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  1. whats up sun. remember me? we used to talk a lot on MSN

  2. Remember me?

    1. Zayelion


      Yep bro! Discord me @  or inbox me.

  3. What's good Sky. Good to see you around.
  4. sup bro. i remember IRC days

  5. Is Duel Portal like YVD? if not I wish YVD would make a comeback. Sucks about dueling network.
  6. Sup Starless
  7. Judgment Dragon was going for 400$ on ebay when it came out. I pulled one.
  8. falcons rise like phoenix
  9. i wish some more 2005 OGs would post in this thread
  10. i replied to sengosuke. im on now
  11. On now. I will also be on at 9pm central also.
  12. was on last night ofg now
  13. beat lfn 2-1
  14. on for games  
  15. on for games
  16. on for games
  17. DN: Animal479
  18. Bengals fucked us up.
  19. Cowboys gonna suck as long as Jurry got control.