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  1. I'm not sure how prevalent Twin Twisters is in the meta right now but we could run Sky Iris still?  >Allows us to get Odd-Eyes Fusion to fusion summon, it's technically 'free' if they have stuff and lets us get through more monsters while being a 3000 DEF ass   Sky Iris also means we can get access to Sorcerer/Monkeyboard through OEPD but that seems really slow (I haven't played much against BA so I don't know how 'fast' the deck it is but knowing ygo now---) Also those cards are Dark, allowing us to dig deeper into the deck through allure I'm not sure if it's worth it to run Magicians with the engine, as it's not really that searchable anymore with the hit to Wisdom-Eye but the cards are still good, and Pendulum Call is still (again) a good card; but I'm not sure how that all fits in
  2. Would you guys still run Chicken Game? I mean it's a pseudo Upstart that digs deeper + you can bounce it w/ Zephyros for a second draw, but I'm finding it really hard to justify it when what normally happens is they'll draw off it as well and then just go off because I didn't have a way of getting rid of it w/ a different spell   The idea of siding into the Zombie World is really attractive though, but obviously only for the monarch match-up
  3. I mean I'm pretty sure if the Ariadne build goes off, then it will beat the AK/darks build hand-down(?) (Feel free to correct me, I just want to get down the particular pros-cons) But if not, the dark build will generally be able to make some kind of play and win out (Assuming equal player skill/neither player drew complete brick)   In either deck if you brick...well they're still bricks.   What's the probability for opening a strong hand w/ the Ariadne engine vs the Dark engine? What do you even need to go off with Ariadne to make it "worth" more using than the Dark engine? I think these are all questions you're going to have to ask yourself before picking an engine to use Even then, this isn't taking into account other decks in the meta / other builds that are out there (ala instant fusion / eccentrick)  Though to be honest I feel like the AK build is a little bit better than just running upstart/ins fusion since those are still dead without having the right scales/etc, while having access to dragon dump can out floodgates; and at least it's a monster you can summon to "do" something.    I think it's also possible to splash magicians ala OCG-style before the Wisdom-Eye hit Whether this is the correct route or not I would not be able to tell you, but you do get to worry less about getting dumped on by singular Solemn Strikes/Wavering Eyes due to Dragonpit/Wavering; but Dragonpit is kinda shitty in this deck because lvl 7 doesn't do anything   Alternatively you could just run Pulse/Oaf, which gives you access to monster destruction but you probably value the MST effect Whichever route you pick there will always be a possibility of bricking, but in finding the "best deck"/"best build" it might be more important to see the rest of what is played in the format so that we don't forfeit (in particular) the monarch matchup (I get absolutely bodied by Majesty/Fieldspell lock, but I brick a lot apparently)   Hopefully this helps you in establishing a little bit of insight into what you want to play.
  4. That's true, I suppose that every time you see AK w/o something to use it with is kinda gross I liked the Pendulum Rising on it into Sorcerer, but I guess that's not really worth it?   I find that the problem with what I've seen so far of the ariadne builds is that it's similar to how Nekroz was played; in which your engine was just blatantly stronger than other decks, and you would do better trying to set up a board and breaking their lock, rather than trying to lock them out of playing the game. Thus, it might be better to just run cards that would allow you to either bounce back(?)
  5. wait I thought Dark Engine was the most commonly played?   Are we going to take the guy who got 1st at YCS Prague's list into account here? I know he's been accused of cheating (I don't know if truthful or not obviously), but the ideas at least seemed interesting. I suppose that you kind of get wrecked by Strike if you try to summon AK into it because I assume you'd negate, because you'd lose it to the Shaddoll Dragon after anyway(?)   Forgive me if I'm totally wrong; I just got back in the format but I at least want to contribute   You could always play some assortment of hand-traps for the "trap-like card" portion?
  6. Pure Shaddolls

    I imagine stuff like Odd-Eyes or Kirin are hard to break bc Winda can't deal with them and they're recurrable(?) I like the idea of the deck but the Pepe w/ Magician seems like a really hard matchup ^ (like you said)
  7. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    If you're running 3damajug/1trick/1hat is it worth it to also splash 1plush/1mirror conductor?   Gives you access to the rank 4 stuff through juggler in graveyard, and both mirror conductor and plushfire have applications both on the field and in the pendulum zone, so your jugglers aren't 'dead' after you finish using them if it matters it also makes it easier to do the ragnazero + mirror conductor to kill something but I don't think it's THAT relevant   >also 3 - 8 scale still allows you to summon your other stuff if you were just missing a low scale,   but trying to fit it in might be hard bc it turns the clown engine into a 7 card committment; though at the same time I feel like we should be running at least damage juggler so we might as well play the other cards to get full mileage out of it?
  8. Magician Pendulum - Discussion

    I feel like I'd rather set up with Kirin with that hand, especially because you have the Maxx-C
  9. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Are you sure you don't want to run Leviair? It was discussed a few pages earlier and I think it's worth a spot, especially if you're having trouble against Kozmo since F0 is such a boon in that matchup  (Make Leviair detach, get Cir, it dies to bring back Dante -> F0)
  10. Magical Spring

    Just checking, when you activate it you discard one because you control Magical Springe correct?   edit : im blind
  11. "Fake" loading?

    Hi, I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue or I just dun goof'd, but for the last few months at DGz, everytime I try to post, I get the little circle thing that tells you the post is loading or whatever, but it just sticks there even though the post has already been completed.   Just wanted to point that out, but I mean it doesn't affect the overall experience of anything so-- (sorry)    
  12. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Tbh everytime I mill Draghig, I also mill Scarm and it just makes me immensely sad
  13. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Oh that's pretty neat tbh I was running a pretty similar list, but with Back Jack to try and get more value out of my Dante mills, as well using Draghig to set up Lake. Do you guys normally just try to set up Dante and then back it up with Vergil to push? I know it's really hard without a specific situation, but just when you're blinding and don't have information I also assume we blind first? There's a thread about whether decks blind first or second and it got me thinking about whether the Dante set up is worth letting Kozmo get 1st attack or letting Majespecter set up their pendulum/field At the same time i mean It's a dante? It's good but ...kind of lackluster? Not really threatening if that makes any sense compared to a Pepe setup or something Cutting down on cards like lake svares me because i feel that it takes a lot of set up to get it with Cagna and then recur with Dante via dark hole(?) Again tho i said earlier most of my testing is biased bc i'm just playing to get away from papers so most of my opponents haven't really been playing meta. But i hope the theory discussion helps get us all to brainstorm (Funny story i get shit on all day by shaddoll now tho I know nobody's playing it + im bad but Winda + artifact + trap looks gross. Seems inconsistent/probably not relevant in a ycs scene bc of its weakness to the rest of the format tho?)
  14. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    How was Draghig for you? Everytime I use it seems super lackluster, but I get that we kind of have a lack of names to really use with our BA monsters
  15. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I think running Breakthrough is also important because it gives us more cards that are actually usable off Dante mills. I dunno how fast Majespecter is because most of my games have been against friends playing Kozmo and I've only watched a few matches on YGOPRO/DN, but I mean you're probably stuck having to grind the match out, so maybe we should just focus on getting BAs on the field for Horn of Heaven / Fire Lake and then making plays from there, rather than trying to establish a floating Dante on the first turn, because Majespecter can search their trap, and Breakthrough Skill/Veiler are seeing play. These are cards which obviously have the same devastating effect if used on Crane Crane/TGU/Roids because of the xenophobia effect.    Perhaps we could look at Forbidden Lance or something(?)