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  1. "A star just fell from the sky. That is not an ordinary star my son..."  
  2. you could try posting to or
  3. Vote for Verdant Catacombs, he will take you to prom.
  4. Slate warrior could be a cool wind-type. It would prevent the player controlling Falcon from fearlessly attacking without facing a decision; do I kill it now and have a 1500 Falcon, or do I wait to set up defense on my turn and face a 2400 next turn.  Tsuk is a hard counter to it but being a spirit gives the opponent knowledge of it, so now you have to decide whether to conserve Tsuk or nor Also, it has cool interactions with book of moon and stacked buffs
  6. kind of a randy idea but how about siding Jinzo? A lot of builds already play Monarchs Storm Forth to compensate for the tribute, and Winda + Jinzo seem kind of auto-win vs. Satella apart from them having Grand Mole
  7. another interesting card to get rid of Winda, although it requires some commitment & a battle phase wins out in the Castel/101 vs. Winda + Ice Hand situation described above  
  8. "The maintaining of the clutch cards, so to say." - Jarel 'Pro' Winston