 21 Savage and lil Uzi, dicky is a pure comedy act and also was established well before this year (even if you consider $ave dat money his breakout that peaked in 2015)