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  1. ask chey anything

    Do you spit or swallow?
  2. A chat on the site

    I've been helping IPS beta test the IP.Chat of IPB4. It is integrated within the software as Urthor said, will be pretty sweet. But yeah, there are issues and I would wait for a patched version.
  3. Maybe next time don't break the rules so badly you get IP banned.   Also you look like a goblin   People like you make DNF's look like shit. Just stop.
  4. XO and we overdosed tho

    Lol this is hilarious
  5. The Dodgefathers

    Remove me from the team.
  6. Sup Bleach Here

    oh my bad, it sounded like u were talking to me
  7. Sup Bleach Here

    idk what you mean by this. Banned? If you mean war-banned, i didn't join DGz because of warring only.... I can post what i want, why are you acting like a parent?
  8. Sup Bleach Here

    what the actual hell...   at least i can say what i want at dgz
  9. Aaron here

    welcome to DGz
  10. Hi~

    welcome to DGz
  11. Please ban this dipshit

  12. Fourshot [vs] The Dodgefathers

    Lost to Hentzology (DRaMa) 1-2, wasn't expecting a swap side.
  13. The Walking Dead

    episode was good, hopefully rick doesnt go back for andrea or something
  14. Supernova [vs] The Dodgefathers

    lost 0-2 to Abs0lute, mirror matches hurt.