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  1. Wind-Up - Discussion

    You don't play this deck to OTK. You play it as a deck that can OTK. Almost every game is a grind game and that is what this deck strives at. so then why do you play this deck. bc at this point i don't really see it   No one is undermining the fact the deck has issues and is past its prime. However it's a deck that has always grinded through games, why would that be any different now?
  2. Wind-Up - Discussion

      Here is mine, I'm still a fan of gorz. 3 Rabbit 3 Rat 3 Shark 1 Mage 1 Warrior 2 TGU 1 Gorz   3 Factory 3 Upstart 2 Duality 1 Tenki 2 MST 1 Dark Hole 1 Reborn 1 Heavy   2 Fiendish 2 BTH 2 Dprison 2 Mirror Force 2 TT 1 Warning 1 Judgement   :40   I agree about the cardcars, But losing a turn or drawing it late game is something that I really dislike about cardcar. Upstart really shines in this sense. Another thing is that drawing cardcars is pretty bad when you have no protection, especially multiples.
  3. Wind-Up - Discussion

    I think 3 Upstart in this deck is too good. It gives it speed to compete with the other top decks, gets you rabbit/factory faster, draws into needed cards, etc. The idea of running a 34 card deck with Duality + Upstart + Tenki is so appealing. 
  4. Dgz's Compiled Netflix watch list

    Dexter, Arrested Development. This may be Canada only however
  5. best video in the world

    black lusting solider
  6. YCS San Diego Top 32: Theory in Practice

    Great read, well spoken, super thorough and very in-depth  :)   Also I lol'd at this: "I am unwilling to adapt my strategy to the evolving game due to a personal code of morals that is acknowledged in neither the rulebook nor the tournament structure". I hate those people.
  7. mit shooting (marathon connection) ((holy shit))

    Yes, but being shot in the neck is quite life threatening. I didn't mean I thought they killed him instantly, but that he will die in the condition he's in.
  8. mit shooting (marathon connection) ((holy shit))

    Apparently shots were exchanged when apprehending him.
  9. mit shooting (marathon connection) ((holy shit))

    Let's hope the guy they got is the right guy
  10. What do you usually get for your sub at subway?

    Cold Cut 9 Grain Wheat (Toasted) Cheddar Lettuce, Tomato, Olives, Onions, Green Peppers, Pickles Chipotle, Honey Mustard
  11. 2nd Place YCS San Diego

    Best player atm imo. Sucks how it turned out, but great job.
  12. Untitled

    A+ report, hilarious. Can't blame people for being salty losing 1-0 lol. Gj regardless. 
  13. Trap Stun vs Abyss-Sphere

    I played a regional just a while ago and it was ruled that it's destroyed at end phase... So I was just going by that.