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  1. In an ideal world you're right but isn't it abundantly clear at this point that Konami disagrees and very much would rather everyone special summon a bunch of monsters on turn 1? We can clamor all we want for an "ideal" metagame but at a certain point we also have to accept Konami's vision for the game too
  2. ...are you really saying that a card that is by itself a -1 and has the potential to let your opponent draw even more cards is not worse than a card that eliminates all of your opponent's monsters? Allen's point was that he believes floodgate monsters aren't an issue because they've been around and decks now are less prepared for them than they used to be, and I wanted to point out that decks are less prepared for them because of other external factors, not because people just don't want to prepare for them.
  3. Decks like Majespecter and Kozmo existing really exasperate the issue with floodgate monsters With 2 Dark Hole and Raigeki in the TCG it should be easier than ever to out Jowgen/Fiend/etc., but for every deck running those cards there's another that make Dark Hole/Raigeki an active liability in your main deck, which is why we're stuck using objectively worse cards like Book of Eclipse to get past the floodgates while still being able to do anything at all to the other decks
  4. I think Suuwo meant something to allow you to interact with your opponent's face-up extra, rather than your own (Metalfoes Counter is the epitome of interacting with your own face-up Extra) Metalfoes are better than Igknights in every way because Ignknights are 2-card combos that under normal circumstances are minuses (you need to have 3 igknights in your hand to make it a +1, in which case you've essentially just summoned 2 vanillas from your hand), have better levels (you need to run a bunch of level 5 and 6 vanilla's in Igknights, so you're bricking if your scales aren't complete), are not underpowered for their level (Goldriver and Silverd both have perfectly reasonable attacking stats to work with if you have no options besides normal summoning them and attacking), and most importantly can interact with any face-up card rather than just other Igknights, which leads to very strong interactions such as with Gofu tokens, Guiding Ariadne, pretty much any Pendulum monster, and even their own searchable Combination. I really don't see how the archetypes are comparable at all other than being vanilla pendulums
  5. Oh Jowgen (and Dyna by extension though it's slightly worse than Jowgen) is definitely the problem with the deck currently, the thing is that there are just so many options for monsters that can be pendulum summoned and stop you from playing yugioh like the deck can absolutely just play barrier statue of the infernos/stormwinds, or mist valley apex avian like the Performapal decks from a few months ago, or just a more complete set of Majespecter cards like Frazier Smith played this weekend (Bunbuku also should be limited p.s.), or more obscure picks along the lines of that Empowering Dragon guy
  6. ...and finals is a metalfoe mirror because Jowgen is a good card I'm honestly pretty curious if Konami will find a way to hit the deck in November/January/whenever they release the next list; other than the pendulum mechanic itself being horribly ill-conceived the Metalfoes aren't really individually broken cards and it's not like they can hit every single normal summon-able stun monster between levels 2 and 7.
  7. top 4 is 2 Metalfoe, 1 Majespecter, and 1 BAPK as it turns out, for as "bad" as traps are right now, searchable, on-demand traps (fog blade/counter/the entire point of the Majespecter deck) are pretty decent
  8. Jeff Jones is x-2 with Dark Magicians, Dark Magical Circle price spike incoming
  9. Yeah the entire metagame being centralized around Kanga/Mence/Mawile and Gengar to a lesser extent just isn't fun, and the one-per-team aspect kinda exasperated it because preparing for them had so much lower value A decent comparison I guess is Dragon Ruler format in ygo: yeah you could tech your deck out to just always beat the Dragon mirror (playing a dedicated Kangaskhan counter like Sableye or Wisp Gengar) and it might be optimal in an ideal metagame, but then you get unlucky and end up facing the other stupid degenerate option (Spellbooks/Gengar Perish Trap or Hyper Voice Mence) and get punished for being prepared to face the better deck/team.
  10. Frankly I see "1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters" maybe the plural 'monsters' is just throwing Blacklisted off?
  11. Gotta say I'm pretty surprised that they made it all about Blue-Eyes when this thing is obviously Crystron support in everything but name
  12. Konami's whole article announcing this card was about making it with Blue-eyes and a level 1 tuner so it should be 1+1
  13. I hope they rename Frog the Jam "Toadally Jammin'"
  14. I'd assume they do not, just from years of watching ocg players play on YouTube and such that is 100% a "western" way of thinking about how to play
  15. I also just don't think running a random level 3 spellcaster is worth it when both of the level 3 Majespecters can search out a level 4 to make Ties live the next turn anyway Think about drawing Lamp/Elfuria as your only monster without Ties, that's a completely dead hand whereas having Abductor or Terrortop instead would mean you're in play.