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  1. The Double Life

    The only YCS I ever attended was Vegas and I told my parents I was going for the EDC music festival where everyone gets high out of their mind and they were obviously fine with that.   If i told them I was going to compete in some Yugioh card tournament the answer would have been a most definite no. The shitty thing about this whole thing is that if they ever decide to google my name the first hit is going to be me playing in a feature match LOL.
  2. 1st place Los Angles regional

    <3 you johnny. See you guys soon!
  3. How to Not Get a Giant Hand: Top 64 NAWCQ

    Congrats burnem_beaner! Wish I coulda been there with you guys.
  4. NAWCQ 2014

    Ed needs to win out.   Please, if there is a god.
  5. NAWCQ 2014

  6. NAWCQ 2014

    best of luck to ed, robby, barrett, kyle, and the rest of the socal kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3   You are my inspiration, gj buddy!
  8. Oceania Championship 2014

    Lets get Cromat to worlds people !!!! Also go uther, bodan, Jono, and jnoop30!!! Edit: ooops, im late LOL
  9. Prophecy - Discussion

    [quote name="ShadyRock" post="3788152" timestamp="1404522639"]What's everyone's trap lineup looking like? I'm running the standard four staples+chains of course and I really liked the idea I saw in a recent books deck that topped that ran triple trap hole nightmare.[/quote] This decks greatest issue ( besides bricking) is trying to apply presence going against a board established by decks like sylvan and dragon ruler( felgrand the most prevalent). I dont see how forgoing crucial cards, like Maxx "C" and needle ceiling, in favor of cards like traptrix traphole that are solely dependant on your opponent not having any presence, is going to get us anywhere.
  10. Fifa World Cup 2014

    Calling Iran 2-1 bosnia ^_^
  11. Essex [vs] Uprising

    lost to caterpie 1-2 ggs
  12. ARG Circuit Series Milwaukee

    Someone please correct me if im wrong, but havent most of the arg events had relatively low turnout? ( not trying to incite any sort of debate on the reasons there is possible low turnout but just generally interested in the core numbers)
  13. Dueling Network

    If you're still online, you'll be fine, but as soon as you refresh your browser the server is down. 
  14. Dueling Network

    life ended  
  15. Geargia - Discussion

    I actually misunderstood a scenario in my head and the text of angineer. My bad