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  1. I survived! They removed the wire today! So happy!!!! From my weight of 170 lbs before this mess I dropped to 140 at my lowest. Which is disgusting for only being wired a month. But after I got used to the shakes I was able to consume 6-8 a day to help maintain calories. Along with a shitload of milkshakes. So I am at 155 now. Which isn't great but I am happy my weight shot back up soo fast. Eating isn't easy because my jaw still isn't fully functional and I broke a few teeth that can't be worked on just yet but I am soo glad to have real food in my life I legit cried today. I've continued my workouts after the first week and a half of misery. I am ready to get fully healed so I can kick some ass in the kitchen. My motivation for fitness is on another level right now.
  2. Anything that can't be easily sucked through a straw :/ . Friend brought homemade broccoli cheddar soup over and even after we blended the broccoli it was too thick to get through my teeth. I can try to fit things around my wisdom teeth with a straw but that is pretty difficult. I don't have a lot of mouth control at the moment. I miss having easy access to my tongue... I will have to look into soylent milkshakes and the liquid product. My dinner last night was a protein shake mixed with a mcdonalds milkshake lol.
  3. Yea it is gonna be mostly protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. Unfortunately I can't get any solids down. Mostly just what I can fit through and around my teeth. Around is really hard to control though. I just need to find a good high calorie high nutrition shake. Eating/drinking is a chore. I honestly feel like I could work out today. But I am also on a lot of Lortab right now which probably makes me feel like super man...
  4. Some of you may remember me from my other thread asking about workout advice. Well last weekend I was in an accident that left one side of my jaw broken and the other shattered. Few days and a surgery later I have a wired jaw and am on a liquid diet for 3-8 weeks. I am terrified about what this is going to do to my muscle that I have worked my ass off for. Has anyone else had to deal with a liquid diet before or have any supplements/advice for the process? I can start working out again next week so I plan on that but it just seems really hard to get all the nutrition I need from liquids. And by liquids I mean things that can go between or around my teeth so most soups are out of the question...
  5. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    So this is the first nerf set I have experienced(all of my old naxx cards were nerfed when I wasn't active). What kind of time period do I have to get full dust on these cards? In your opinion should I dust Yogg for Maly if Druid is my main deck? Even though these nerfs hit the only two decks I own I'm not too disappointed. Yogg nerf is fair and Druid will be fine. Was just hoping for more dust from the nerfs tbh. Why can't they nerf this Lorewalker Cho that has been sitting in my collection for god knows how long...
  6. League of Legends

    The new champion I think is super interesting for the game*at first glance*. Definitely feel like the pros will do something awesome with him in comps just a damn shame we won't see anything for months. I hope he shakes up the standard lane meta tbh. His jungling is just interesting. His clear time is good but not amazing(not fast like w start nid a few patches ago but still fine). He can get pretty low on his first clear. Big problem is enemy junglers just showing up to destroy him. But maybe he can do something awesome as a support or just forcing 2v1's or 3v2's in lane. Sets up his passive then just forces mismatched lane after warding his jung. Collect jung for gold and xp and switches sides. Idk I hope he's not a bust(worthless til he is overbuffed and then only good because of it).
  7. I have no clue if its accurate lol. I read somewhere to find it you multiply your bodyweight by 14-17 and I just picked a good middle number. I don't hit it most days.
  8. That sounds awesome haha. That will definitely help me get the calories in as well. Not that I mind chicken but it gets old after awhile and is a lot of food for the calories I get from it. If my maintenance is around 2600 calories or so is 3000 calories a day a reasonable bulking number? I assume after I get into a decent eating routine it wouldn't be an issue to raise the amount of calories if needed. Cool! Any particular pre-workouts you would recommend? I know very little about them.
  9. Thank you! Any advice for increasing calories for someone who doesn't have a big appetite? I have better funds to work with now than when I started so supplements and good meals are easier to come by. But if I eat a solid meal I am full for most of the day. Say I have a chicken breast, baked potato and salad around lunch I am stuffed for most of the day. Been considering taking more protein shakes throughout the day. My appetite is slowly growing but I still have a hard time eating >2500 calories a day. One more question if you don't mind. As far as supplements go I have just been using whey protein and a cheap creatine monohydrate powder. I have thought about trying BCAAs do you have any experience with them? Several of the people I have met at the gym have sworn by them. But I have no idea if they would do any good for me.
  10. An update since I have been browsing DGZ again lately. Been going to the gym for a few months now and the progress has been wonderful. I really feel more in shape than I have ever been. Bodyweight exercise achievements: 50 pushups without rest. 100 situps without rest. Can hold a 5 minute unweighted plank(been dabbling with weighted planks) Can hold a crow pose for ~15 seconds(prbly my proudest accomplishment would like to get handstands down some day) Have no issues jogging 5 miles(don't do more for time restraints) Gym achievements: Squat 300 lbs for 5 reps Deadlift 325 (feel like this could be higher but I have to rely on my legs for most of the work) Bench 160 (this has barely gone up since I started but my form has improved drastically. I refuse to sacrifice form to move up in weights. It will climb eventually) As far as physique goals I have a long way to go. My bulk has not gone great. I am still around 170 lbs which is the weight I started at. But I can definitely see muscle definition now. I look like someone in shape albeit on the skinny side. My upper thighs and calves are pretty massive which isn't what I was going for but I will take it lol. Since winter is on the way I may just go full on dirty bulk so I can see results. I am proud of what I've accomplished and excited for what the next few months hold. Thank you all for the advice and convincing me to go the extra mile for bodybuilding! Hopefully I will have a decent update in another few months.
  11. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Anyone mind to add me for spectates/having friends on my friends list that play? That spectate daily is a pain lol I have to try to add randoms I play and hope they win a game. Plus I am more likely to learn things spectating you guys. Mo777 #1233 I also plan on ranking this account on Overwatch if anyone plays that on pc.
  12. League of Legends

    The worlds groups are pretty fire. Every group has hype matchups and chances for upsets. A: Rox clear winner. G2 vs CLG will be an interesting rematch for 2nd. G2 look like the clear favorites but I thought that at msi as well. Gonna be fun. B: Well it's never smart to bet against Faker at worlds so I won't but this group is going to be close. Impact on form vs "struggling" SKT so hype. SKT first and a battle of C9 vs FW for 2nd. Imay/China as a region may surprise though. Its obvious edg is strong but the death of the laneswap meta will make China stronger as a whole. Definitely can imagine upsets from China's 2nd/3rd seed. C: Expect EDG to take a free ticket to quarters here. By far the easiest group for a first seed. Also this is any H2K fans dream group. Don't think the draw could have gone any better for them. AHQ has had a rough season and they are a team with certain players*coughwestdoor* known to tilt off the earth or ignore meta. But they are strong and definitely have the ability to upset. But this group is really Forgiven vs Deft hype! D: Tbh this is the closest thing we have to a "group of death" this year. TSM are the favorites to take it here but it is definitely a group to prove themselves in. Couldn't be much harder barring SKT being the second seed. Will TSM show up or choke? Couldn't be much more stressful on TSM fans. The 2nd place spot will be close but my heart tells me RNG. They looked solid this season and UZI plays like a madman on the worlds stage. UZI/Mata on standard lanes are terrifying. That being said Crown is a god and the SSG mid/jung duo are very scary. Splyce is the wild card here. No experience on the international stage and EU has looked less than competitive this split. But you can never count EU out and Splyce certainly looked strong. Tbh I wouldn't be shocked to see any 2 teams here advance. UZI vs Doublelift is my most hyped matchup at worlds and I am soo glad I get to see it.
  13. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Renounce darkness got me to rage quit last night. Lock plays it turn 2 gets druid. I never read the card before so I was a bit surprised but I decided it was prbly really bad. 2-3 turns later he drops fandral, roots, cotw. I was pretty stunned. Later on he dropped cenarius on curve. Decided he got a better druid deck than mine from rd and promptly left the game.
  14. Overwatch [Full Version Available]

    The group I play with on the console has been trying a similar comp with a D.va in place of the RH/Winston slot last week. Any 2 of the 4 offensive ults combo'd really well for a tempo swing. I wanna say it felt really op but anytime we play casual with a full group everything not troll feels op. I forgot how fun D.va is on coms. In other news I finally stopped neglecting my pc account and leveled it during the off-season. Even though I bought it first on pc(I pref pc shooters) all my friends play console so I just did too. Gonna be interesting to see how I place.
  15. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Have really been enjoying token druid. Such a fun deck. One major flaw in my list tho. I bought Khazaram instead of LoE so I don't have raven idol. Which turns out to be a fairly important card. Next time I get paid I am prbly gonna pay $20 for an expansion that will rotate out in a few months =/ Least I get the dust tho. With my luck I couldn't pull a legend for $20. Let alone one of my choice.