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  1. The Child of the Prophecy (予言の子, Yogen no Ko) is a title conceived by the Great Toad Sage. He foretold that the Child of the Prophecy would be a student of Jiraiya that would bring a great revolution to the world of the ninja. Jiraiya's actions would determine if this revolution would be for the world's salvation or the world's destruction. Jiraiya believed, at different times, that the following characters could be the Child of the Prophecy: Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders
  2. we are in the shadow realm
  3. only a true yugioh fan is into aleister crowley, thelema, and magick
  4. Atem said rei wanted $400 unless he was lying
  5. nope @TRUMPOLOGIST don't worry about me. i'm just testing people in this simulated reality. since i am a true buddhist i desire less things than most people so money isn't so important to me.