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  1. Also that guy getting salty over losing a totally clean game was mildly amusing
  2. This is just a team I threw together because I was getting tired of UU and wanted to play something different, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary The reason I wanted to post this is because jesus fucking christ Medicham ohko's Dragonite through Multiscale what the fuck
  3. This seems like a good situation Best of luck, rei, I hope everything goes well for you
  4. According to serebii it triggers whenever any mon on the field dies, so in singles it essentially functions as a moxie for special attack
  5. I'm super excited by the glacier and volcano islands that are right next to each other I actually love this region map
  6. That's all reasonable as far as lore goes but with the way power creep has gone I'm still shocked to see Metagross 3.0 and Pursuit Bait: The Movie as cover legends when they could just as easily have been a very potent Fire/Steel and a unique Ghost/Fairy edit: not to mention the super neat tie-in that would have with the steel/fairy pixie that was revealed awhile ago
  7. Reveal today was pretty useless, I wasn't expecting much but still Cover legends are thoroughly underwhelming, the Sun lion thing is Steel/Psychic with Clear Body and the Moon bat thing is Psychic/Ghost with a new ability that they didn't reveal the effects of but is likely pretty bad Besides that all we really learned was that a Rotom lives in your pokedex now for some god forsaken reason
  8. I wish every game was as easy as this
  9. Okay so I don't get why UU picked right now of all times to suspect Alakazam. One, the single best defensive switch-in, Celebi, JUST dropped into the tier and is ubiquitous on every team, not to mention that things like Slowking and Sableye are gradually getting better in the tier anyway. Two, I believe that Zam is really just representative of the overload of fast, powerful threats that UU has right now between Aero/Scept/Beedrill, Rain Dance Swampert, the Scarf Dragons, and the ridiculous amount of priority between Crawdaunt/Mamoswine/Entei/Conkeldurr. Zam is unique among them in that it has the ability to give defensive 'mons a hard time with niche Encore or Calm Mind sets while still maintaining the crazy speed and coverage, but it's also one of the things offense has to keep those other threats in check via Sash Thunder Wave. I guess I don't really disagree that Alakazam stands out as a nuisance in UU, but I think this suspect test is going to reveal some unintended consequences and I hope if I'm right people have the sense to vote No Ban (lol @ UU ever voting No Ban for anything)
  10. This isn't a bitching post I just enjoyed this game; bitching post is to follow
  11. UU is also fairly offense-centric since Gyara and Alakazam dropped, the tier really needs Celebi back RU and NU I have less experience with but they both just sweepingly banned all of their most egregious offensive threats (Mega Abomasnow/Sharpedo/Durant is in process and Sawk/Sceptile, respectively). They should be fairly playable tiers once everything settles, though Sigilyph is still pretty dumb
  12. Like a million but I forgot my DS at school so the earliest I could get one to you is Monday :|
  13. I'm gonna be happy with any new release at this point because the game absolutely needs something new to come out, but I have to admit I'll be a tad disappointed if we never get Z after all the teasing of it through the anime/movies
  14. I'm as hype as anyone for Nintendo direct but it's probably a little presumptious to say that this is definitely what they're announcing when it's just based on the copyright, which is the latest of dozens of trademarks they've filed just in case
  15. Scizor is still a big thing lol They added more tools in gen 6 to make breeding more effective but it's still a pretty time-consuming process, the best shortcut is to amass a pile of 6-iv Ditto with every useable nature but from there there's still a marginal amount of luck involved