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  1. got back #7 after falling all the way to 300 yesterday
  2. theyre just meant to be played as vanilla minions with upsides
  3.   been using this on ladder its pretty good against control decks
  4. too many big drops and everything else i run is better.
  5. Nefarian's too random for my taste. I don't want to pay 9 mana to draw 2 cards and get BGH'd. Every other BGH target has a huge impact on the board and Deathwing only is there for out of control gamestates or to win the mirror match in fatigue.
  6. finally got my golden warrior Kreygasm     if anyone wants the list  
  7. added u brandon. dont give out my tag lol
  8.  just spend the money - you spent the money on yugioh cards so spend the money on hearthstone ones. especially cause the tourney prize support is sick.
  9. who else is legend raise ur hands
  10.     typical weekly impact post
  11. uhhhhhhhhhhh   patron is a million times better than hunter lol
  12. i stream pretty regularly these days. i'll be streaming a tournament on delay around 3pm EST tomorrow if you guys are interested in watching.