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  1. I've got the one I'm breeding with and it's Mild. I've got 3 or so with 4 and Timid. My internet is down right now though (on my phone) I've also got 3 available males. I can generally crank one out every 30 minutes.
  2.   How did you get enough to feel okay just giving them away?   It took me all day yesterday and i only got 1 (2 with the stats but it got torrent) Meh, it was probably because i used a 6 iv inkay instead of a traded or same species mon so they took forever to make eggs.    You got any crap 5 Iv'd female froakies i could use to make more? Males could work too. I can provide 5 iv smeargles. Great for breeding   Also, i doubt it, but got any with HP Fire or Fairy? I'd give some 6 iv mons for that. I can also give a 5 iv adamant inkay without sp.a  It's not that I have a ton that I'm giving them away. I'm asking so I can make some right now. I'm trying to just set everyone up with them so they can breed their own. And most people send good stuff no matter what on here. As long as we still have a pretty nice mindset going here I'll continue giving out stuff for whatever you'd like to send in return. No way in hell would I be giving it away free on /vp/ or that smogon FS chat.
  3. Hit me up on message or here for some 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Timid Protean Froakies. I'll be on for tomorrow to deliver. Really anything is fine but stuff to help me breed new stuff would be much appreciated.
  4. [quote name="iDunnoBro" post="3602005" timestamp="1382297742"]I don't bother trying to get both ivs and nature at the same time anymore, i try to max ivs first then get nature later.   If you give me a protean froakie, I can get it to 5-6 and give you spares. No guarantees on nature though. Protean froakie is my next project[/quote] I'm working on that now. I've got a few Male Timid Froakies with 3-4 maxed IVs right now.
  5. [me being confused about the way Destiny Knot is known to work here] edit: Serebii has it that Destiny Knot just ups it from 3 IVs total to 5 being passed down so this is probably all wrong. I thought it was 5 from one parent. More reasonable but still very useful. So it seems there is going to be a lot of breeding down chains which makes mothers passing down egg moves just that much more helpful.
  6. I think they're really pushing for people to not cheat and in an extremely positive way. I'm really excited about all of this. Breeding is definitely my favorite part of Pokemon. Also the Power Items still have so nice uses in getting a perfect IV Pokemon in conjunction with the Destiny Knot. Now I really need a Ditto Friend Safari.
  7. No problem.  I've got to get off for the night since I work in the morning, but I'll have more for people tomorrow and I plan to start some Timid Larvesta if I have time.
  8. The IV checker in Kiloude.
  9. I want one FC: 4425 - 1485 - 3687. Are they male or female? Right now just male.  Trying for more females to send out to the other breeders.  I've added everyone in the FC thread.
  10. I've got quite a few Timid Protean Froakies with 31s in Speed and Sp. Attack if anyone is interested. I can also whip up some Hasty or Naive ones but I got Timid ones ready to go.
  11. [quote name="Exiled" post="3600082" timestamp="1382064266"]when was rhydon ever able to learn thunderbolt?   this is quite surprising to me lol[/quote] Every gen other than 2 (because there was no TM for it but it could still learn Thunder).
  12. Haven't had a chance to really play lately since I've been too busy with Y.  I'm probably going to be testing a Maiden build with sided Imperial Iron Walls similar to the idea with Dragunity dragons doing so (and the OCG).
  13. Working on Timid, Bold and Modest Larvestas currently.  Hoping to have some available by the weekend.
  14. Would the person with Ditto be willing to add some other people by chance. Again here's my FC since I'm still missing quite a few people and mine FS is Mawile, Forretress and Klefki. 3609 - 1477 - 9937 edit: Just found a Pikachu in one of my Safaris and caught a Female one. And thank you Ray for the Ivysaur.