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  1. "It's something that undocumented immigrants pay more taxes than a billionaire"- Hillary Clinton Fucking. OWNED. That's how you do it! Also Trump with that "What a nasty woman" bit was cute...and hilarious.
  2. I can see Trump supporters being behind that firebombing. For all the false flagging they accuse their opponents of, they sure don't mind doing it themselves. Also this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/10/14/three-kansas-men-calling-themselves-crusaders-charged-in-terror-plot-targeting-muslim-immigants/?utm_term=.431e3b47ee6f
  3. Most of the time when people say this they just want to kill anything and everything in site on the battlefield without repercussions, and subject their captives to whatever method of interrogation they see fit, INCLUDING torture. What he meant is that Russia already has more nuclear weapons than we do. For them THERE IS NO BEING BEHIND US, especially when they hold the title to the greatest nuclear detonation of all time, the Czar Bomba. Also, iirc, they have even more nuclear weapons then we do. Changed to what? "Bomb people and families indiscriminately"? You are. A lot of the motivation for these grunts is due to the United States and others. Bullfuckinshit. He meant it as he said it to spread fear. His base doesn't even live in the inner city, so they're not even affected by it. He's just trying to scare whites shitless into voting for him. The context was as he said it. He wanted to sneak into countries and wipe out targets as to not give away locations so that terrorists don't leave before the strike. Sucks if these targets are amidst civilians tho. Also damn near led to WWIII, but hey, MAGA, right? Let's be real. Trump supporters only want to express power and authority. These people are telling everyone who they are, and they're just like I said they are. They will set the world on fire if you let them, and they're worse than the terrorists they hate so much. Everything I responded to is proof of that. Lol, Winter doesn't even know or care that flexing, proliferation and sword rattling during the 60s almost lead to an irradiated planet. Trump's actions will further destabilize the Middle East, and with his temperament I can definitely see him using nuclear weapons for the dumbest and most petty reasons. Clinton is wrong about the number of Trump supporters being deplorable. Almost all of them are awful people. Lol, they're bigoted trash and yet people still try to reason with them, and for anyone who defected Trump after his rapey comments are still trash, because they put up with all the filth before that. No media really wants to say it out of fear of offending the american public, and it's why Clinton backed down on her rather conservative estimate. No one really wants to say it because they want to believe so badly this country is better than that-well it doesn't seem like it. If it was Trump wouldn't be anywhere near the White House. Cmon, when you have Godwin's Law not meaning a damn thing anymore in this era anymore you know you got a problem. Yeah, it's politically incorrect to say, but it is what it is.
  4. Because whatever they say and think is reality, therefore correct, remember?
  5. Honestly Pence came off as the more likable, cool-headed one. If anyone says Pence won, that's the only reason why. Sucks that he 1. Isn't the presidential nominee instead of the dumpster fire known as Trump, and 2. He's defending the dumpster fire known as Trump. Kaine could've left the snark at home while going in on the Trump team. Eh..he kept ramming the "Trump didn't pay taxes" bit a little too much-if anything he should've used it to point out the hypocrisy of the republicans since paying less taxes is pretty much one of their camp's pillars, meaning they'll take pride in it, as trump has, BUT if you bring up how the right denigrates others who don't "contribute" while not contributing themselves, that would've stung more imo. Also thought the moderator did better than Holt, though she should've pressed Pence more on the domestic terrorism question instead of letting him weasel out of it.
  6. YES, THEY DO. Also, by your admission that means a good bit of the country are right-wing loons, because those publications are NOT far-left.
  7. "Far left"...lol ok guy. Just because you say it's true doesn't mean it's true. Those publications aren't communist, aren't marxist, aren't socialist, or any other term that's anywhere near what you'd call "far left". Also you didn't even include all the OTHER right-wing outlets that I named, along with the others. Lol you people have the worst persecution complex when you're guilty of all the things you accuse your opponents of. If you think those outlets are far left, that in of itself reveals you WAY TOO far right. You're basically in right-wing danger zone with at least some of your views.
  8. How does the media have more a dog in the fight when the right-wing has saturated the internet with sewage? Evens out to me. Tbh a lot of the problems in this country has come from right wing media proliferating garbage online with anti-social justice youtube, publications like breitbart, and outside of the internet you have talk radio and the likes of fox news and various other right-wing think tanks funded by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Joseph Coors, and others. Even now we have billionaires funding actual "shitpost" efforts online in favor of Trump, and don't even get me started on this anti-SJ trolls who degrade and brigade every comment section and social media site online, along with all the death threats and other forms of toxicity. All this "edutainment" coming from these people is part of the reason for the decay that we have in politics. All of this is the reason why Trump has gotten so far-a controlled, non-stop effort on part of the Right, and yet somehow you're able to say with a straight face that you're all victims of the "mainstream media", when in truth you're PART of a mass media machine yourself.
  9. police shooting

    Your source doesn't work. I'm looking for more info on it but can only find the usual right-wing outlets taunting it, and the source threw up an arbitrary percentage too. THEN on top of that he says that all these people came from outside of state within hours JUST to protest/start trouble? Even if he is correct that doesn't nullify why the 30% were out there, along with the rest of the protesters out there who actually take issue with the police's actions. And you know this how? When you have quislings like David Clarke, Allen West, Wayne Dupree, Larry Elder, Marco "taco trucks on every corner" Gutierrez, and other who side with people who'd rather see them and others of their race dead/incarcerated/whatever else, I'd disagree. Then on top of that if those same police have experienced racism from their own departments but are STILL there, or are there and haven't spoken out against it, that says a lot about them. Shows me you don't like your people all too much, and this is only IF a black cop even shot Keith Scott, since we still haven't gotten a name of the officer who actually did it. You take the polices word for it a lot, while I don't. They don't have a great track record of honesty. Even now this same dept lied about Scott pointing a weapon at them, and they lied about having transparency with the dashcam footage as well, with Chief Putney saying this: “I never said ‘full transparency.’ I said ‘transparency,’ and transparency’s in the eye of the beholder.”
  10. police shooting

    No, he didn't. She was only charged, not convicted. And even if she was convicted, she could still be let off (see Peter Liang).
  11. OH, another reason why I'm considering Clinton. Nuclear weapons are a big deal to me and I don't want them in the hands of Trump.
  12. police shooting

    I'm not trying to convert anyone; I'm only interested in defeating those with erroneous mindsets. I'm not interested in entertaining and giving credence to beliefs I see as ass-backwards or even harmful. As for your other points they really don't have anything to do with racial profiling and harassment, and some of these recent shootings though. Especially with the killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, Terrence Crutcher, and many others. @Gemstone Mine True, card carrying white supremacists aren't the majority of the force, BUT when you have the entire profession protecting these people, and carry at least part of their mindset there's a problem. I remember seeing a story where an entire dept was cleaned out after finding that the lot of them were either sending each other racist emails/texts or part of a WS group, and another dept planted drugs and weapons on thousands black people since the 90s, and this is in my state of Alabama. Were these officers of the latter dept part of a WS group? Maybe, maybe not, but if they weren't they still had the mindset of one. When you have the Chicago police hosting unmarked locations used to house and torture thousands of civilians, mainly black men, I'm not going to give people like that the benefit of the doubt. Same Chicago police that released a former police commissioner that oversaw the torture of hundreds of black men. When you have NYC locking many people up for undisclosed amounts of time WITHOUT trial, I'm not going to assume any kind of innocence on those people, and the list goes on and on and on, and it's not just limited to certain regions of the US either. Thing is I'd be more sympathetic if they actually dealt with this problem-if there's corruption in their ranks, they should SAY AND DO SOMETHING, not cover it up and get pouty when called out on it.
  13. police shooting

    http://www.oregonlive.com/today/index.ssf/2016/07/police_shootings_brings_into_s.html http://abcnews.go.com/US/philadelphia-police-investigate-officer-photographed-tattoo-resembling-nazi/story?id=41823227 You were saying? What if it's their job to harass and brutalize the citizenry? As for this non-aggression principle (which I know very well), people have already been provoked. Action is justified at this point. I've always taken the NAP as to mean physical violence, so we're adding verbal and economic action now? That's new seeing how physical, verbal, and economic aggression can be used to solve this issue. Why do you think I'm at least verbally harsh to your lot?