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  1. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    I am shocked as fuck they did not fire byslma omg so they just fire the gm??!!! okay now?! let's see what happens. yeah i agree with you guys the bottom 6 for the pens fucking sucks and that has been obv for 2-3 seasons now. They need to do something about it in the off season.
  2. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    so you know the hawks did not get "lucky* vs the wild they were the fucking better team that whole damn series. I have no idea what you are smoking wild caniac whatever your fucking name is bro lol. you wish the wild had the skill talent that the hawks have. could be a dynasty in the making if they win the cup this year, I don't them losing to la and to ny/mtl  they are so fucking solid. I'm pretty buzzed up right now so you guys know. But I make sense come on now?!
  3. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    hawks in 6 and habs in 6 as well :)
  4. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    I originally picked the Hawks to win the cup again this season that was my preseason pick, but I changed that pick when I did my playoff bracket challenge and I went with ducks vs pens in finals and pens winning lol. I really think it is the hawks year again. Their team has no weaknesses at all. They know how to put teams away in a series. They never blow a series. They can come back from being down in a series look at this year against the blues and last year against the red wings. I'm my 2nd favorite team continues to win cups 2 in 4 years and probably going to be 3 in 5 years.   The ducks and kings have beaten each other up and I don't see either team beating the hawks 4 times. So i got hawks winning in 6 against either team.   The habs and rangers series is going to come down to which goalie is better. Probably the two best goalies in the league right now. I would have to go with the habs though, because they have home ice and that crowd is going to be rocking like fucking crazy. I wanna see the penguins former coach get back to another cup finals!   habs will beat the rangers in 6 games. don't go to 7 games because the king will win it lol
  5. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    my penguins ahhhhhh nice choke job like the sharks did. the sharks are keeping their coach and gm, but I read some local articles today and there has been a lot of talk about firing Bylsma and GM Shero. I think that needs to happen there needs to be a change for sure. 5 straight years losing to lower seeds in the playoffs. That is just uncalled for. Sources are saying that Bylsma lost the locker room as a whole midway through the season this yr. He called out crosby and malkin several times this season and during the playoffs.   player wise we need to just find another scoring winger and get a big body power forward. Getting Pascal Dupris back next season will help crosby and kunitz. When all three are healthy and on top of their games together it is the best number one line in the league. I would love to try and get Ryan Kesler or Steen. Going to be a long off season. Changes definitely need made though.
  6. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    lol okay man i hear ya we will see ;) im not gonna disagree with you, next year though they will have a legit shot to win the west.
  7. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    hawks will still win in 5 it will be exactly like like year buddy ;) sorry to burst your bubble. the hawks clearly have the better team.
  8. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    my 2nd round predictions   bruins beat the habs in 7 hard fought games   penguins beat the rangers in 6 hard fought games   hawks beat the wild in 5 games. I'm not bold enough to take the hawks in a sweep minny will win a game at home.   ducks will beat the kings in 7 games this is going to be one hell of a series I can't wait to watch it.
  9. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    go pens!!! bring on the fucking rangers! :) and go fucking blackhawks! :) the blues are a sad fucking team they know how to blow 2-0 series leads down the damn drain =p the coach is a joke
  10. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    yeah he might get to 60! Great season he is having for them, but won't be enough for a hart trophy though! ;)
  11. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    I wanna see a Russia vs Canada gold medal game! Yeah with the time zones though Sweden and Russia are the favorites for sure.
  12. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    I'm more surprised that Neal didn't make the team his stats the past 3 seasons is just as good as most of the forwards/wingers that made the team, Oh well several players had to be left off the team. Canada Team B would be almost as deadly as some of the other countries.
  13. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    Yeah he should be man! I agree! I don't think fleury should be the starter or anything, but at least be on the team as the 3rd goalie over Smith.
  14. NHL '13/'14 Season Thread

    pens are by far the best team in the east this season! so many injuries this season so far and we still found a way to win so many games.   Crosby is running away with the scoring title and mvp again...   Neal and Fleury should be on team Canada. Fleury leads all goalies in the league in wins this season so far and is top 10 in GAA and Save percentage   If the pens played in the west we would still be near the top of the standings, our play style is just like how most of the teams in the west play like. Plus we are 9-2-0 against the west this year by far the best record for any eastern conference team.
  15. NFL Survivor Football Thread