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  1. Until we meet again

    looking forward to your retort 365 days from now
  2. Until we meet again

    perfect time for me to take over
  3. definitely interested The cube i designed (which is essentially designing your own format) does this - except we didnt make any of our own cards I'd be interested in designing some card effects - currently doing that now with a card game im working on - it is very challenging
  4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    it was good overall. it had a LOT going on. Definitely laced character development like i couldnt really tell why any of the characters were doing what they were doing. The final 45 minutes were very good and it ended on an excellent note
  5. hiii

    youre not very friendly
  6. post 999

    delete a post every time you post a new one
  7. Atlanta

    nice i saw the first two episodes online but couldnt figure out how to see the rest without a TV. Good to hear season 1 didnt start sucking. i'll watch at some point!
  8. YCS Liverpool

    do you have a decklist?
  9. has Kris uploaded his commentary video against Allen?
  10. The most complete and comprehensive misprint database

    Why not just upload an image of every misprint onto imgur and then post the links here in this thread?
  11. Pokemon Generations

    I'm super excited for this. Basically a weekly miniseries of lesser told stories in the pokemon world.
  12. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

    Does anyone know where to watch this subbed?
  13. Hi again =]

    im doing fine too thanks for asking
  14. Dueling Network

    are there any resources that are basically just the card database without the dueling function? I remember a few years ago there was some app that had like every card on it or something... really im just looking for a big database of all the cards that sortable and searchable based on card type, atk, def etc. so i can update my cube is there anything out there??