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  1. yugioh meet in texas

    i'm interested in joining i play crystal beasts with malefics it's pretty good i know the best combo with crystal abundance and heavy storm and monster reborn and pot of avarice i'll have to show you sometime i just gotta get more cyber end dragons for my extra deck but nobody has any so i have to trade with my cousin in wisconsin he has a bunch of fusion monsters like ten dragon master knights zomg
  2. Prophecy/Spellbook - Discussion

    Do you guys find the evilswarm matchup fairly easy when then don't draw the eradicator g2 and 3?
  3. Prophecy/Spellbook - Discussion

    What do you guys think of Book Of Eclipse? Like when you really need your Magician not to get Veilered/Breakthrough'd or even Fiendish Chained because you drew weird and need the search. I just feel really secure when I open Book of Moon to back up my blue guy and I think Eclipse could sort of tutor that card in most scenarios. Even if you have to use it defensively the extra search you get next turn will make up for the -1 of letting your opponent draw a card.
  4. Houston Regionals Report

    That's cool, if I weren't in contention for top 8 I woulda just scooped to you since I already have my invite. My german rabbits were just too good to me that day.
  5. Houston Regionals Report

    Amazing. It gave the deck something turn 1 as well as basically snowballing advantage if you had a Laggia/Dolkka on board. Also let you draw into Rabbit/Macro or just play out of bad hands when combined with protection.
  6. Houston Regionals Report

    It was only bad if I drew both, which happened a few times in playtesting. If you draw both just basically Marauding Captain that ass. Lol. The Night Assailant really doesn't do much for the deck since Snowman does the same thing but better, and if it's there to justify drawing both, you're still stuck with the other one dead in your hand.
  7. Houston Regionals Report

    Thanks everyone! Water was definitely the only deck I was afraid of and beating 4 out of 5 made me very optimistic for this deck's chances at Austin.
  8. Houston Regionals Report

      I did end x-2, I put whether or not I won the die roll before each round at the top of each round's summary so that may be where your confusion lies, which in die rolls I was 6-3. Sorry if I made that confusing XD
  9. Houston Regionals Report

    As soon as I saw the F/L list for March I knew that Macro Rabbit would still be a solid pick because of the popularity of Mermails. Here's the list I went with.   3 Sabersaurus 3 Kabazauls 3 Jurrac Guaiba 2 Rescue Rabbit 2 Tour Guide from the Underworld 2 Snowman Eater 2 Cardcar D   3 Forbidden Lance 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Heavy Storm 1 Book of Moon   3 Fiendish Chain 2 Bottomless Trap Hole 2 Torrential Tribute 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Macro Cosmos 1 Starlight Road 1 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment   2 Cyber Dragon 2 Thunder King Rai Oh 2 Maxx "C" 1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 2 Soul Taker 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Mirror Force 2 Dust Tornado 1 Macro Cosmos   2 Evolzar Laggia 2 Evolzar Dolkka 1 Number 39: Utopia 1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines 1 Leviair, the Sea Dragon 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction 1 Temtempo the Percussion Djinn 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon   Friday: We drive 4 hours from Arlington and arrive at the hotel at about 11. Playtesting seemed like a good idea, but we somehow lost track of time and next thing we know it's 6 am. So we decide not to sleep. After stocking up on Red Bull at the gas station we were on our way.   Round 1: Win roll 1-0 I open with Rescue Rabbit, Cardcar D, Fiendish Chain, Torrential Tribute, and two Dimensional Prisons. I make Laggia and set 3. My opponent sets 3 and passes. I draw into another fiendish chain, atk for 2400 and pass. My opponent summons a bear and I allow it. He activates Tensu and I allow that as well. He sends Tensu to destroy my Laggia with Bear's effect and I chain Fiendish Chain. He has the Solemn Judgment and I lose my Laggia, but he has no real follow up after the Prison and I take control with vanillas into another Laggia shortly after. G2 He searches Onslaught of the Fire Kings and I don't set/summon any of my dinos until I can draw a Prison/BTH/Macro or a Rescue Rabbit. I draw a bottomless, set it pass. Next turn I draw a TGU and summon it and atk for 2000, made a Zenmaines, set a Fiendish Chain and passed. He draws Heavy and brings out Garunix to atk my Zenmaines. Zenmaines destroys Garunix and I'm left with a Zenmaines with no materials during my turn against a Garunix. I lose a few turns later and go to game 3. I don't remember much about this game besides using a BTH on a Bear, and having Dark Hole in my hand turn 1. He gets out a Garunix and starts attacking me with it, eventually to where I have to Fiendish Chain it to keep from taking more damage. I finally draw the Macro to combo with the Dark Hole and try it next turn, but he has Lance. I crash a Sabersaurus into it and next turn I draw Rabbit with Judgment for his TT and win shortly after. 1-0   Round 2: Win roll 2-0 I open with setting Heavy and using Cardcar D. He ends with a set monster and 2 backrows. I flip Heavy and destroy his face down Decree and Wisdom and summon Guaiba and kill his set Prophecy Magician, get another Guaiba and make a Laggia with Macro to turn off his Spellbook of Fates and win a few turns after. G2 I draw TGU and Guaiba in my opening hand to his turn one Priestess. I make a Zenmaines and destroy the Priestess, set Space and Warning and pass. He Secrets into Life, tries to drop another Priestess from hand but I Warning, then chain space to his Life and then he passes. I draw Monster Reborn and take his Priestess, atk for 4000 and pass. Next turn he Temperances into a 3rd Priestess and crashes with the one I control and passes. I draw a Guaiba and set it, change Zenmaines to defense and pass. He passes. I assume he has Gorz so I summon the Sabersaurus I drew and try to atk for game but he has Trag, I put him at 800 and Cowboy for game. 2-0   Round 3. Win roll 3-0 I open with Sabersaurus and 4 backrow. I forget to flip Macro in draw phase and he summons Undine and sends Marksman, luckily he targets my Macro and I chain it and Guaiba over his Undine next turn and win shortly after. Game 2 I have the Guaiba for his Pike and he can't deal with Dolkka. 3-0   Round 4. Win roll 4-0 I open with Cardcar D into Macro Cosmos and Sabersaurus with set Fiendish Chain and BTH. He summons Diva and has the MST for my Chain. He puts me at 4600, makes a Catastor into BTH and passes. I summon Sabersaurus and attack over Dragoons. He doesn't have an answer for Macro and passes. I draw another Sabersaurus and make a Laggia with Macro still up and win shortly after. Game 2 I summon Guaiba into BTH and pass. He does a Pike/Dragoons play, attacks, sets a new backrow and passes. I read it as BTH/Torrential and Space it and it was BTH. I rabbit into Dolkka after attacking over Pike. Next turn he gets rid of both of my Dolkka materials with a Megalo play and makes his Dragoons CL1 so I can't negate it and searches a Diva. He Catastors over my Dolkka with my only backrow being MST and passes. I have Cardcar in my hand and I draw Rescue Rabbit for turn, ridiculous right? I Dolkka over his Catastor and he passes. He sets a monster and passes. I draw TGU with a Guaiba removed and he scoops to my Laggia/Dolkka/Leviair when he sees his draw. 4-0   Round 5. Win roll 5-0 I open with 2 Rescue Rabbits, a Cardcar D, Fiendish Chain and a Sabersaurus/Kabazuals and make a Laggia and pass. My opponent sets 2 and passes. I attack with Laggia to test the waters (no pun intended) and he flips Abyss-Sphere. In MP2 I make a Dolkka with my other Rabbit and he scoops. G2 I get Megalo/Diva'd. G3 He has Messenger up for a few turns until he Spaces my backrow, which was Space that I chained to his Messenger. I set a Mirror Force and pass with Gorz in hand. He Heavys it along with his Mind Crush (not sure why he sided it) and Infantry/Diva'd into a Marksman, Reborned his other Marksman and made a Gachi to have exact game into my open field, but the Gorz stopped it and he made a Zenmaines in MP2 and passed after setting Abyss-Squall. I draw Reborn and make a MP2 Blackship to kill his Zenmaines. I send his Gachi next turn and attack for game with my Gorz. 5-0   Round 6. Lose die roll 5-1 My opponent opens with a T set. I don't remember too much after this besides my opponent making a Laggia and having the space for my Fiendish Chain. I set another Chain with a Snowman and pass, only for him to draw Rabbit into Dolkka and negate my Fiendish Chain on his Dolkka and I lose shortly after. G2 I am able to grind out Laggias through traps/Snowmans and eventually have a Leviathan to his top decking at 2000. G3 He summons Sabersaurus and sets a backrow. I open with Rabbit, 2 Kabazauls, Lance, Fiendish Chain, and a Cardcar D. I read his backrow as Lance/Fiendish and summon the Rabbit. He warnings the effect and has Tour Guide/Space in hand to kill me next turn with Cowboy for game. 5-1   Round 7. Win roll 6-1 I play against my friend who has the same deck list as me. His tie breakers are horrible so we just play for fun with him agreeing to give me the win so I can top 8. 6-1   Round 8. Lose roll 6-2 My oppoent opens with a set backrow. I set 2 and a Snowman, he Spheres in my main phase and has Pike Dragoons, then Heavys me next turn. I think about scooping but decide to play it out. He Divas into Infantry and summons Marksman from his hand. Instead of synchroing out he attacks with Pike into my Snowman. I destroy his Diva and he passes. I drew Rescue Rabbit for my turn! I made a Dolkka which he couldn't deal with and win the game. Clutch eh? G2 he Megalo/Divas me after destroying my Mirror Force with a Marksman. G3 I open with Rabbit into Dolkka with 2 set MSTs. He Mind Controls my Dolkka, then has Pike Dragoons for a Dragoons/Megalo play. I end phase Space and I get my Dolkka back at 3200 life points and I set Prison/Mirror Force and a Guaiba. I negate his Diva and he attacks my Dolkka assuming my backrow is a Lance since he has a Lance in hand. I Prison it and draw Reborn for turn next turn. I summon another Guaiba, reborn my Sabersaurus, negate his Gorz with Dolkka and Cowboy for game. 7-1   Round 9. Lose roll 6-3 My opponent opens with a T set. My hand is Heavy, MST, Guaiba, 2 Sabersaurus, and a Starlight Road. I opt to Heavy here since I don't know what he's playing and if he's playing Mermail and its Sphere I can just chain Space and be okay. It turns out to be a Sphere and I have to chain Space. I summon Guaiba and attack and he drops Maxx C. As if I need to lose any more advantage. His Linde activates and brings out a Abyssleed. I make a Dolkka and set SLR to bluff prison but he heavys and wins a few turns later. G2 I set Fiendish Chain/Macro and summon Sabersaurus. I flip Macro in draw phase and he chains Space. He discards Infantry for Teus and destroys my Sabersaurus. I try to Fiendish Chain but he has the Lance and searches a Linde, attacks for 2400 and sets one and passes. I draw a Kabazaus for my turn and set Mirror Force/Prison just to get end phase decreed. He ends up having Megalo to do a lot of damage and ends with an Abyssgaios. I'm at 2900 and draw a Heavy Storm. I set Kabazauls and he has Diva/Reborn for game next turn. 7-2   So I end up finishing 11th being the best of the X-2s since my losses placed 4th and 8th.   Props: Placed 11th at the biggest Texas regional to date. Saw some old friends and made some new. Got tons of sexy foreign stuff. Won 6 die rolls   Slops: Not top 8'ing The drive home after being awake for 39 hours Having to play 5 Mermail decks ^__^
  10. Pissed Off Rainbow Chicken - Fire King/Hazy Flame Deck

    I usually get a Sphynx mill right about 70-80% of the time, simply for the fact I usually summon it off of Peryton and was able to see what cards are left in my deck and chalk up the probabilities as such. But CoTH is just another way to give the deck added resilience. So far the main uses have been just making quick XYZ, chaining to get Garunix/Nephthys off a MST/Heavy/etc, or just getting multiple searches with Cerbereus. It's also an out to Crow/Crevice/Transmigration or any post-board cards that would stymie your win condition. It's honestly just a personal preference for me.
  11. Pissed Off Rainbow Chicken - Fire King/Hazy Flame Deck

    The structure deck comes out in 2 weeks, not too far away :p
  12. Pissed Off Rainbow Chicken - Fire King/Hazy Flame Deck

    Made a few minor changes and it's been running insanely smooth. Also tested a build with 2 Tefnuits/1 Tyhone #2 instead of Pillars that proved to be sub-par. Yaksha will probably be a Duality for now since it hasn't been announced when the TCG will get it.
  13. Pissed Off Rainbow Chicken - Fire King/Hazy Flame Deck

    Card Trooper has tested well on DN, but I may cut it for something else if it proves to be insanely inconistent. I just like how it speeds up some of your slower hands and delves you 4 cards deep into your deck at a time, it's another target for CoTH to grab when randomly spaced or anything, and it's the best out to TKRO or any 1900 monster.
  14. Pissed Off Rainbow Chicken - Fire King/Hazy Flame Deck

    I actually cut the Gorz after I realized it conflicts with Pillar as well.
  15. Pissed Off Rainbow Chicken - Fire King/Hazy Flame Deck

    If I draw Garunix/Nephthys they usually become discard fodder for Peryton's effect. Card trooper helps get stuff in the grave for Rekindling/Fire Ring. Sure it sucks milling spells but you play a relatively high monster count too. Call gives you recursion and also works well by recycling floaters or triggering Garunix.