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  1. Laza (True Draco Zoo) > N3sh (True Draco Zoo) 2-1
  2. Laza (Pure Zoodiacs) > itswhatever (Pure Zoodiacs) 2-1 gg
  3. I can duel any day. Preferably somewhere around 6 pm central.
  4. Laza (True King Dinos) > Vitamin-C (Atlantean Mermails) 2-0
  5. Will be on all weekend. Hopefully I can catch one of you on duelingbook
  6. DuelistGroundz username: Laza Discord username: Laza Formats: Current Expected level of activity: Weekends during school but active during summer Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Anybody that will accept me
  7. Thanks for trying anyways. It seems I always pick the classes that never have PDF books somewhere :S
  8. I need some help finding some books too if you don't mind. "By the People: Debating American Government" Brief Edition James A Morone. Published back in 2013ish. The book cover is half blue on the bottom. "Ethics: Selections from Classical and Comtemporary Writers" 11th Edition by Oliver A. Johnson and Andrew Reath "Essential University Physics: Volume 1 (3rd Edition)" by Richard Wolfson
  9. Sucks that he used up all of his challenges, but man what an upset.
  10. Around yesterday my parents' Google TV began to act up. It has some apps that needs updating, otherwise they would not work.   Ex. You can search something on the Youtube app however no videos will play.   When I go to Google Play and try to update the apps, a message pops up saying 'Update for "This App" could not be downloaded due to an error.(Error retrieving information from server.', then suddenly another message pops up saying "Google Talk Authentication failed". According to some sites on google the authentication error is the root of the problem because if that message pops up then I can't access google play correctly (Even though I can get into the app). I went to the notification and tried to reset the google talk only to have the message appear a couple minutes later. I've tried resetting factory defaults, deleting my gmail and re-adding it and clear caches/data on google services then reboot like google suggested, but no luck. Hopefully one of you has a Google TV and can help me.
  11. RIP Roddy Piper. This came out of nowhere. Man, two big losses in just a couple of weeks :(
  12. Damn, that was out of nowhere. :(   RIP Dusty. 
  13. Lesnar is the fucking man.
  14. I'm pretty sure Nash just tore his quad again     oh what the flying shit