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  1. no that was last night wasnt it heyoooooo but for real, some form of white noise might help.
  2. I got a new bass yesterday and its weird cos i still think of my LTD as my 'new bass' as if i havent used it much and i got it 13 years ago.
  3. Porn and weed don't QUITE work for me but come close? I usually put something like a speedrun on my phone and semi-pay attention to its audio (no video) to kinda stop thoughts racing and that sometimes helps
  4. guy i met on reddit making a filk screamo lofi ep about konosuba need to convince him to let me add a bass part
  5. nah those only take 5 min of reading and then however many minutes of shame it takes to fall asleep
  6. (also during the night phase i managed to finish 3 konosuba light novels)
  7. moaning a bit, with a grin on her face as she bleeds from her.. uh.. hammer stab wounds... darkness manages to scrawl one last thing in the dirt before passing on
  8. I get the Soph thing I think Faint at this point just literally hasn't been awake at the same time as the game; all joking about francis protecting him aside
  9. its not a gut read so much as i dont view his posts as any bigger or more substantial than most posters
  10. it was more a respone to 'what u guys think about jazz' no one's saying 'what you think about faint' yknow?
  11. My takeaway is Scumwood wants to protect faint. ; ) (yes I know i transparently want to protect jazz.)
  12. ebwop i typed that before frankies vote dont take that as criticism of the vote i havent read the post yet
  13. i feel like jazz is a non entity in a not totally bad way - like i kind of feel like he's getting talked about more to make something happen than he really did so much worthy of discussion
  14. Game07 UK Report

    mfw i have half this thread on fb rip max