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  1. Damn this broke my heart to see. Max did a lot for me early on.. Rest easy big bro
  2. Columbus Weekend Report(s)

    gj on topping, if i knew there was a regional i woulda stopped by. whats your name?
  3. This week...

    Dallas won't stop Turner, go with him. If LT was playing better I would go with him though, but he isn't.
  4. NFL Week 7 Picks

    New England Patriots @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Indianapolis Colts @ St. Louis Rams Minnesota Vikings @ Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers @ Houston Texans Green Bay Packers @ Cleveland Browns New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders Buffalo Bills @ Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears @ Cincinnati Bengals New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins
  5. Rescue cat being at one

    If you draw Cat with Call set every game then go ahead and run them.
  6. Rescue cat being at one

    Why would I post my build? lol
  7. Rescue cat being at one

    It's pretty evident that your set on your belief and your not going to change that so go ahead and play your Test Tigers and Samnites and I'll continue to play a better build and have more success. Goodnight.
  8. Rescue cat being at one

    If you don't understand why Rescue Cat at 1 is not good in Glads then you're pretty much retarded. Glads are about having the most live cards possible for as many situations as possible. When you have to commit 2 Samnite and 3 Test Tiger to make that 1 Rescue Cat live in GB you're taking away from what your trying to do with the deck; have the most options in any situation and the most live cards. Test Tiger is a good card but it's also a very dead card in a lot of situations. I could go in more depth but I'm already bored.
  9. Drake

    Ignant Shit is the best song off So Far Gone easily.
  10. Rescue cat being at one

    I mean if you want to take exactly what I told you a month ago and use it as your own that's cool.
  11. Destiny Hero - Plasma

    Only question I've ever had with this card is when you equip a monster does it actually go in the Spell/Trap card zone? So you could MST the equiped monster?
  12. Gladiator Beast - Discussion

    Why play 2 Ultimate Offerings when.. A: it's bad. B: you play 12 Monsters. C: it is retardedly situational.

    Yay Columbus!