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  1. what skin do you use?

    I've been stuck on Pink. It has that . .. stuff to it that the other skins don't. Maybe 'cause it's pink.
  2. Where the hell is Lupe?

    LASERS is coming out in December, is it not?
  3. DJ Hero

    Love the game. At a Best Buy demo, headed straight to expert. Needless to say, I did rather poorly, but it seems rather easy for me to catch on. Once I have the extra money, I'll be grabbing that Renegade edition.
  4. I need pick-up lines.

    A friend of mine attempted this one, which only made more sense because he was Asian. "Hi, my name's *insert name here*. I'm 100% Filipino, but 12 inches black."
  5. Favorite Artists

    In no particular order: SharpnelSound REDALiCE Technetium oiko The Flashbulb Kettel Aphex Twin And I've recently gotten into Anamanaguchi. Odd, but very catchy stuff. Lupe Fiasco and Nujabes are a part of the very few hip-hop I listen to.
  6. 2009 BET Hip-Hop Award Cyphers

    I'm confused... They were a video of their own ;p. Excuse me for the confusion. I meant each of them as video one, two, and three without all of the extras.
  7. 2009 BET Hip-Hop Award Cyphers

    Third one was the only one worth anything. Em, Mos Def, and Black Thought could have been a cypher video on their own an it would have made everything better.
  8. I can't believe it myself.

    There are some, perhaps you included, that I can probably trace back to before. But with the constant username changes, it gets difficult.
  9. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Aside from just waiting every couple weeks or so for the new Bleach filler to expand and for more episodes on FMA: Brotherhood, I've recently started up all of Ranma 1/2 on a whim and I'm enjoying very much.
  10. I tend to want anything that comes out of Japan.
  11. A horribly slow murder

    If you really watched the whole 10 minutes, you'd bring a spoon to your nine hour showing.
  12. I can't believe it myself.

    I've actually tried to get back on for the past three years, one day each year, but could never figure out my password or the email address I used to make this account . . . until last night when something hit me that my pass was the stupidest combination I've ever used.
  13. I can't believe it myself.

    Yay! Someone remembers me! Um . . . Ash, correct? It's been so long, I can hardly remember the people I used to know. T_T
  14. What games are you currently playing?

    I've been working on beating Perfect Cherry Blossom's extra stage for the past three weeks. Those three weeks have ended in nothing but failure near the very end.
  15. I've been eye'ing these beezies for quite some time now. I almost have enough . . . so . . . much . . . money.