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  1. I'm not sure about the terms because I've never really been a philosophy wonk, but I could lay out certain beliefs I have about life/existence. -A method/act/belief is only valid if it increases and betters the conditions of a people, with the least amount of harm involved, and the more efficient method of doing this is to be taken over all others. -I'm a believer in spirituality, but even then beliefs about the spirit must be of some personal/tangible benefit....or at least isn't detrimental to physical, mental, and economic well being. If not it isn't necessary. -Believes in free will. I think I'd base a lot of my thoughts and actions off of these three. Question I usually stay away from are the fatalistic ones in nature...I guess I'm just stubborn in that regard. I never really thought of myself as any kind of philosopher or felt like any of my thoughts are philosophical; I just live through the day, acting in my best interest. As for its usefulness to society, the image I have of philosophy is one of people debating the fundamentals of nature, society, etc just for the sake of it...and that I think is worthless. Not to say that's what philosophy really is, but that's the image I've always had of it. If it's true nature is applicable to everyday situations and even better, society as a whole, then yes I'd change my view of it.
  2. Trump and his supporters have already told everyone that they don't care about what the intellectuals say, whether they're right or not, and it's not because they're necessarily stupid or ignorant to the facts, but because they don't really care. They don't really care if Trump doesn't represent conservative values, or if his wall is impractical, or if he lies 4 times every 3 minutes, as long as he stays true to one thing-put whites first above everyone else even if that means shafting others. As long as he's committed to white supremacy/white nationalism in their eyes he can do no wrong. It's probably where the connection to WW2 Germany comes from, along with the dictator-esque/authoritarian aura Trump and some of his supporters give off. This year is the year where sensible is thrown out the window and the true nature of America reveals itself. Emotion is entirely it's appeal and personal bias rules over everything else, and honestly it's always been this way but for some reason people are afraid or ashamed to admit that this sentiment has been brewing for so long; either that or they never had to to acknowledge it. This is why you can't really have a debate with the reactionary way of thinking-because it appeals only to emotion and biases, facts be damned, and everyone can be persuaded by it-it just depends on the circumstances. Such thinking should never really be accepted or tolerated, only defeated.
  3. Seems like they have to do with looking at your opponent's facedown cards and maybe even cards in hand, and capitalizing on that information. Could be a great concept.
  4. Well well, this isn't surprising. The far right is on the rise and nationalism is the flavor of the era again. I'm seeing all of the "usual suspects" supporting and encouraging this. Also, don't be shocked if Trump becomes our new president.
  5. Ok, not as bad as some of the stuff I've read before. Truthfully the government needs to be less incompetent. They knew this guy had terrorist ties for a while but didn't do anything about him, and background checks could've helped here too.
  6. Dude still isn't answering my question. Damn, it's just a simple query, what's the matter?
  7. In Muslim countries, there aren't many, if there are some, but the christian faith is quite anti-homosexual and that's definitely evident in this country and even some abroad which is what I meant. Now, you tell me since you still keep evading this question, what do you wish to do about Islam and the people who practice it?
  8. Same with Christianity. Also I don't mind politicizing deaths, since politics do play a role in people's motives for committing acts like this. Just know that I can play this game too.
  9. http://abc7.com/news/suspect-w--arsenal-in-car-taken-into-custody-in-santa-monica/1382290/ Also can we get off the Muslim/Arab bashing and realize that there were going to be two mass killings today, just that this guy got caught in time?
  10. No one really gives a shit about mental illness though, lol. If we did we wouldn't have that conversation everytime a bunch of people die at the hands of a few. Be honest, the only reason people even go for the mental illness argument is to deflect from the issue of gun ownership. Also I think the reason why gun restrictions in some areas don't work because it's probably easy to get the weapons outside of the restricted area. Gun manufacturers and both legal and illegal guns are everywhere in this country-no one is going to stop a gang member, lone nut, or Islamic extremist from getting a weapon when this country and it's culture is saturated with weapons, and even if you start talking about guns being smuggled across the border, this is true, but the sad part is that the guns these gangs that are south of the border get come from us, that's right, the United States.
  11. The issue is that most guns used in mass shootings are obtained legally anyway, so trying to clamp down on illegal gun ownership does fuck all about the issue. Another side of this is that the FBI KNEW this guy had Muslim extremist ties, and for a long time, but did nothing about this. This is similar to how people know a potential mass murderer is a nut but never act upon this knowledge until it's too late.
  12. Yeah, they're both completely different.
  13. You say that, but no one does anything about this "mental illness" problem, and everyone's solutions to Islam are "SEARCH/BAN THE MOSQUES, BOMB THEIR COUNTRIES, MUSLIM DATABASE, PROFILING", but never talk about government incompetence and/or gun regulations that don't even infringe on the 2nd amendment. Ok.
  14. Obligatory.