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  1. I believe so, as older generic Ritual Spells used to tell you to select a Ritual Monster first once you began resolving it. For example, Advanced Ritual Art used to start off by saying "Select 1 Ritual Monster in your hand."   This was probably deemed redundant and phased out eventually, as it all happened at resolution and nothing could interrupt the process. Although I'm not sure where people got the notion that you had to declare/reveal anything before your opponent had their chance to respond with something.
  2. xyz universe vs vanity

    1. Yes. 2. No. 3. No.
  3. Graduation

    I wasn't going to go through the huge effort of getting such a rare mat and not play it with a Madolche Deck. Also, I'm pretty sure I stroked your blue boy to bait the Fate and try and get a Tiaramisu play, not to simply Summon another Magileine.
  4. One out of Three

    There are quite a few. Xyz Avenger, Dragunity Knight - Trident, Extra Gate, and Success Probability 0% are some examples.
  5. Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One

      doubt it.  diamond dude bypasses costs, not conditions He bypasses both. Examples: You don't need Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field to activate the effect of Burst Stream of Destruction. You can still Special Summon monsters if you activate the effect of Pot of Duality. And so forth. What he doesn't bypass is timing. Timings are rare for Normal Spells, but The Seventh One and other cards like Cold Wave are examples of Normal Spells with timing. So you'd still have to use it at the start of your Main Phase 1.  However, since The Seventh One actually says you can only activate its effect once per Duel, rather than the usual "activate this card once per...", you cannot use Diamond Dude to get extra uses out of this card.
  6. One out of Three

    Minor correction, either the rule changed very fast or it was mistranslated. But you CAN activate this card if you don't have the declared type in your Extra Deck, or even an Extra Deck at all.
  7. Would jinzo negate its grave effect? Jinzo's text:   Trap Cards, and their effects on the field, cannot be activated. The effects of all face-up Trap Cards on the field are negated.   Since you are activating the effect of a Trap Card in the Graveyard (not the field), and are not activating the Trap Card itself, Jinzo does not prevent the activation or negate the effect.
  8. It would still destroy itself, because that's not an effect. Afterwards, the other effect activates in the Graveyard.
  9. You guys missed the point of the article. It doesn't say you cannot activate Blackship's effect.
  10. Crimson Blader vs Ryko

      No it does not. But it does need to be face-up to activate, which is the more important issue in this scenario.
  11. share the pain vs forbidden lance

    You can't shift control of Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 with Creature Swap, no.
  12.   It's a ZeXal-themed product, so the Enthusiastics are likely, but I don't think they really have a reason to put Chicken and Yaksha in it.
  13. Double Battle Fader

    That thread is nearly a year old. Before Swift Scarecrow was printed in Astral Pack One (this past November), it wasn't clear whether or not it was a Trigger or Quick Effect, due to conflicting rulings at premiere events. Now, its text is clear, and one cannot argue that it isn't a Quick Effect or that it doesn't work as I have stated above.
  14. Various Yugioh Rulings

    This isn't true. It is considered to be destroyed yes, but it's still face-up for the purposes of Gladiator Beast War Chariot. You can still activate it here. Furthermore, the reason Fossil Dyna stops applying is because a destroyed monster's effects can no longer activate/apply at this point if they are Continuous (Fossil Dyna) or optional Quick Effects (like Stardust vs Red Dragon Archfiend).
  15. Double Battle Fader

    Remember, Swift Scarecrow has a Quick Effect (Spell Speed 2) and Battle Fader has a Trigger Effect (Spell Speed 1).   In both of the first two scenarios, the attacking player can chain to the first Fader/Scarecrow with Dolkka, then you can chain your remaining Scarecrow, but then Dolkka can chain right back and negate that too, if it has enough materials to activate twice.   The third scenario is outright illegal.