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  1. A Loli - LxBluntEdge#8647 - Dance Gavin Dance - alexjuneja1@gmail.com
  2. The Seraphim "Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under his wings." Revelation 4:8 Goat Format: - Ynusgridorh / Ynusgridorh#4702(Team Leader) - MattKolenda / MattK#7372 - TRUMPOLOGIST / Wow Wink#4876 Current Format: ? Former Members: - !CCK / Kev#9880 - Jazz / Jazz#2704 - A Loli / LxBluntEdge#8647 - Oh_The_Irony / Naveen#5980 - Satchmo / Satchmo#5836 - Squiddy / noobMan93#5478 - themadgician / theMadgician#8686 - Traptrix Rafflesia / Melisandre[flower emoji]#4629 - wrinklywinkie / arvin#4366 - TheAntiAntimetaAzn / G-sop#9202
  3. thx

    ya lik ur welcum but aslo dg isnt dying bc they lose retart dnf ppl, dnf ppl r toxic. dey onli troll n add nuthin of valu, thts y 90% of em suk. bullet club is all shity trolls cept jay rbf and hash lol dey rnt evin reel. if u r metro, stfu. if u r rbf, take it ez men XD (dg is dyin 4 othr reesins tho)
  4. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    mark is a fraud. Any sympathy he tries to mine from you isn't real. (Faint) I was warned about him by older, esteemed members of DG -- he's not mentally well and has the worst decision-making out of anyone on the website. Furthermore, he is absolutely delusional. The world mark exists in is not the same world you and I live in. We could be looking at a cup on a table and we all see the same thing, but mark sees a fleshlight and lube & will swear up and down about how what he's seeing is correct. He's a talentless hack and I'm not sure who brainwashed these mods into thinking whatever he was doing was even remotely useful for DG as anyone who would come into contact with him immediately left with a terrible impression. What made me more furious about all this was how THIS was the straw that broke the camel's back. Out of everything mark does, this was it. Is the only way to stop retarded sociopaths from ruining the site along the lines of waiting for them to harass enough people and then finally make a "SMASH'D" thread? We can't just point out how shitty and toxic someone is to their community and how that kind of person shouldn't be on staff as it makes the site look terrible? No offense to the mods but I've said this before and will say it again, you guys set this kind of shit up to happen. Do we need to point out the other people mark has harassed thoroughly? Sure, maybe not sexually, but mark harasses most of ATO into submission in hopes of somehow deluding himself that he's a "good team leader" and a "good member of his team." He is neither and his ego is misplaced. For some reason, people think the correct thing to do is sympathize with someone like that or give them more chances. That's incorrect every single time. I'm glad mark is finally fucking off after totally trampling on a full war season with Kris (from a different angle) and I hope if any staff member shows symptoms of mark that they are removed immediately. No more doormats as mods please. Do your jobs and keep your site clean and looking nice. No, you don't have to ban me to do that--get the people who really matter. Like mark. Nate's right, why isn't this dude perma-banned? I'm aware that trash talk in YGO is generally accepted but DG is supposed to be about getting people better. When the worst person on the entire site trash talks his team (most specifically, the newer members like Brandis72 who are actually doing everything possible to improve but mark is making them worse at the game) because he's "the leader" and then goes on to harassing people on a personal level, that shouldn't be acceptable whatsoever. Doormats or not, fucking do something please. How come MMF's hands are always tied? Why are Satchmo and Gojira constantly playing neutral? I like these guys a lot but stand your ground please. If not for yourselves, for your site. Yeah, I get that it's funny when I do the Based Loli thing but that doesn't seem to get through to anyone and this probably won't either but at least understand that what the mods on this site do actually opens the door for this kind of behavior to happen. I'm so sure that mark, who did this to my good friend Sage forever ago, knew that nothing drastic would happen to him because even though no-one respects him (nor should they), everyone is too afraid to do anything. This isn't the first time mark's ethics have been called into question, that's for sure. But I hope that this is the last and the mods finally get their shit together.
  5. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    riged wow i solvd dis gam btw i cant belive i wus ONE UNDR fuk u islick n ur gay ass tearlost
  6. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    need i say moar XD
  7. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    dint u kno i slick n jazz r da gratest ting 2 ever happin 2 mofia N DUALIST GOND!!!!
  8. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    normuly id agre w/ u men but HONIST if u dun use isuckz tearlust den u aint playin good so 4 day 1 it alway corect 2 folo tearlost
  9. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    ay wat good u kno woh da fuk dis is XD it ya boi n he bak n polayin MAFIA IF JAZ N ISTICK can do it den SO KAN I LMFAOOOO wehn u tink of omgus vote i alweys tri 2 tink "wat wuld isicks do" den i rember his tearlist......... vote silver b t w u alredi kno wat it i z babby
  10. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups 2.0

    u alredi kno in 1st time comentin 2nd time donatin play nice im noob
  11. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    i hav balls babby XD i AM DA ATO "WARRIOR" tbh sems a lil sketchi cuz u culd alweys say "hay i got BUGED REPLAY PLZ" wehn u start 2 lose but tbf i culd spin it bak on u so i guess its fine deres jus a lot of shady busines goin on tbh w/ da hole kira thing but its all jus suspicion n no reel proof on either side ninja emoji but i wil sey dat it wuz fun playin both kristopher n my good pal naveen shakur (no relation to tupac i checked)
  12. silverdud ovr me in a miracle d/c 2-1 (i play warriors he play goat control) den we run dat shit bak me ovr silverdude 2-0 (i play warrior he play goat control)
  13. me ovr n3sh 2-1 (he play chaos goat recruiter i play warrior)
  14. Round 5: ALL THE OUTS vs Da D-Boyz

    me ovr artnhammer (2-1) he play goat control i play warrior den we run dat shit bak me ovr artnhammer (2-1) he play dimension fusion recruiter i play warrior
  15. cameron sandy cheeks > me 2-1 (he play goatse control i play warrior)